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How do you access shared folder?

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How do you access shared folder? shannonslocker 2/7/11 4:58 PM
I am in an email group that shares documents but I can't figure out how to access everyone's documents. Everytime I ask the others they say look in your shared folder. There is no shared folder only 2 tab that say my collections and collections shared with me. Both are empty and I only see my personal stuff in the main box. So where is the shared folder?

I also couldn't figure out how to add my stuff to the shared folder since I can't find the shared folder. I've looked everywhere on the groups page and the documents page. I've right-clicked all over the place thinking its hidden but its not. The logical place would be shared collections but thats empty!

Re: How do you access shared folder? Gill 2/8/11 5:03 AM
Strange - you should be able to see the shared folder in your docs listing. Make sure the owner of said folder really has shared it with you. For your part, log out, clear cache/browsing data and try again - make sure you are logging in using the same account as the folder has been shared with!
Re: How do you access shared folder? Jeremy Bull 2/17/11 6:59 AM
Same experience here... apparently if you are granted permissions as an individual user, then the folder shows up under "shared with me". But if you are granted permissions as part of a group, it does not show up anywhere. But if you can get someone else to send you a link to the folder you should be able to access everything that way.
Re: How do you access shared folder? Jeremy Bull 2/17/11 7:18 AM
This limitation is in fact documented by Google - click on the navigation pane on this page and read the footnote.

Another quirk to be aware of is that until you view a folder it does not exist in the navigation pane. (You might see a parent folder with only a subset of its sub-folders showing and no way to get to the others.) So my advice is to have someone send you a link to the parent folder. Click the link and immediately "star" the parent folder at the top of the screen. Then make sure to click through all sub-folder links one by one. Finally click "edit/manage collection" which takes you to usual Google docs interface. There you can click on "Starred" and you should have access to the folder and all its children.

Re: How do you access shared folder? jasonglss 3/1/11 2:52 PM
What footnote? Don't see any.   All I know is this doesn't work...I get and share Collections with Individuals, and they don't see it in Shared collections. Sigh.
Re: How do you access shared folder? rodrigues.mandy 3/2/11 8:39 AM
My colleague also is not able to see Shared collections. I tried sending him the links to the collection (Actions > Sharing > Email editors). I watched as he opened the links and clicked on them and the folders/collections still didn't appear. We cleared his cache & signed in again - still no collections.

There are others in the same group that can see the collections in their google docs left nav but not him.

Also note that he can view the docs in All Items and click on the folder when it appears in the right pane (under the doc details). But he cannot upload docs & designate a destination folder so it's still an issue.

The work-around of starring the folders seems to work - we are able to view the folders in All Items and drag docs into them.