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Earth 7 update - PC

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Earth 7 update - PC Daniel (Google Community Manager) 10/31/12 11:43 AM
Hi Everyone,

Today we released Google Earth 7 for Desktop. This new build comes with complete, immersive 3D maps of select metro areas and preloaded tours and placemarks that allow you to fly throughout landmarks around the world.

If you have any feedback, respond to this thread. In your post, please include:
  • Your Earth version number and OS and (Ex. I’m running Google Earth on Windows 8).
  • Your graphics card (see step 4 here for instructions).
  • Also, indicate whether or not you can consistently repeat the behavior you experience. This will make it much easier to reproduce your experience and know exactly what you’re talking about.

Even if we can’t respond to every post, we’ll absolutely be listening.  

Google Earth Community Manager
Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 10/31/12 4:19 PM
Hi Daniel,

Although the new 3D imagery looks promising (I do recall that this is a beta), most buildings have awkward shapes visible as soon as you descend below 500m (at least in San Francisco and Rome).
But my main concern right now is that you completely removed 2D from GE7. Right now it isn't possible to disable terrain in GE7. You can disable 3D imagery for buildings in the options, but not elevation data. That means that people that used overhead view 99% of the time, like myself, will have to wait for unnecessary terrain data to be loaded, and the end result is that the imagery gets "softer" due to the terrain mapping.

Having terrain always on makes things messy and awfully slow. Specially as the new 3D imagery is only available in some metro areas.
GE needs to have three 3D states:
1- OFF - Plain 2D imagery (as in GE6 with terrain disabled)
2- Terrain only - 3D elevations and possible activation of old 3D models for buildings in the layers
3- Terrain + 3D imagery - New style 3D buildings on 3D terrain.

This should also bother Google, as more terrain and 3D means more data downloaded and less bandwidth available. The users also get hurt, as a lot of people don't have high speed fiber optic or cable connections and that means that it can take a few seconds to load a 2D view, and some minutes to load 2D+terrain or fully bloated 3D. The same applies to "Pretty Earth": high-res historical imagery is much faster to load than normal view, due to the huge amount of useless data that gets downloaded when you zoom in or out.

This seems to be Google playing catch-up with Apple Maps on 3D buildings. But at least do it right! Google Earth is a wonderful product. Keep it that way, please.



PS: Testing GE7 ( in Windows XP, Nvidia GTS450 card with the latest WHQL drivers.

Re: Earth 7 update - PC Terralex 10/31/12 7:12 PM
Hi ACarvalho,

Given your use case I'd suggest that you revert to legacy 3D buildings and then turn off the 3D buildings layer.  This will leave you with only Terrain and no new 3D imagery that might impair performance.

If you have access to Google Earth Pro, you can turn off the Terrain option, since terrain is a standalone layer.  We do this because many enterprise developers load and explore terrain data of their own that they don't want confused with the terrain data that we provide.

Hope this helps.

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/1/12 7:46 AM
Hi Alex,

Actually my best option is to revert back to 6.2 or even 6.1  (as 6.2 has font issues and the graphics problems when zoomed out with some cards). Going Pro is not an option and the reason "since terrain is a standalone layer" is a bit insulting, as it is also a standalone layer in vanilla GE up to 6.2. Is it that hard to keep that option available?
While checking some place out using 3D and terrain can be fun once in a while, I believe most people use GE to discover the world and for that the use of plain 2D view (without terrain) together with information layers (like Panoramio, places, GE community or even Street View) is the best option.

I hope that this gets corrected towards the final version. If you check other communities, like, you'll see that most people are not pleased at all with this move.

Best regards,

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ste_k 11/2/12 6:57 AM


Yesterday I updated GE from 6.22 to 7.0 on my home-pc Win7 HP 64-bit. Runs smoth.
Today I did it on WinXP Pro, 32-bit at work. GE starts, when loading the globe and myspaces, a BSOD happens. Everytime. So I uninstalled GE 7.0. When uninstalling the uninstall windows shows this:

No, text just blocks.
Installing and uninstalling twice. It's all the same.

Reinstalling GE 6.22 brings back my GE with all my places, tracks ... everything.
So, what's wrong here?


Re: Earth 7 update - PC Daniel (Google Community Manager) 11/2/12 9:30 AM
Hi ste_k, 

With a bit more information we can further investigate the issue:
  • What are the graphics card configurations of the two machines?
  • On the 32-bit, are you running the latest drivers for your graphics card?
  • What system language are the 64-bit and 32-bit set to?
Re: Earth 7 update - PC Sylvain M... 11/2/12 9:34 AM

Google Earth seems faster, especially its launch, than the previous one (Win7 Pro x64, Radeon HD 6850).
But I find so annoying to have to press R whenever I double-click on a folder or placemark, and I can't find how to disable this inclination. Is it not possible ?
I do not want to save the (vertical) view for each folder/placemark (because their content changes or can change ; I want to keep the dynamic adaptation of the view according to the content).
I'll go back to GE 6.22 without the least hesitation (despite some bugs) if this is not possible to disable that.

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/2/12 9:50 AM
Hi Sylvain,

GE7 automatically tilts when zooming close to the ground (it was possible to enable it also in previous versions), but you can go to the options, "Navigation", and select "Do not automatically tilt while zooming". It should solve that issue.


Re: Earth 7 update - PC Sylvain M... 11/2/12 10:05 AM
Sorry, thank you for your answer, but I think I missed details.
I have disabled the tilt when zooming.
For example:
1- Create an arbitrary polygon (set at least 3 points),
2- Click "OK" (finish editing the polygon),
3- Double-click it in the left column.
=> The view tilts. That's new in GE7.

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ste_k 11/2/12 10:40 AM

Hi Daniel

Because of the weekend I can give you just one answer right now: both system languages are German.

About the graphics card configuration of the 32-bit WinXP I can give you more on Monday. Any specific settings to look for?

About the graphics card driver all I can say is I do CAD on this machine without any graphical problems at all. The driver may not be the latest but for sure it's not an old one either.

Btw GE 6.22 runs perfectly on this machine, as well. Have there some requirements changed for GE 7.0?

The 3D-settings on my 64-bit Win7 looks like this (DirectX):


Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/2/12 10:50 AM
Hi Ste,

Have you tried to start GE in both OpenGL and DirectX modes? If you do CAD, probably your card works best in OpenGL.
Here are GE7 requirements:

Regarding the blocks, I got the same in English Windows XP SP3 when uninstalling. I believe that also happened with 6.2.2.


Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/2/12 11:12 AM

I tried to recreate your issue, and the same happened to me. The polygon gets created, but then assumes a standard tilted view.
Checking the KML, I see that it is missing the "LookAt" section, which defines the view and tilt (and is created when you "Snapshot view"). 
But then I reverted to 6.2.2 and it also created the polygon without the "LookAt" section in the KML. But when clicking the polygon, it presented a view from the top perspective, without tilt.
So this means that indeed the standard behavior of GE7, when the view is undefined, is to generate a tilted view.

Again Google developers are thinking only about 3D and tours...

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ste_k 11/3/12 4:07 AM
Hi ACarvalho

Since I got a bluescreen rihgt at loading of GE it's kind of difficult to change about anything inside GE settings (e.g. change from DirectX to OpenGL or what ever).

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/3/12 5:34 AM
Hi ste_k

You can change the display mode by using the links in the Start Menu. Upon install, a Google Earth folder is created there with 4 links:
- Uninstall Google Earth (obviously not this one)
- Google Earth (the usual link that uses whatever mode you selected before)
- Start Google Earth in OpenGL mode
- Start Google Earth in DirectX mode


Re: Earth 7 update - PC ste_k 11/5/12 7:33 AM
To Daniel: OK, I was able to solve the probleme today. It was indeed the outdated driver of my graphics card. I never expected that one, because I never had any graphical problems so far.
With the latest driver the bluescreens are gone. Thanks for your help.

To ACarvalho: Of course you are right with the different links in start menu for GE. I just never used them, as I always start GE with my desktop icon.
And uninstalling version 6.22 showed the blocks in the uninstalling window as well, as you mentioned. I never noticed this before, may be because I usually install a GE-update right over the old installation.


Re: Earth 7 update - PC dxky 11/7/12 6:22 AM

Bug/error report : problem after updated to (beta). Street View used to be working fine in my PC, but now it is not ok with this new version with "grey" patches flickering (pls see attached) in the street view.

Additional info. : 1) Google detected my graphic card uses DirectX rendering. I tried switch to OpenGL, the street view works fine with OpenGL but this time the "Earth and Plan Views" can't be displayed. 2) the "grey" patches move when I move my mouse or keyboard;

  • Your Earth version number and OS and (Ex. I’m running Google Earth on Windows 8).
Ans : (beta) on XP
Ans : Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family with most updated driver
  • Also, indicate whether or not you can consistently repeat the behavior you experience.
Ans : the problem is repeatable

(unknown) 11/7/12 7:11 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Earth 7 update - PC dxky 11/7/12 7:19 AM
Hi ACarvalho,

I like to know how to rollback from ver 7 to ver 6.2. I experience problem after upgraded to ver7.

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/7/12 7:24 AM
Hi Dex

To download it from Google, go to:

Uncheck "Include Google Chrome" and select "Advanced Setup". That way you can get the 6.2 stable release installer (don't include the updater and select the all user setup - recommended except in places where you don't have admin rights).

If you need earlier versions (including 6.2), stable or beta, you can also get them at the FileHippo archive (it is a trustworthy source):



Re: Earth 7 update - PC dxky 11/7/12 7:49 AM
Hi ACarvalho,

Thank you so much for your prompt advice. I reinstalled ver. 6.2, it works perfectly. You saved the day.


Re: Earth 7 update - PC BeadieJay 11/7/12 1:11 PM

On Wednesday, 7 November 2012 15:24:40 UTC, ACarvalho wrote:

If you need earlier versions (including 6.2), stable or beta, you can also get them at the FileHippo archive (it is a trustworthy source):

Actually, it's always best to use the official source for downloading any version of Google Earth.  You can download previous versions at the direct download page here

Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/7/12 2:00 PM
You are absolutely right, BeadieJay. That's why I linked to the standard download page first. I thank you also for your link, as I didn't knew it (as I usually keep a few stable versions on my PC).

I have used Filehippo for years now, and it never lets me down. It doesn't try to give you bloatware, like special download managers, and usually they link the latest offline installers (like for Chrome, Flash or Java) directly from the producer, instead of the now usual online installers. And the fact that they maintain a large archive of previous versions has saved my day a lot of times also (Flash bugs come to my mind...).

Anyway, it makes no sense to try to use GE5 or earlier right now (some features like Street View don't work anymore), so the page you linked should keep everyone covered.


Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 11/7/12 3:51 PM

I just tested GE7 on my older netbook, which has Intel 945 Express graphics, and the same grey patches appeared in Street View. While loading the imagery they just jump like crazy across the screen, but remain still when it completes loading. Every time you move the view, they move too... Very annoying indeed.

I have also confirmed another bug that someone else mentioned (I believe in, in that the cursor mode is permanently in the "User-based (move me)" even if you select "Earth-based (move the Earth)". You also get the dreaded crossed cursor.

This version has a lot of bugs indeed...


Re: Earth 7 update - PC dxky 11/7/12 6:19 PM
Hi ACarvalho,

Thank you for doing further test. It is really good that you could repeat the same bug in your old netbook (the annoying grey patches), so I am not the only one having this problem. Hope they will fix all these bugs soon.


Re: Earth 7 update - PC Longjing 11/20/12 10:53 AM
But this is simply NOT true. Clicking the "do not tilt" button DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have tried every combination I can think of. The automatic tilting in GE7 is incredibly annoying. This is yet another example of engineers thinking they are far smarter than their users!
Re: Earth 7 update - PC ACarvalho 12/18/12 11:21 AM
Now that Google Earth is out, here are my findings:

Version 7.0.2 is no longer labeled as Beta. Despite that:
- Zooming mode is still fixed at the crosshair type (moves to where the cursor is while using the mouse wheel)
- The messy 3D buildings are still messy...
- You still can't disable 3D terrain, but they added an option to used less resolution and faster rendering... Up GE6 you could control the terrain quality with a progressive slider. Now you have an HQ/LQ switch and no off switch. From n choices to 2...
As you still can't disable 3D terrain, the imagery still wobbles for a while as data is downloaded (and a large amount of it!!! Not for slow or metered connections).
- When you create a polygon, the resulting placemark still displays a tilted view! A bug reported in 7.0.1.

On a positive note:
- The street view bug when using Intel cards (patches flashing in view) seems to have been solved.
- You can remove the tour guide from view completely (I believe it wasn't possible in 7.0.1). This should be applied to the Android version too.

I'm keeping 6.2 for now... Version 7 is still too data hungry to be usable with modest connections and terrain is annoying it you don't care about virtual touring/sightseeing. Let's wait for 7.1. :(
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