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Showing 1-2 of 2 messages bertengoele 5/16/10 9:45 PM
This is my spreadsheet.  The images are uploaded and displayed, but after a while they dissapear and an X appears in the image box.  How to solve this quickly?  Thanks

What browser and OS are you using?

Did clearing your cache and cookies resolve the issue? You can quickly clear your cache by refreshing your browser while holding the Shift key.
If your question is about documents or spreadsheets, were you using the new preview version?

Re: ahab 5/17/10 2:38 AM
This is a side-effect of a new feature in the converter of Excel to Google Docs spreadsheet. Apparently the images are placed on the server but in a somewhat flaky way (technically: 'too many redirects').

If I had to solve this problem my method would be - assuming you still have the original images available on your computer - to insert these all in a a Google Docs text document. Then I would Preview the text document as a Web page, copy an image URL and - in the spreadsheet - use Insert->Image and insert the just copied URL. Then repeat this for all other image URLs.