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Create Map with Google Earth Pro

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Create Map with Google Earth Pro markf1 7/7/09 11:07 AM
I would like to create a map with the following features. I'd like to have a 3D (perspective) view of an area of topography from a 7.5 minute (1:24,000) USGS map. I'd like to have contour lines and aerial/satellite photography overlaid on the topography. I'd like to be able to add some waypoints from a GPS unit and draw or generate a line between them to indicate a trail(s). I'd like to be able to match an AutoCAD .dwg survey file to the topography so as to locate future building footprints and road.
Finally I'd like to be able to output the image as a jpg or tiff or other image file. This would need to be relatively high resolution like at least 3,600 pixels in the wide dimension. Ideally 5400 pixels would be even better.
The end result would be a 36" wide trail map display of the area. This would be an raster/image file that would also have some text and logo and etc added in Photoshop.
Will Google Earth Pro software allow me to do this?
Thank you.
Re: Create Map with Google Earth Pro barryhunter 7/8/09 4:00 AM
Pretty much what you want is possible with Google Earth. 

You can take the topo map as a image (scanned?) or you might find sources online. And then overlay that in Google Earth. 

The topo map will give you the contours. By making it partly transparent would get the aerial photography showing though. 

Adding the waypoints should easily be possible, either directly connecting the GPS unit to GE. Or can use your normal program to save them as .gpx file and then import that file into GE. 

the autocad file no so sure what you mean. But can proabably recreate the same view in GE, and visually compare. Otherwise try importing the dwg into Google Sketchup and then from there importing into Google Earth. 

You can add the logos/text as screen overlays. Create them as transparent .png files, and then create a small bit of KML to display in GE. Unfortunatly the ge client has no way to create screenoverlays - although it happily displays them. (but see [1])

The above is possible with either version, but you need pro to use the image commerically, and also the printing... 

Apprently printing is limited to 4800 pixels. Never used Pro so cant verify.