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How do i repair my chrome ?

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How do i repair my chrome ? Shemo 5/27/09 4:03 PM
After one tab crashed, my history and every configuration disappear from my chrome. I can't google anything from the address bar, and also i can't change the search engine because all of them are gone. I have no thumbnails, and no everything. In this moments my browser is useless. What can i do ?
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 5/27/09 4:22 PM
What version of Google Chrome are you using?

Uninstall old version of Google Chrome. Download latest version of Chrome and install.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Shemo 5/27/09 4:24 PM
But i have the latest version (
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 5/27/09 4:27 PM
Shemo, then you may need to just reinstall Chrome from the setup file that you downloaded. Uninstall it first.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Shemo 5/27/09 4:29 PM
Thanks for your quick answer. I will try your solution.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? mattrice86 10/7/09 7:17 PM
hello again,just reinstalled but now i get this error

Below is the original error message

Error 104 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED): The attempt to connect to the server failed.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Resham 10/8/09 9:44 PM
I am facing a similar problem and on the top of it, the chrome browser isn't opening at all. It simply flashes an error message asking at the end weather to debug, send or not send error report. Debugging also didn't help. I am using the latest version. Please suggest.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? QQFarmer 10/9/09 12:04 PM
Check out this page for more help:
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Resham 10/11/09 2:17 AM
sorry...but didn't find the solution  to my problem. The browser has crashed and when I click it simply shows : "Google chrome has faced an error and has to close down. We r sorry for incovinience." And below it are 3 tabs : Debug, Send, Don't Send (error Reports to google). Debussing also didn't help. And to my surprize the moment this happened, gtalk also crashed. I was able to uninstall gtalk through control panel. But not able to do the same for google chrome. Now aftr this I am unable to copy my floders into the hard drive. My system is partially hung up. Gtalk even on reinstallation isn't working and showing same error. I just hope I don't have to format my system
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Bapabooiee 10/11/09 5:08 AM
I would recommend having Chrome generate a new User Profile for you, because the problem may be that it is corrupted. Close-down Chrome completely, then try this:

Browse to:

On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USERNAME_HERE>\Local Settings\Application Data\Local\Google\Chrome\
On Windows Vista: C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME_HERE>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\

You will need Hidden Folders enabled to find that directory. Otherwise, you can just substitute it into your address bar in Windows Explorer, and then hit Enter.

There should be a folder called "User Data" once you get there. Simply rename it to "User Data2" or something like that, and then start Chrome again. It should generate a new User Data folder for you.

Try that, and see if it helps.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Resham 10/11/09 11:18 PM
thanx. I didn't try this since my problem resolved by using system restoration. The error was not with chrome. Some microsoft software (an update) was a trouble. It was creating problems for both chrome and gtalk. But i am sure what u said would work. Thanx again !
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? mattrice86 10/12/09 5:56 AM
hi now i get this error   Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown error.
but i have found out that from another forum that- Apparently, the reason Chrome wouldn’t start has something to do with DRM in Vista. I use a great program called Airfoil that lets me stream audio to several Apple Airport Express devices in my house. Airfoil has a feature called “instant hijack” that lets you re-route the audio from an app without restarting it. Apparently if that is turned on, Vista thinks you are trying to be evil. Anyway, as soon as I disabled the instant hijack Chrome started working again.
however i dont use airfoil but what other programs have this feature
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? sahilsai777 5/18/10 6:45 AM
plz repair my googel chrome
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 5/18/10 4:29 PM
sahilsai, what is wrong with your Google Chrome browser? 
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Resham 5/19/10 2:11 AM
Sahil - this happned with me and the best that solution that I found was to un-install and then re-install. Yes this problem may happen again, but then chrome is really nice and more useful - so I love to use it.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? damnyo 6/3/10 9:38 PM
i have a problem too with my google chrome it mark that:Error 108 (net::ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID) : Unkwown Error
and i can't use my IE so if someone know how to repair it PLEASE HELP me thanks
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 6/3/10 10:02 PM
damnyo, check if your firewall is blocking Chrome.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? damnyo 6/4/10 7:16 AM
@war17 no my firewall doesnt block my chrome.  ive delete my cookie,cache and all that i have even reinstall google chrome and the error still here.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 6/4/10 8:10 AM
Since Internet Explorer has similiar problem, it is likely due to something in your system.  Check if antivirus or program running in background is interfering. Disable antivirus, Skype, toolbars, etc.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? damnyo 6/6/10 10:22 AM
i dont see nothing wrong cause i can go on internet with Ares via google chrome i checked the toolbars ive delete them i checked antivirus everything and it still cant work do you got something else i can check?
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 6/6/10 12:49 PM
Run Chrome Diagnotics

1. Use Chrome v5.0 or higher.
2. Add --diagnostics to Target field of your Chrome shortcut. Be sure there is a space between the last character of command and --diagnostics.
3. When you open Chrome with the shortcut, you will see a butch of tests in Command Prompt. 
4. Right click on top bar and select Edit > Copy. 
5. Paste the result in this thread.
6. When done, remove --diagnotics from shortcut.

Re: How do i repair my chrome ? sonu.deepu 6/19/10 9:11 AM
hey whenever i open my orkut account its not openint... on the tab its shows redirecting and some code appears.................
for imdb site its also appearing.........
please do some suggestions.............
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 6/19/10 1:45 PM
sonu, clear your browser cache and try again.

If no joy, try the suggestions there - Unable to sign into Orkut
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? JanekH 6/20/10 9:01 AM
I just ran the diagnostics

[fail] user data directory
path is too big:  2.1 gb
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? wár17 § 6/20/10 9:11 AM
JanekH, delete your browsing data. For period of time, select Everything.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? JanekH 6/20/10 9:59 AM
yes, though it never seemed to finish - I also ran tdskiller from Kaspersky -
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? dahzino 7/13/10 7:16 PM
My google chrome keep crashing, i have unistall and reinstall several times now and yet can not use it. what could be the solution
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? QQFarmer 7/14/10 12:50 PM
@dahzino, do you have these software installed in your system?
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Jumperguy 11/15/10 1:34 PM
Disable firewall...
Run TDS killer. Chrome should work fine.
Also run extensive scan on Security essential.
McAfee and Norton was not very helpful in detecting any Mal-ware.
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? handsomeorlandoman 11/21/10 10:19 AM
Hey guys,
If you have tried all these suggestions and none of them work, then try to recover Google Chrome.  This will wipe it clean.

1. Exit Google Chrome.
2. Go to:
Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome
Windows Vista+ : %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome
Mac (not sure): ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome
3. Rename the "User Data" folder to "User Data2"
4. Launch Google Chrome.

If still no luck, look for conflicting software:

Still no luck?  Delete the new "User Data" folder created when you opened Google Chrome using my first suggestion.  Then uninstall Chrome and make sure you re-install it from one of these websites:

Hope this helps!!!
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? nikki19 12/19/10 7:11 PM
I have a problem. Whenever I start up my browser it immediately tells me that none of my preferences can be read and won't be saved if i make changes. I tried reinstalling it but the problem is still there. Nothing is saved. What can I do?
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? handsomeorlandoman 12/22/10 5:09 AM
Hello nikki,
You might have a corrupt preferences file. In that case, you might need to reset Google Chrome. Resetting Google Chrome will not remove your bookmarks, history, cookies, etc. and takes only five steps. However, resetting Google Chrome will reset your preferences and will move Chrome back to its original location on your screen. Exit Google Chrome before beginning.

1. Windows XP: go to %USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome
Windows Vista+ : go to %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome
Mac (not sure): go to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

2. Locate a folder called "User Data" and rename it to "User Data2".
3. Create a new folder and name it "User Data".
4. Find a folder called "Default" in "User Data2" and move it to "User Data".  Leave the other files alone.
5. Launch Google Chrome.  Now change your options back to what they were.

If no luck, try repairing Google Chrome using the steps above your post. If still no luck, you may have malware. Try backing up your files, and recovering your system.

Hope this helps!!
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? sunny_zurel 1/31/11 12:56 AM
I m continusly getting unresponsive tabs, even reinstalled, even created new user,
just always comes with not responding
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? handsomeorlandoman 2/1/11 5:42 AM
sunny_zurel, please make sure your system meets the requirements at
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Matrixed 3/24/11 9:14 AM
@  handsomeorlandoman  - I renamed the folder but lost all my saved passwords. How do I get them back please????
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? handsomeorlandoman 3/24/11 6:24 PM
Hmm... I wouldn't recommend doing this, since it may be that your password files are corrupt. If you still want your passwords, you are just a few minutes from acquiring them...

Quit Chrome before beginning. Find your password files in the old profile. To do that, go to the folder you renamed. Go to the Default folder and locate a file called Login Data. Copy that file. Now visit your profile (the new folder Chrome generated when you renamed the original folder. Go to the Default folder and delete the Login Data file there. Now replace it by pasting the password file you copied from the old file. Now launch Chrome. If the passwords don't show up automatically, enter your password manually. Next time Chrome will remember your password.

Thanks! (tested on Chrome 11 beta)
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? Coleylove 6/30/11 11:59 AM
I tried to do this:
but the only problem with my folders (I'm using Mac) and I can't get the "User Data".. it isn't there. I downloaded a new version, and I reinstalled and uninstalled it... it still won't work. I kept getting "Your profile could not be opened correctly.

Some features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents."

I don't know what to do. I really like Google Chrome and would love to use it again, but how? :-(
Re: How do i repair my chrome ? handsomeorlandoman 6/30/11 12:09 PM
Hi! Sorry, my instructions for Mac was wrong. Below are the instructions for Macs and Linuxes.

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google
Linux: ~/.config

Mac: rename the Chrome folder
Linux: rename the google-chrome folder.

Launch Chrome and exit again. Move the Default folder under Chrome's profile (the folder you renamed) and move it to the new Chrome (Mac) or google-chrome (Linux) folder.

Hope this helps!
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