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Profile Error!!!!

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Profile Error!!!! santilop27 8/10/11 1:37 PM
Whenever I try to go on chrome, this message appears: your profile could not be opened correctly, some features may be unavailable. please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents. I go to website and it works but after a few moments it freezes and this message appears: this website is unresponsive. Wait for the website or kill the site. My OS is Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3. This problem started three days ago when I had first downloaded it. I have no idea what version it was, i just searched "google chrome" on yahoo and clicked on the first link. At first, when I had downloaded it, everything worked. Then this problem appeared. I uninstalled it normally (from control panel, then add or remove programs). I installed it again. Still the same problem. I looked through these forums on a solution that you go to C:\Documents and Settings\CtL\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data, and rename the default folder to backup default. This solution actually worked. While this solution worked, I installed the following extension :facebook notifier, and incognito switcher. For a day, it worked perfectly. then the next day the same problem. I tried the same solution but it didnt work. I even system restored it to when it was working well. that didnt help either. I noticed that when i try to go to chrome and it doesnt work. There's a process in task manager called chrome.exe. Usually there are about five of them. I can kill them some of them, but there's usually one that refuses to be ended. By the way, i've tried the new beta version of chrome and it doesnt help at all. My anti virus is avast. I also have iobit malware fighter and ASC.
Re: Profile Error!!!! cscholas5 8/18/11 12:41 PM
I've been having the same problem as santilop27.  I've switched back to Internet Explorer and everything is working fine.  Until Google Chrome has an effective answer for this problem, I will stay with Internet Explorer.
Re: Profile Error!!!! T_M_S 8/19/11 5:02 AM
I had the exact same problem with chrome and firefox. I disabled IOBit malware fighter and all of the problems went away.
Re: Profile Error!!!! T_M_S 8/19/11 6:18 PM
I was directed to a fix for malware fighter and it works, it resolved all my browser issues.
Re: Profile Error!!!! santilop27 8/20/11 5:04 PM
THANK YOU T_M_S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chrome finally works.I've had it for a couple of days with no problem at all. I uninstalled iobit malware fighter and the problem went away. Right now i'm going to try the fix for malware fighter.