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Import Range #NA pawclaw 2/26/09 7:15 AM
I've setup some interlinking spreadsheets to work with data from one on another then transfer the output back.

One of the sheets works perfectly fine, the imported data shows up fine etc.

However the other one if loaded WITHOUT having the one that imports a range from it and back to it the imported range simply becomes #NA and then subsequent boxes revert to #VALUE.

Anyone know what may be causing this?
Re: Import Range #NA rossta 3/4/09 3:11 AM
i have the same problem. i dont know if this has got anything to do with it but the spreadsheet im linking to contains some GoogleFinance cells which automatically update themselves
Re: Import Range #NA ahab 3/4/09 6:28 AM
This is a problem that is reported more often. It seems ImportRange works reasonably well with data that is static. If there are however dynamic changes like form submits, automated formula changes (e.g. GoogleFinance) or simply user changes, the connection between the two spreadsheets only can be re-established when both spreadsheets are opened by the user.

This is buggy behaviour, but as it ins't clearly defined when a function like ImportRange will work or not it is hard to call it a bug, it could also be called a 'limitation' (which makes the function worthless).

Because of this behaviour I feel more and more reluctance to recommend using ImportRange for complex solutions... :'(
Re: Import Range #NA the.pete 9/22/09 12:25 AM
the errors caused by the bug where importrange refuses to import a range and only shows loading... appear to be able to be repaired (temporarily only i suspect) by deleting the offending function and any other importrange functions pointing to the same key, and replacing it with an importrange function pointing to a totally different spreadsheet key, let that run, and then delete that and go back to importrange pointing at the desired key.  I just did this after reading somewhere here about cached data somewhere not being accessed right.  It appears to have worked, but as per your comments about this problem being caused by links to dynamic sources (which i can say from experience is evidently true), while the source sheet remains dynamic, the importrange function will be prone to this failure.  i hope this is helpful.