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Coordenadas UTM

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Coordenadas UTM egoskozabal 12/11/10 6:10 AM
Vértices                   x                                  y

    1                 555.696.9700                          8.563.705.2600
    2                 555.761.7800                          8.563.670.0500
    3                 555.802.5800                          8.563.712.4600
    4                 555.711.3700                          8.563.747.6600
    1                 555.696.9700                          8.563.705.2600

I need to know where is located this place
Re: Coordenadas UTM jasonM1 (GE TC) 12/17/10 3:29 PM
There are many converters available from UTM to lat/lon and vice versa but you also need to know the UTM zone number.

Barry Hunter has provided a UTM converter on his website:
There is a converter and also a utility to enter the coordinates and open the location directly in Google Earth:
Re: Coordenadas UTM Cactii 1/19/11 8:15 PM
I use this to convert my data from UTM before I put it into Google Earth
Re: Coordenadas UTM jasonM1 (GE TC) 1/20/11 7:15 AM
Hi Cactii,

Normally to put your data into KML you'd need any native UTM coordinates converted to WGS84 lat/lon coordinates.

As of Google Earth 6.0 (free or Pro version), you can display the coordinates in UTM by changing the display format in Tools/Options.

Under the UTM mode in GE you can now enter UTM coordinates directly into a new Placemark with the Zone, Easting,and Northing values. Just select 'Add Placemark' from the menu or toolbar.