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View a KML File Offline

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View a KML File Offline SasukeCagliari 7/1/09 6:26 AM
Hello, I use Google Earth offline sometimes and I can see the visited places and it's fine.

Now, I want to be able to view a map that I created .kml and it seem that I can open it only while I'm online.

Please note that the .kml file is on my desktop and if I double click it, Google Earth opens with no map showing.

Thank you indeed!

Re: View a KML File Offline LuciaM 7/1/09 9:56 AM
Have you tried first running GE offline then launching the file from within GE via File>Open? Or just leaving a copy of the file in your Places panel while GE is connected to the net?
I think that if you open GE when offline for it to do a specific task, by using a kml file on your computer to launch the program, it doesn't work well because it views it as a new task which it can't do because you are offline.  (Although the program does run while offline that was never a main focus AFAIK)
Re: View a KML File Offline SasukeCagliari 7/2/09 12:21 AM
Hello, I tried both the solutions you proposed and it don't works. I also change the properties of the specific "my place" using as path my desktop.. no way :-(

It's a pity, I've created a great maps which allow sailors to find the favourite place for anchor in my region, but it need to be visible also offline because when you're sailing probably you have not fast internet...

Please help if you can...

Kind regards, S.