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shockwave flash is unresponsive

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shockwave flash is unresponsive bailey19539 12/4/10 8:05 AM
Google Chrome version (type about:version into the address bar):Operating System:Error Message:Extensions installed:
Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem)I have three farmville players on my computer. We use google chrome and foxfire. I am the only one being shut down by Shockwave flash and Quick time player. Can you help me? I removed google chrome and reinstalled, farmville worked for maybe 5 minutes then went down again.: when i go to my programs i don't even see shockwave. it shows adobe flash 10 activeX. Where do i go from here? is shockwave a part of google chrome? and if it is why don't they fix it, or switch to something else?
Re: shockwave flash is unresponsive Nayan Jindal 12/4/10 8:11 AM
Re: shockwave flash is unresponsive NeneNotgonnasay 12/14/10 7:32 PM
this was actually a problem with farmville it has been corrected, since. I had the same problem and no longer have it with farmville.
Re: shockwave flash is unresponsive Nayan Jindal 12/14/10 7:39 PM