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My 3D Glasses aren't working!

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My 3D Glasses aren't working! JDoogle 4/1/09 9:26 AM
First of all, as I am typing this, I can only see with one eye.  I printed out my 3D glasses, cut them out, and taped them together.  When I put them on I could not properly see through them and had to use a little ingenuity to get them to work properly.  My first thought was to cut slits in the glasses, but that idea sort of fell through.  As I was walking from the computer room to the kitchen, I tripped down out stairs and hit my head on the vase near the bottom.  Right now I have a big gash on my forehead and I don't mind telling you that I am adequately pissed at Google right now.  

If that isn't enough... When I got into the kitchen I picked up the phone and dialed Goog-411 for the local doctor.  Google dialed me into some pet store on Harrison street down town and the man on the other end just laughed at my accident.

I hope Google has results on: "how to care for a head injury"...
Re: My 3D Glasses aren't working! nakro 4/1/09 9:33 AM
i think you didn't follow these instructions correctly
these are EATING glasses, and you should install it into your body

right click on your chest and chose properties, then select "install 3D glasses"
and then eat it!

you got it all wrong....
Re: My 3D Glasses aren't working! JDoogle 4/1/09 9:35 AM
Dang, my bad
Re: My 3D Glasses aren't working! hongkong888 4/1/09 1:22 PM
I can't seem to see through my 3D glasses either! Do you need some type of special paper like those tracing paper in order for it to work, because I used regular paper to print my glasses out. Hope someone can help me!
Re: My 3D Glasses aren't working! Shawn (Googler) 4/2/09 10:43 AM
Hey guys,

Thanks for entertaining the April Fools fun! More details about the joke can be found in the below reference.

Re: My 3D Glasses aren't working! Qrystal 4/3/09 4:53 AM
I had no problem with my 3D glasses.  In fact, I wore them all day and was astounded at how three-dimensional the world was as I walked around.  The only problem I had was with stairs:  obviously I'm not used to that degree of three-dimensionality, and it was much safer to remove them for their transversal.
Re: My 3D Glasses aren't working! jasonturner518 7/11/11 10:45 PM
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