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Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab

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Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab Troubled417 4/11/10 12:16 PM
Just today I started experiencing some strange behavior in Chrome. When I click 'back' the browser stays on the current page and opens my previous page in a new tab. Also, when i click on the Controls or settings buttons in the top right, they do not do anything, so I can't see if this is a setting that needs changed. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't work. Any help???

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Operating System: Windows XP
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Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab yourchefvictor 5/13/10 5:09 AM
I experienced the same problem.  What worked for me was pressing the mouse wheel once.  Good luck.
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab tgr1000 8/28/10 6:23 AM
I had the same issue and clicking on the mouse wheel once did fix it.  Unusual.  Thanks.
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab contactmayankjain 9/27/10 1:40 PM
same problem with me too. Clicking on the opened tab closes the tab. :(
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab dbphiladelphia 4/4/11 5:09 PM
I also had this issue. Additionally (and simultaneously) Firefox began to act up as well ( could no longer click on links). Also, clicking on tabs ( the whole surface, not just the X) would automatically close them. I just uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. So far, so good.
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab someone12345 4/28/11 2:54 AM
You can do this again but middle click (or hold Ctrl or Command if you have a Mac and click) on the Back/Forward button. This is a great feature but comes with a bug somehow.
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab PipNasty 7/20/11 6:54 AM
Clinking the mouse wheel worked for me. Thanks!
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab chaim.seymour 11/1/11 3:02 AM
Hi I just had the same problem. It began after I swapped from a regular mouse to a wireless mouse. I assume that there is a connection Chaim
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab ezyman 1/26/12 2:49 PM
I have a laptop and no mouse. What should i do?
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab infernox999 6/3/12 4:00 PM
i have the exact same problem that click open tabs close them, clicking back opens  the same page in a new tab and i basically cant use the top bar any thoughts as i have a laptop?
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab caver_tim 6/3/12 4:06 PM
yes this will be chrome thinking that your right track pad button is held down.
Thus a left click will be seen as a click with both buttons which is used to simulate a middle click

to clear try clicking a few times with left then right then both to try and clear this "stuck button"
try replacing batteries in wireless mouse if you use one
sometimes just a reboot helps
Re: Clicking 'back' opens a new Tab Vaughn Parker 6/26/13 1:40 PM

Wow the weirdest thing in the world resets didnt work but clicking the mouse fixed everything. thanks guys! I ran my antivirus a few time and everything