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wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ...

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wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... ggamauf 5/2/09 5:42 AM
... in order to use it in a cross-workbook reference?
(i wish to make the content of a cell in one workbook (dynamically) equal to the conten of a cell in a different workbook.) 
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... Otávio Alves Ribeiro 5/2/09 6:44 AM
Please, look at the address bar of your browser while editing your source spreadsheet. It should look like this:
The spreadsheet key is highlighted in italic bold in the above URL. (Hey, Gõõgle team, we need colors in this text)
Best regards,
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... ggamauf 5/6/09 12:26 AM
thank you, otávio, i got it.
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... bearjcc 5/7/10 10:37 AM
I have tried doing that several times, but it says I do not have access to the requested spreadsheet. I own both and they are both in the same folder!
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... bearjcc 5/7/10 10:40 AM
Great! now I tried it again, and it says "The requested spreadsheet key, sheet title, or cell range was not found."
Go figure.
Here is my formula: =ImportRange("tvGWKARIojJaOIGNX7C4qyg","'All'! A2:C")
and here is the url I copied the key from:
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... ahab 5/7/10 10:50 AM
You need to omit the single quotes around the sheet name and also omit the space between exclamation mark and range and C, the end of the range, also has to have a row (which can be very large like 20000).
WRONG:  =ImportRange("tvGWKARIojJaOIGNX7C4qyg" ; "'All'! A2:C")
OK:          =ImportRange("tvGWKARIojJaOIGNX7C4qyg" ; "All!A2:C200000")

Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... whtemple1959 5/13/10 10:39 PM
I must be real stupid. I have tried these suggestions every which way but still get a parse error. Can some body make it clearer to this village idiot?
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... namasrihari 7/17/10 1:00 AM
Hi All,

I am using the Google Spreadsheet APIs. If I have Spreadsheet Name (not the key) how can I get the SpreadsheetEntry without fetching feed of all spreadsheets.

Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... ahab 7/17/10 1:19 AM
You better post your question in the dedicated forum [1]
Re: wher do i find the 'spreadsheet-key' ... orangepotato 8/3/10 10:07 PM
Is it possible to do a countif function but reference the range from a different spreadsheet the one you are using now?

E.g. =countif(examplespreadsheetkeysheet1,apples)

If so, how would it be presented?