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Having Problem with Pasting taurus.is.happy 3/6/09 10:02 PM
Hi to all....
i am very new in Google spreadsheet, i find it very useful... 
i have face some problem with Pasting(Cut/Paste)...
i have tried to copy and paste some info (from friend) using Google Spreadsheet.....
when i copy (A2 to L2) from spreadsheet "A" and paste to another new spreadsheet... the problem occurs 
its does not paste cell by cell ... as what i copy from spreadsheet "A"...
therefor i tried to copy and paste other info(A6 to L6) its prefectly paste cell by cell...
i really need help in this as i always need to copy and paste most of the time....
Please help...
Million thanks to all the wise man out there 
Re: Having Problem with Pasting ahab 3/7/09 3:32 AM
Sometimes when the cell contents contain multiple lines (with line breaks in between) the spreadsheet gets confused and thinks the line break indicates another row of cells. If this happens copy the info single cell by single cell and paste the information in edit mode of the receiving cell; i,e. double-click the cell first before you paste the single cell contents.
Re: Having Problem with Pasting jfkcpe 4/8/09 9:40 AM
That's a LOT of clicking!  I have spreadsheets with many, many rows and columns.  Many cells having mult-line contents. 

Aren't the "linefeeds" within cells (CHAR(10), I think) in excel cells different from the carriage-return+linefeed in most multi-lined documents?  If so, wouldn't this allow an option to treat multi-lined cells properly?
Re: Having Problem with Pasting chadlupkes 5/12/09 2:50 PM
I'm having the same problem, and it's to the point that I have to retype formulas from scratch.  Copy/Paste just does not work anymore.

I'm using Chrome on XP Pro.

Chad, Seattle
Re: Having Problem with Pasting dkandz 6/17/09 6:49 AM
I have the same problem as "taurus.is.happy". Is there no solution to this problem - I too have hundreds of rows and columns I need to copy between spreadsheets.
Re: Having Problem with Pasting Gill 6/17/09 6:54 AM
I don't know, but it might be worth trying this: Copy from Excel, Paste into Notepad or similar; copy that and paste into Gsheets.

I find that going via Notepad often cleans up Excel output, though of course you will lose formatting - which you may in any case as I suspect Gsheets only pastes values?
Re: Having Problem with Pasting p.mousebrown 8/31/09 11:00 PM
Yes I agree the cut and paste single cell is NOT an answer.  Especially when I am cutting and pasting from one Google doc to another, there should be no confusion despite multiple line breaks.
Re: Having Problem with Pasting Buckeyecal 10/5/09 3:16 PM
Having same problem with Firefox
Re: Having Problem with Pasting Scar006 10/6/09 2:52 PM
It even happens when you copy from a Google spreadsheet to another spreadsheet.

Is there any solution for this on the way?
Re: Having Problem with Pasting divinity art 11/13/09 9:17 AM
i am having this same problem pasting FROM google docs TO google docs. it was originally an excel file (microsoft excel 2000) that i emailed to open in google docs.

when i copy into text edit program on my mac, it still only pastes one single cell's information.

any ideas???

Re: Having Problem with Pasting SethB 4/29/10 1:02 PM
There should be a way of pasting multi-line cells a zillion at a time!
Re: Having Problem with Pasting davethackeray 6/6/10 3:07 AM
I can't believe after all this time there's been no real solution forthcoming to this big problem.

It's a fairly flaky feature of GDocs, this problem. Surely some tech guy could go in and patch up the problem quickly, no?

Paging Google - get it sorted! ;-)
Re: Having Problem with Pasting gondwannabe 10/11/10 7:27 PM
yes, this is so bloody frustrating - where is google? do they support docs? apparently not...