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Insert->Page Numbers Army84 5/18/09 11:38 PM
This is really a google docs function that i find missing and annoying because it is missing.
Just my 2c
Re: Insert->Page Numbers ahab 5/19/09 4:47 AM
In Google Docs text editor you can turn on page numbers in the print settings (File->Print settings...)

You may also be interested in below document.
Re: Insert->Page Numbers mfulton26 11/28/09 8:10 AM
See "Adding Page Numbers to Google Documents" from the Google Operating System blog.
Re: Insert->Page Numbers Luis-F 9/19/10 7:27 AM
How can a cleaver company like Google take to so long in solving this issue? At least one should have access to the "very basic features":
Add page numbers (header or footer) with the possibily to include some context info, like "-- Page (PgNr) from (TotalPageNumber) --"
Re: Insert->Page Numbers pga_uk 11/10/10 2:26 AM
Agreed - This is so frustrating, I am in the middle of writing up our company Policies and Procedures, now having to re-consider whether  GDOCS i sthe right platform! 

Re: Insert->Page Numbers yabebto 11/11/10 7:33 AM
they should make it available when in the header menu and in the footer menu.  i also find it annoying how you can't put in a date that will change if you go back to the document a different day. these are the setbacks of gmail, so i normally copy and paste to a word document, and add any features that aren't available in gmail.  if you do this, ctrl + a = select all shortcut