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Save Password does not work

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Save Password does not work BZabitz 2/14/09 5:31 AM
Also I have set the option,"Save Passwords," Chrome does not ask me if I want to save a password  and I need to re-enter my password whenever I sign into a site.
Re: Save Password does not work ksteely 2/14/09 7:49 AM
This is a bit inconvenient, but if you go to Options>Clear Browsing Data and un-select everything and select the option for clearing all passwords, then select "everything" from the drop menu. You will have to re save ALL your passwords, however it will offer to save any passwords you now type in, even if you have previously hit the "never for this site" button.
Re: Save Password does not work BZabitz 2/14/09 8:24 AM
I tried ksteely's directions, but Chrome continues not to offer to save the password.  I am a new user for Chrome and cannot understand what the problem is.
Re: Save Password does not work Danae 2/19/09 12:26 PM
I have always been able to save my passwords. Suddenly, all my passwords are gone, and it will not offer to save them. I re-checked my settings and they are fine. I cleared everything, and re-selected what I was supposed to, but still nothing.
Re: Save Password does not work cornadious 2/24/09 8:16 PM
i as well have had the same problems. i have all my saved passwords onto my chrome browser but when i go and enter my username, the saved passwords never show up.
Re: Save Password does not work nbvgoodman 2/26/09 9:25 PM
Same here. It works for some sites, but doesn´t for others.
The could just copy firefox on this one.
Re: Save Password does not work VamsiAvala 2/28/09 7:02 AM
Same here, tried everything. All of a sudden it stopped saving passwords and recalling old one's. I even tried a re-install. Never worked.
Re: Save Password does not work Skay 3/1/09 6:21 PM
Same here, i tired different pages and found out that chrome only saves the password for some pages like google, google mail and google forum, but does not for youtube or facebook.... GOOGLE try to fix this!!! I guess many will swap to Safari or Firefox again tho chrome is lightening fast!1!
Re: Save Password does not work Johit Gambhir 3/2/09 2:14 AM
Well i have tried this steps & it works Thanks a lot
Re: Save Password does not work KingMichal 3/17/09 12:16 PM
On 8 of my 10 most used sites when I enter my user name and password I am not asked if I want Chrome to remember it.  I have never said not to remember on these sites as I have never been given the choice.  I understand when I load certain login screens Chrome will not always fill in info unless I start to type in user name (at which point it is obvious I will log in on that screen anyway).  However, I cannot exercise this option if the password is not saved in the first place.  I am new to Chrome and I like Google's overall vision, but this is very annoying.  If I have to use IE7 for the majority of my workload this reduces Chrome's usefulness to me.  This is very close to the tipping point for me to revert completely back to IE7.
Re: Save Password does not work BZabitz 3/17/09 3:43 PM
Well, so far it looks pretty dismal for having Chrome save passwords!  I am using IE with an old Norton password management program (that they longer offer) for when I need to use multiple sites requiring passwords and Chrome when I need a browser that downloads very quickly.  Thanks to all for your help!
Re: Save Password does not work bulgaria_mitko 3/23/09 1:09 PM
I finally got the problem after 2 months! It's very simple: Go to the Options menu in ur Google Chrome browser and then click on Minor Tweaks and then under Passwords press on Exceptions and delete ALL the address of the website you want to ask you and save the password for!!! For example if the website if delete all the address like: , and so on!

Good luck!
Re: Save Password does not work CHittner 3/25/09 8:31 AM
I have no exceptions in my exceptions folder and still have the same problems as everyone else.
Re: Save Password does not work MarcSB 3/25/09 4:06 PM
Same problem here.. really annoying! hope someone finds a fix
Re: Save Password does not work KingMichal 3/26/09 5:45 PM
As stated in my earlier post, I am new to Chrome and started with no passwords saved and no exceptions made.  Not only have I not made any exceptions, but I cannot make exceptions when I am not offered the chance to save the password in the first place.  I hope the solution of clearing the exceptions helps some who are having trouble, but it appears the core problem expressed in this thread  is the "save password" feature is not performing as expected.  If a tool is not useful, it is not used.  Those who find the tool integral to the overall package will find the package to be of no use.  There are certain features which I still find useful in Chrome, but for my main use I must rely on IE and itshandling of saved passwords.  My Holy Grail would be for Chrome to be as useful for me in all the aspects as IE, or at least in the key areas I need.  I want to ditch IE completely but cannot.
Re: Save Password does not work Roshaan 3/27/09 1:02 PM
guys its not working so its possibly a GOOGLE CHROME VERSION 1 issue

dont worry google must have taken a notice of this issue and be working on it.

we all share this issue
Re: Save Password does not work vadimdude 3/29/09 11:55 AM
same.. what do u have to do in order for google to notice it? not only this issue, but other issues that come up??
Re: Save Password does not work P3T3R 3/30/09 1:56 PM
just go on the options and next to the show saved passwords button there is the exceptions button. Click and delete all the sites on that list and you should be able to save passwords again
Re: Save Password does not work vadimdude 3/30/09 2:34 PM
there is no such button..
Re: Save Password does not work onecooldude 3/31/09 4:50 AM
Definitely no exceptions button in version, sorry Google, its back to Opera for me with a secure working password system.
Re: Save Password does not work jamesbemery 4/1/09 3:55 PM
I used ksteely's suggestion and it worked. I'm so elated. My Gmail and Facebook and all other accounts are starting to resave
Re: Save Password does not work ShinyPretty 4/3/09 12:27 PM
I am using beta version....When I select the button Remove All in Exeptions the whole browser crashes....maybe because it is empty?  Who knows.  Anyway, I have the same problem that most of my websites work with the save password function but not one that is extremely important to me.  Please Google make this work like Safari - copy/paste their code or something !!!  OR Fix this very fast - it should be very high priority.  It would not be such a big deal if the website would remember me but it makes me login everytime I go to the page !!!
Re: Save Password does not work vadimdude 4/3/09 12:53 PM
come on google!!
Re: Save Password does not work Grv 5/23/09 12:54 PM
Same problem!
Re: Save Password does not work Lovelyn 5/27/09 6:33 AM
I cant find the "exceptions" option under " minor tweaks" plz help.
Re: Save Password does not work †Tommy G.† 5/27/09 6:50 AM
@Lovelyn,  check your version of Chrome in wrench icon and select About Google Chrome.  After you updated, the exceptions button will be there.
Re: Save Password does not work Chadi 6/6/09 1:47 PM
Same problem here, it does not offer to save passwords on many sites


Also, I have nothing in my exceptions list. Obviously a bug.
Re: Save Password does not work canditeye 7/28/09 12:03 PM
this is just SHAME ON GOOGLE that it cant able to correct this simple problem that persist over long period of not saving the passwords & username

firefox is the king of browsers.

It is better that Google just SHUT YOUR CHROME  BROWSER, dont waste our time
Re: Save Password does not work Jo.Lyn 8/3/09 5:40 PM
I have had this same problem for about two months now.  My version is
Re: Save Password does not work peter.mccormick 8/14/09 11:18 AM
Here's a twist for you.  I have been using Chrome for probably a year primarily due to it's BETTER ABILITY TO SAVE PASSWORDS than Firefox, IE etc.  This morning, Windows automatically updated and -- perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not -- all of my password boxes started coming up blank, requiring manual entry with no option to save or not.  I thought maybe this was more MS subterfuge trying to sabotage Chrome.  My saved passwords list and exceptions list were both blank.  I was resigned to trying ksteely's suggested fix and then manually entering my passwords again, so I went through that procedure and restarted Chrome.  All of a sudden, ALL OF MY PASSWORDS WERE BACK.  I'm not complaining, but that's pretty weird.
Re: Save Password does not work Shawn (Googler) 8/14/09 2:21 PM
Hey guys,

There are several different scenarios being described in this thread so I'll try to address each of them. (Though in the future, it'd be easier to separate these issues into separate threads :P)

A. Some sites aren't offering to save passwords
If the website's source code has the tag <form autocomplete="OFF">, Google Chrome will not offer to save the password. You can check the sites source code by right-clicking (or CTRL+U) and searching for the tag.

B. Suddenly saved passwords are gone
There are a couple of system related events that could have affected your saved passwords. For example, a clean reformat of your computer or an automatic Windows update could corrupt your saved information. To restore them, either:

(i) Clear your entire browsing history
(ii) Remove your saved passwords, revisit the site and save the password again

C. Clicking on removing exceptions causes the browser to crash
The most helpful piece of information that could tell us what is going on here is a crash dump. You can find instructions on how to get this in Reference 2 below.

Re: Save Password does not work tgolden 8/26/09 12:33 PM
Shawn, thanks for the breakdown.  I think most of us are seeing scenario A and are frustrated by it - apparently many sites have autocomplete="OFF" in their form element.  I question the decision of Google to use this attribute to control the password-saving feature - that attribute was intended to indicate when autocomplete should be disabled for a form, not that users should be unable to save passwords for it.  I think the root problem is that Google has combined password-saving and autocomplete functionality together, and then used an autocomplete-specific flag to dictate how it's password-saving works.  

I've never encountered this limitation in password-saving functionality in other browsers (IE, Opera, and Firefox) or  3rd party add-ons (RoboForm).  I think we'd all like Google to let *us* decide if we want to save password data for a login page, and not make that decision for us based on a loosely-related form attribute.

Incidentally, this is the feature that is keeping me from adopting Chrome as my default browser, and I suspect many other people feel the same way about it.  It just has too big of an effect on our daily browsing.  

Thanks for your consideration of this issue.
Re: Save Password does not work cwajciec 10/6/09 6:07 AM
I had this problem and here is how I fixed it.  I went to Internet Explorer and went to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced Tab.
Go to Security and Check "USE SSL 2.0"  I am not sure if this is a coincidence, but now Google asks to save passwords and it works.
Re: Save Password does not work Sean Hester 11/2/09 11:17 AM
Dont go back to IE use firefox/safari

You can also use Xmarks/Sxipper to save passwords works like roboform, but free

Having much the same problem here as the majority B with some hint of C,
Re: Save Password does not work hackthat 1/21/10 1:38 PM
Maybe someone posted it already, but there's an extension to fix the problem of chrome some websites not remembering passwords to some websites.
these websites have the autocomplete=off flag on them, this extension turns autocomplete to on so that chrome remembers them.
Re: Save Password does not work Sneed2 1/30/10 7:07 AM
HACKTHAT, thank you.  It worked like a charm. Instantly!!!

I find it VERY interesting that you seem to know more about the Google product, than Google's employees! LOL
Re: Save Password does not work axenory 1/31/10 10:04 PM
There is an extension to make this possible just loook at the google chromes extensions
Re: Save Password does not work galan05 2/15/10 10:16 PM
Chrome started out saving my passwords on my iMac, but appears now to have eaten them, or refusing to recognize them, or something. Nor will it let me reset new ones.  When I try, especially when I try to reset the password on my Wordpress blog, I get this error message:

<strong>"The e-mail could not be sent.
Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function..."</strong>

Tried deleting the old Chrome folder; the iMac wouldn't let me. Tried downloading the newest version of Chrome, no joy that way, either.

any ideas?
Re: Save Password does not work mr.ande 3/6/10 4:32 PM
If you want to save a password that Google doesn't ask you if you want to save it, you can save that password in Firefox and then go to tools>Options>Import data. Select Fire Fox form the drop down menu, and unselect all of the options except saved passwords.
Re: Save Password does not work d4veg 3/21/10 7:49 AM
Yeah mr. ande's method works but you shouldn't have to import from firefox!

In Chrome go to tools>Options>Import data. Select Fire Fox form the drop down menu, and unselect all of the options except saved passwords.
Re: Save Password does not work JesusLovesYou 4/17/10 10:56 AM
In Chrome go to tools> Options > Personal Stuff....Click on Show Save Passwords > Click on the tab Exception and make sure the website you want to save is not in the Exception Tab....if it is there Remove it....Hopefully it should work. God Bless You.
Re: Save Password does not work OldToonces 5/6/10 11:54 AM
Yeah, well, jesus, I think these fixes are nice if they work. Here's a source-of-problem suggestion:  Chrome seemed to save and execute my site I.D.s and passwords just fine, until I deleted google chrome's updater.exe and turned off "help make google chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to google" (in options>under the hood). One or both of those could be culprits for this thread's topic of concern. But I refuse to put those things back in operation. So I'll wait for google to fix the situation, or move on. Hey google!
Re: Save Password does not work John Baskette 6/2/10 10:39 AM
I have run into this problem with Chrome 5.0.375.55 which should be very close to the latest available as of June 2010.  None of the suggested fixes work.  It sure looks like a bug to me.  Only some sites will not prompt for passwords.  What tgolden says sure makes sense.

I have trick to get around this issue.  I use Firefox and save the passwords using Firefox's password saving function.  Then I use options->Import data from another browser, I select Mozilla Firefox in the from: drop down menu, then I import only the Saved Passwords.  

This thread goes back over a year.  Google is fast gaining a reputation for being dominated by newly graduated 20 something no-nothing arrogant comp-sci wiz kids.  Is this true Google?  If so, does this explain why it appears that you are not listening to what your users, your customers are saying?  Please learn to listen to your less smart lethargic dim-witted customers many of whom are your elders.  They do have experience that could help you.  Chrome is great, your programming is top notch, but little bugs like this are deal breakers and will retard your growth.  A habit of ignoring what people say about bugs like this could damage your business, maybe even kill it.

Re: Save Password does not work mastodonfarm 6/3/10 11:20 AM
Just downloaded Chrome for the first time (5.0.375.55) and am having this same problem--it has never asked me to save a password, even though I have "ask to save passwords" selected and nothing in the exceptions list.  Guess I'll go back to Firefox, which might be slower but at least it works.
Re: Save Password does not work Henry B. 6/6/10 11:33 PM
Hi John and others.  We know that Chrome doesn't offer to save passwords as often as it should and that it's frustrating.  We are working to fix it.  Some sites do turn off password saving using autcomplete=off (for example, and contrary to what was said earlier in this thread, Firefox also respects that setting.  That means that when Firefox offers to remember a password for a site and Chrome doesn't, it's usually a bug.  You can all help us by filing a bug [1] with the site URL.
Re: Save Password does not work JTGizmo 6/10/10 4:24 AM
Hello Henry, I think the majority of the frustration is - that saving passwords does work on other browsers and it does not work on chrome. You say you are working hard to fix it - this issue is a year old, how hard is something like this to be fixed? I will give you example. I play a game on website - Internet Explorer and FireFox both offer to save the password, but Chrome doesnt?!? What is so hard to mimic the IE capabilities to utilize save password the same way. I love chrome for its speed and light and features, but the main feature that is used by millions is not working. Please fix it.
Re: Save Password does not work Henry B. 6/10/10 9:29 AM
Hi JTGizmo,

We know haven't paid enough attention to this area, but we're trying to make up for lost time now.  It's unfortunately enormously difficult to get password filling right everywhere, because there is no one way to log users into a site and every site does it a little bit differently, so the browser is left guessing about whether a user logged in and how to fill the login form in the future.

Thank you for alerting us to the issue, I've filed a bug [1] and we'll look into it.

Re: Save Password does not work das-on-the-hill 6/22/10 10:23 PM
Google Chrome 5.0.375.70 beta - 22 June 2010 - Show saved passwords option is greyed out - Chrome never asks whether or not to save passwords.  I use Xmarks and Firefox as defaults because of glitches like this.  Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic
Re: Save Password does not work ong_j 7/4/10 1:37 AM
though chrome is faster than many other browsers, it has some ridiculous problems. example: i logged in yahoo with my correct password and saved it. but next time when i wanted to login they show that password is incorrect. each time i have to retype my password , so whats the benefit of saving password?
another problem i am suffering from last few Facebook i can't like/comment/click some particular links, which works perfectly in Mozilla,IE
Re: Save Password does not work jahniboi 8/26/10 7:31 AM
I found that simply clicking the actual "Login" button (instead of pressing enter after completing the password which I habitually do) prompted the auto save feature... sounds simple but it worked.
Re: Save Password does not work dmonterroso 9/9/10 7:55 AM
using 5.0.375.127 on mac os 10.6.4

my saved passwords stopped working. now chrome asks every single time if i want to save the password, and i click "yes" but the next time i visit the site it hasn't remembered it and asks again if i want to save the password.

completely broken.
Re: Save Password does not work elenortruffle 9/16/10 11:57 AM
Doing updates as someone suggested worked for me (and nothing else here worked by the way). Solved this issue and others.
Click the wrench then about google chrome. If it is not updated you will see an option available to update.
Re: Save Password does not work Sacramento King 10/8/10 12:48 PM
JesusLovesYou is right. I had the same problems. Google Chrome saved my passwords for my yahoo email account on one computer and not the other. That's how I know the answer for the auto-complete did not apply to me. I clicked on the wrench icon on the upper right hand corner which is Tools. Then go down and click on Options. Click on the tab that says Personal Stuff. Make sure save passwords is checked and click on Show Save Passwords. From there you can view all saved password in Chrome. Click on the Tab Exceptions and you will see a list of excluded sites. If the webpage in questions is on this list, highlight and click Remove. This will remove the site you are having trouble with from the exceptions list. After that I went back to yahoo, re-entered my login and password and it offered to save password. I clicked YES and it now saves perfectly and logs in flawlessly every time. So Yes it is: Tools>Options>Personal Stuff>Show Saved Passwords>Exceptions

Thanks and always remember Jesus Loves You
Re: Save Password does not work Avray1967 10/8/10 11:26 PM
Can you please just get this fixed, I am not desperate enough to go back to IE with roboform but I am starting to get unhappy.  I have deleted all passwords, and started all over again.  I have searched around in options and tools.  No joy.

I do accept that there are websites that think they are cleverer than their socks and pop up the silliest boxes of nonsense for password entry.  I personally loathe those that don't leave an empty field (confusing even my beloved roboform).  I am not asking for miracles, but something that works as well as roboform (and a stern word to websites that can't get with the program, google, you have the power to make this work).  Oh, and websites without a remember me (keep me signed in) button.  We all know how to sign out and clear cookies and frankly a lot of these sites are just marginally easier to navigate when signed in and have no sensitive (or any) information attached to them.  Worse than that I am being a good cyber citizen by registering and signing in for them! Sheesh.

Anyone know why websites want to be more irritating than necessary?? If there is logic, it better be good.   Maybe ignore the ranty bit, but the password saver needs attention.
Re: Save Password does not work mysta02 10/18/10 10:40 AM
I'm having this problem too.  Thanks for the Bug Filing Link.  I'll use it:)
Re: Save Password does not work Naga Mahesh Kumar 10/29/10 7:42 AM
Follow the instructions in the following link. Remember to remove all the sites from exceptions tab.

After doing this, restart your computer. now Chrome will offer you to save passwords.
Re: Save Password does not work mrwesking 11/9/10 9:01 AM
I had the same issue then found the cause and now it works fine.

Under Options > Under the Hood > Content Settings > Cookies make sure you do not have checked the box to clear cookies when you close your browser.  I found mine checked and after removing this everything works just fine.

Hope that helps!
Re: Save Password does not work Captainjman2 1/12/11 9:23 PM
There is an extension called lastpass, works like a charm!
Re: Save Password does not work ertavf 1/14/11 8:14 AM
Interestingly this "autocomplete=off" directive does not affect Linux version of chrome. When I open Windows it is very irritating that every time I need to login my university mail I had to write my username and password in order to open it. Another thing is that mail is hosted by gmail labs. If you wonder, just open it and look the source:
Re: Save Password does not work suhel 1/16/11 1:54 AM
I delete all password and try again google chrome offer save password in normal window but
it did not offer save password in incognito window , it used to offer save password in incognito windows but suddenly it stop offering
save password
anybody know better asnwer

Many Thanks
Re: Save Password does not work lisakaren36 1/17/11 6:16 AM
Google Chrome was working fine for me. Had all the passwords saved that I wanted saved. However, my partner decided to do a little maintenance when facebook wasn't working properly. I had shown her how to clear the cache, etc. However, when she did it, she did not uncheck the "clear saved passwords" option and all saved passwords were lost. Since then, I have been able to save a couple of the passwords, but others that I had previously been able to save are not giving me the option to do so anymore. Unfortunately, she decided to do both laptops at the same time, so the info was lost on both of them. This is super annoying and I hope that Google will fix this issue, once and for all.
Re: Save Password does not work silkscrim 1/20/11 2:21 PM
It's now January 2011. When's the change/fix coming?
Re: Save Password does not work zxen 1/25/11 6:48 AM
There is now a "fix" for this. A simple add-on that makes pages with "autocomplete=OFF" appear to chrome as "autocomplete=ON"
Find it here >
Re: Save Password does not work Jacobus 2/9/11 11:48 PM
Crappy solution, but yes, you Chrome and Chromium can import passwords only from Firefox. So for now, you'll have to go the password requesting web page with Firefox and save it there. Once done, use Chrome to import the passwords. Really crappy!!!

Google, stop sliding down your stainless steel slides and looking at fish tanks - time to work a little.
Re: Save Password does not work aravia 2/14/11 9:54 PM
Found the fix for Facebook Auto Login. Finally!!!
Re: Save Password does not work AMartinez 2/19/11 7:21 AM
Use Lastpass and forget all kind of issues. Is free, multiuser, multiaccount and works with everything...
Password + sync in Chrome will be good eventually... they never do something without finishing it right.
Re: Save Password does not work ionitacornell 3/9/11 5:23 PM
This is what worked for me: I accesed the website I wanted to save a password for and then I closed it. Then I went to Settings > Options > Under the Bonnet. At Privacy > Clear browsing data... Select "the past hour" (it should work with any option here, but maybe you don't want to lose to many cookies :P ) and only check the "Delete cookies and other site data" box (so you don't lose other data). Then click the "Clear browsing data" button.
Go to the website you want to save your password for, login and the browser should prompt for saving the password.
Again, it's not guaranteed, it just worked for me.
Re: Save Password does not work kumararunsinha 3/11/11 5:45 AM
I must not say that answers above are from stupids but I can definitly say novice. The problem is some how the saved password is saved in exceptions list. Now you people can solve the problem
Re: Save Password does not work MartinNBG 3/12/11 12:07 AM
I'm on version 10 of Chrome, and the problem is still there (wich is kind of amazing). I tried the fix posted Zxen and it finaly worked (after 3 restart of chrome, because at first it recalled only one of our two different password for gmail).

Re: Save Password does not work kumararunsinha 3/12/11 4:41 AM
Go to exception folder delete the entry. It will keep on appearing three times but not after that. If you switch or use multiple dongles than this will appear. This problem will not occur if you have an wired Broadband internet connection. This is what I have experienced and I must tell that I can't leave without chrome.
Re: Save Password does not work MartinNBG 3/13/11 4:03 AM
pfffff It just worked once actually. The exception for gmail reappered in the list. I deleted it, but now it does not remember the password and does not offer to remeber it. Come on!

Im going back to firefox. And it's too bad, because I clearly prefer chrome.
Re: Save Password does not work orbhot 3/22/11 12:12 PM
That did not work for me. I have NO sites in the exceptions. Also cleared every site out of the saved passwords. STILL does not save passwords. I also turned off syncing passwords. May be time to go back to Firefox!
Re: Save Password does not work the.w 3/30/11 2:11 PM
@Shawn (Googler).
Hey Mister Googler Shawn... don't try to explain something, with stupid explanations!
The issue is not connected with the sites, because all of the other browsers are working perfectly.
So, you should start to fix this problem and not give us these stupid explanations.
How can be a problem ? I dont believe in that.
Re: Save Password does not work boogletooth 4/30/11 2:20 PM
Same here...What's going on with it? My Passwords were saved and now they're not and I cant re-save them.

Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 5/15/11 3:06 AM
after a little research based on this particularly OLD thread, I've discovered what the cause of the problem is on my computers.

websites with the autocomplete feature turned OFF refuse to prompt to save passwords for me in both Internet Explorer, as well as firefox 4.x and google chrome.

I had to download the autocomplete=on extension for chrome to get my passwords to save. I think google needs to set the browser so that it either automatically turns the feature back on, or simply ignores that particular tag, thus fixing the problem for those of us that have it caused by that tag... This thread is about 2 years old now, and still no fix. i did post a bug report today about the sites I'm having issues with.
Re: Save Password does not work edwardmw 6/1/11 7:15 AM
And jasoncollege24 WINS. Thank you.
Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 6/1/11 7:24 AM
Sadly, after the bug report was issued, I received a reply that Google will NOT be correcting this issue. The reason being that the moment they do, several websites (like banks for example) will black list google chrome. In the meantime, i would suggest Google Chrome users follow the same procedure I did and use the extension called "autocomplete=on"
Re: Save Password does not work Sneed2 6/1/11 8:18 AM
Well, if Explorer can get it to work, and not be black listed, then they shouldn't black list Google. Maybe its political...
Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 6/1/11 8:35 AM
actually, on most the sites where I'm having this problem with google chrome, i'm having the exact same issue with Internet Explorer.
Re: Save Password does not work Sneed2 6/1/11 8:40 AM
OK. Maybe it IS the website then. I notice that, after many years of using eBay, Google will no longer remember my password on that site, and eBay does confirm that they made some changes in the last 2 weeks......
Re: Save Password does not work liana813 6/28/11 11:28 AM
I have tried all the recommendations posted here. Still Google offers to save some of my passwords. IE on the other hand saves everything. Until Google fixes this, I can not use it as my default browser.
Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 6/28/11 11:47 AM
the google chrome extension called "autocomplete=on" should work. I've had no problems saving passwords from any sites since I added that extension. Google is not going to fix this issue as they claim that secure sites such as banks will blacklist them for overriding their website codes, which turn off the feature that this extension overrides. Later versions of Windows Internet Explorer (Such as IE 9) also will not save passwords on sites which use this same code. I say this from experience as I tried this with IE 9 on a site I knew for certain had this code.

This problem applies to the following (as far as I know)

Windows Internet Explorer 9
FireFox 4.x
Google Chrome

I have not tested this with any other browsers
Re: Save Password does not work BZabitz 6/28/11 3:16 PM
I started this thread back in 2009.  I started to use the add-on Last Pass about a year ago.  It works beautifully with Chrome!!
Re: Save Password does not work Orbit9 7/23/11 12:38 PM
I have no choice but to use Google Chrome for one website only.  I access
a website that is in Chinese.  The Google Translate for IE does not work on
it.  So I have no choice but to use Google Chrome as Google Translate does
work there.  I have to sign-in every time I re-open Google Chrome to access
it.  What a pain.  :o(

I do hate the problem of not being able to save the password.  I wished there
was some way of letting the "Powers that Be" at Google know about it.
Re: Save Password does not work Sneed2 7/23/11 1:33 PM
If deleting all your browsing history and cache didn't work, which worked for me. And assuming you do have "save password" enabled in the options settings. Then the other option may be 3rd party password saving software, which integrates with most browsers.

I'm not saying we should let the Chrome developers off the hook, but you may grow a long white beard while you are waiting for them to fix it.....:-)
Re: Save Password does not work ANOTHER ANNOYED USER (But alteast it's not M$) 7/25/11 7:27 PM
The "fix" shouldn't be a 3rd=party extension or plug-in or whatever.
It shouldn't be to import from another browser.

(Where is an "export" function FROM Chrome???)  There is no option to save my passwords so I won't loose them. I do NOT wish to take the time and click on each individual entry (there are SEVERAL - as I use different pass/usrnam combo for every site)

..i think my biggest questions is: WHY THE HELL WOULD THIS BE PART FO ANY AUTO-COMPLETE FUNCTION?? .. especially if this function can be turned off/prevented from use by any site that chooses to?

One hint was that a recent (2 months ago now i think) M$ update ..has impeeded or .. through nothing short of malicious greedy means to upset Google..  Well.. to be honest, I woudn't put that past M$, as they have done similar in the past..

Back to the issue..

 i simply do not feel that any 3rd party should be given access to my passwords, directly indirectly or whatever.. I don't trust them any more then M$ itself. My experience is that .. well 3rd parties can't be trusted with this.

This is.. More annoying than i can explain.
i mean.. how long is.. too long? without having an _at least_ minor issue, looked at a little more .. superficially to look like something is being addressed.

Well.. looks to me like a Major issue being shoved aside like a Minor issue, being shoved aside as a No Fix.

This really should be looked after MUCH more then it has.

it does appear that there are several similar issues being described. I've looked into each "solution" with no acceptable "fix" for my situation.  Perhaps this is several problems with a common problem or a few issues with VERY similar problems with DIFFERENT solutions.

I'm stumped.

On a side note, people should READ the descriptions and stop posting similar errors. Also, people should stop giving the same 'solutions" when others have already confirmed (right or wrongly) that something works or not. If it works great. if not.. STOP REPOSTING..

Am I reposting?

I don't  think the original question has been answered.
The few related replies, do not solve the issue, and there are several re-worded replies for other users.

Simply put, not all of the users are having the same issue.

I have cleared my cache, I have checked and re-checked and double... my settings. I've done everything.. INCLUDING re-install of Chrome, AND separately WinXP.
I have HAD my passwords work PROPERLY (AKA AS EXPECTED) With the .. well.. not sure .. current chrome, a previous one, or is it the WinXP update that has this going??

I'm a guy that gets so irritated when calling tech support, onlly to hear a recorded message about "check your power cable/connections.. router issues.. etc..

I'm a guy that has already tried all of the basic, and some advanced "solutions" that are lited here, so.. irritatingly ..duplicated.

one of the biggest draw backs of any .."Think Tank" are one way tracks. People who ARE NOT open to suggestions and ignore the smallest idea/ideal. Put off things, because THEY are the .. one. ?

One idiot.

One .. moron.

..Why should a solution be .. outside? 3rd parties, plugin/extension.. etc.. anyway?
Re: Save Password does not work ANOTHER ANNOYED USER (But alteast it's not M$) 7/25/11 7:32 PM
Forums are a great resource.

But the filtering leaves me with headaches.. (in more ways then one.. ;) )
Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 7/25/11 8:52 PM
I know i have said this more than once, but after this ranting, i feel it should be stated yet again.

The developers of Google Chrome have outright stated to me that this problem will *NOT BE FIXED* for reasons which I believe are valid. The autocomplete= feature which controls this aspect of many browsers is nowbeing used by such sites as eBay, and several banking websites. These websites use this as a safety feature to keep browsers from remembering passwords for sites that are very sensitive.

For example... If your browser was set to remember your login password for your online banking, and it got stolen, you wouldn't want someone logging into your bank, and making changes to your bank accounts would you? hence this feature is a security feature keeping such a thing from possibly happening.

The thir party extension which I use doesn't store the passwords... instead it changes the autocomplete= feature of the website, or webpage on the fly, allowing Google Chrome to save the password (which is what you want anyway right?) therefore, this particular 3rd party extension is perfectly safe to use as a work around for this issue.

If you want to complain about the issue with the autocomplete= function for Google Chrome, then you should also complain to microsoft whose Internet Explorer browser is also affected by this, as well as Apple's Safari, and Mozilla's FireFox. All of these browsers are affected by that issue for the exact same reasons.

Sure I would like to see this issue fixed as well, but if my 3rd party extension can safely work around it, and allow me to save my passwords anyway, then it is an acceptable solution for me.
Re: Save Password does not work Sneed2 7/25/11 9:20 PM
Yes. That makes sense. I have also found that with those sites, such as eBay, I "no longer" select "remember me". That sometimes allows my passwords to be remembered by Chrome. If I select "remember me" then I have to manually enter the password. Go figure...
Re: Save Password does not work renoush 7/26/11 10:19 AM
I have had the same problem but realized it was because my popup blocker was on, preventing Chrome from asking me if I want to save the password.  Of course, you have to make sure Chrome is set up to  "offer to save passwords"

Go to Options - Under the Hood - Privacy Content settings - Pop-ups - Allow all sites to show pop-ups

I tried everything suggested and nothing worked until I did this.
Re: Save Password does not work ANOTHER ANNOYED USER (But alteast it's not M$) 8/2/11 7:22 PM
jasoncollege24 : Well at least that makes sense.  i would, however prefer to have that choice myself.

I mean, hey!.. the banks/etc.. could have their liability removed, somewhat carefully, and not be held liable for someone else's missing/stolen computer information.

I really don't like the idea of a third party ..helping me out with this.
i haven't looked at what they have done to , work around the "auto complete", In time I might take a look to see what they actually do, but so much can be hidden from people, never mind the "It had a button appear and I clicked it" types of people. Sure, some.. most people don't see a danger in leaving sensitive information on their machines, let-a-lone any of the rest of it..

Here's another example, people in their work place, at a machine where passwords are used.

YELLOW POST-IT NOTES WITH.. i guess i need not say more. :)

i worked security for several years, and well, the .. available information sitting there.. CRAP!.. Any one cleaner, other security guard, or person on the street looking in through the windows!.. ..i would prefer the .. choices, KNOWINg what that choice means.

I don't keep sensitive information on my machine. It's in my head.

I use to have a random password generator that I just loved.. ..a little more complicated then it needed to be. But in a keyed limited access system, no one, could just  walk in and use a machine, and get information like that.

Maybe technology simply has become to simple? Look at WEP.. use to take ..incredible amounts of time and computing power, now.. 5 minutes.. or less.. and "Welcome.."

What can you do?.. ..I guess this is one answer.
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Re: Save Password does not work droidphreak 9/9/11 4:42 AM
So out of the blue Chrome on two different computers decided it no longer wanted to automatically fill in the passwords.  The password manager still shows a long list of saved passwords and usernames but that list is pointless since Chrome just suddenly forgot how to read from that list.  Basically, right now, Chrome is acting like it doesn't have any saved passwords and when I manually enter a password for an account that was previously saved it asks if I want to save.  Give me break Google.  You want me to use your browser but then you make it only a few degrees better than Internet Explorer (which is a horrible browser).  It seems to me Google is slipping.  Android is full of bugs, the Android Market is full of bugs, and their Chrome browser is full of bugs.  At this point it seems to me if you want something that works you have to go with Apple products.  That's just sad.  

Side note:  Google touts their Chrome browser as the fastest way to surf the web but their image handler is garbage.  I get emails all the time through GMail that include embedded html images, like a photo contest or whatever, and often Chrome can't figure out how to load a single small photograph... WTF.  I go under the same GMail account and view the email with Firefox and the photograph doesn't even hesitate to load.  Fastest browser my ass, it's more like a constipated snail.
Re: Save Password does not work parsunayak 9/11/11 6:49 PM
my pasword has saved but not asking me re-entry so i face probelm
Re: Save Password does not work BuckeyeManiac 10/18/11 7:44 AM
Because the website page is set to "autocomplete=off"  add this extension to your Chrome to override it:
Re: Save Password does not work mobas77 10/27/11 5:11 PM
Re: Save Password does not work awnold 10/31/11 9:20 AM
this might be overlooked by 1 or 2 people out there like myself, remember saved passwords does not work in incognito mode. switch to regular mode and save the password..
Re: Save Password does not work arsh sharma 12/1/11 8:06 PM
@hackthat  ......IT REALLY WORKED 1/22/10....THANKS
Re: Save Password does not work jaralst3 12/14/11 9:03 AM
Worked for me
Re: Save Password does not work davgriffith 1/24/12 8:51 AM
I recently ran into this and found a perfect work around for it so you dont have to install an extension that remembers all your personal info too... This works for the https sites that do not prompt you.. you have to install firefox, you can uninstall right after! but using firefox go to the site and save it (I find firefox is the only one that lets you save on https [secure] sites) after that close firefox then open chrome and import browser data.  Done it is now saved in your chome passwords and works like a charm!!
Re: Save Password does not work theghostshirt 2/17/12 11:19 AM
This ridiculous problem is quite intriguing given the thread has been active for so long. Here's an online betting website that I can't save my password whatsover although the autocomplete thing is not seen in the source of the page. Firefox and Android browsers both save the password without a problem first time I visit.
Re: Save Password does not work tkaliss 2/27/12 10:49 AM
Hi, It does seem silly that a company as creative as Google has not long since fixed this very annoying problem after all this time.
    I have another variation and wonder if anyone can help. I have two Yahoo email accounts. On one I have a saved password and it always appears on sign in--no problem. On the other account I would like to have a saved password but Google does not ask if I would like to save and I wish it would.
     The second account is not a new one for me so that doesn't trigger the save question. This account is also not on the exceptions list and never has been.
     So if saving the password works fine on one Yahoo account, why not on the other and is there anything I can do?  Thanks for any help.
Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 2/27/12 2:58 PM
Google should allow you to save more than one account password per page. If you've already saved both passwords, switching between the two on the login page is easy. Begin by typing in the first few characters of the account name. Any account names starting with those letters should appear in a small popup list. Choose the correct account name from the popup list, and it should autofill the password field in for you.

Google Chrome should ask to save passwords for any new accounts used on any site that google allows you to save passwords for. If it doesn't, follow the procedure below...

1. Click on the wrench icon in the upper right of the google window, and choose "Options"
2. Click on "Personal Stuff" on the left side of the options window
3. Click on the "Manage Saved Passwords" button
4. In the saved Password list, look for the account you're having an issue with, and click the X on the right of it to remove it, then close the options window and try again.
5. if it's not in the saved passwords list, checked to see if the sitein question is in the Never Saved list. If it is delete it in the same way as above and try again.
6. If these do not work, then that site no longer supports allowing google chrome to save passwords, and you will need to use a extension like "autocomplete=" which can be found on the google chrome extensions website.
Re: Save Password does not work benjom 3/6/12 8:10 AM
The biggest problem here is that google ingeners are not reading these forums anymore. They don't care about their users. This entire google thing, starts looking like a Microsoft. Bigger they are becoming, more problems they have and less will to solve them. Three days ago Crome started asking me username and password for all web sites. No changes have been made whatsoever in any of the settings. No metter what you do in save passwords it won't hep. So, from todayI am uninstalling this sh..t from my computer and I am moving to Safary (for ever)
Re: Save Password does not work benjom 3/6/12 8:19 AM
Mr. Jasoncollege24 if you are google employee you should work with your ingeners on solving these problems and not loosing your time here, trying to convince us that the problems are invented by somebody in this forum.
Re: Save Password does not work jasoncollege24 3/6/12 8:55 AM
I don't work for google, and I wasn't trying to convince anyone that this was invested by someone on this forum. I have the same problems as the rest of you, but i installed an extension that works around this issue.

Chrome by itself won't save passwords on sites that have specific html code that disables the password or autofill features of google chrome. They did this deliberately because some sites (like banks) would blacklist the browser if they ignored said security measures of such sites. A work around is to get the "autocomplete=" extension from the google chrome extensions website. This is a 3rd party extension that bypasses that code, allowing those sites that use it to save passwords in google chrome.

Again, i do not work for google, and I am NOT blaming anyone here for "inventing" this issue... i just happen to be well versed in the use of this browser because I've used it for several years, and know how it works. If the websites in question support the password saving features of chrome, then the procedure i mentioned above should work, but if not, then you need a 3rd party extension to bypass it. That is all I was saying.
Re: Save Password does not work Black hawk 3/9/12 11:55 PM
I think you have installed Google input tool extension. disable it and restart your browser
Re: Save Password does not work newguy1959 3/22/12 6:16 PM
nothing seems to work for chrome to ask me to save un or pw.... Help
Re: Save Password does not work RootR 3/23/12 3:00 AM
I am a new chrome user, I imported my passwords from firefox, chrome asked me a couple times to save passwords it already knew and than it just quit working. it won't save or use passwords feature at all. it has all the passwords in the list in options it just won't respond. i am switching from firefox because of firefox's unreliable speed and crashes. so far chrome is noticably faster, but i need certain tools to make using the web simpler.
Re: Save Password does not work ArtManDude3 4/2/12 11:06 PM I'm Chrome as well.
One day I can/could see my passwords just fine.
The next day I can no longer see them.
I made sure the box for removing passwords, while clearing the data wasn't checked, and it isn't/wasn't.
Any help would be nice.
I'd have to log out/in multiple times and I can't remember every password.
Re: Save Password does not work Ragadanga 5/29/12 5:23 AM
Very same problem here - sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Veeerrryy annoying!!!
Re: Save Password does not work aer9998 8/27/12 11:20 PM
Thanks ksteely, it worked! I was prompted to save passwords again, and my 'saved passwords' list is starting to repopulate!

 I'm still annoyed at google though. That's the second time chrome has broken so far. And it wasn't just on one device, it was on my phone, laptop pc.

Re: Save Password does not work Faravidj 10/2/12 3:23 AM
Once ago I was very happy to switch to Chrome since it was fast. Then it broke down, did not load starting page unless i'd refresh page because of Flash bug, which was not fixable in any way when again it was perfectly fixable on Firefox where it caused problems too, but in different fashion and was fixed alot quicker. Then it's the password save issue, Firefox saves passwords on whenever sites I want, but chrome bypasses most of them and this problem has lasted since i installed Chrome maybe 3 years ago.

I'm really thinking about switching back to Firefox, I would also never recommend chrome to beginner users because of some oddities that take ages to fix when they appear.

Re: Save Password does not work Faravidj 11/26/12 9:29 AM
An update:
Chrome has improved, password manager is more sensitive, flash problems are gone as Chrome now opens starting page in a flash.
So I can say that the previous frustrated talk of mine can be ignored.
Looking forward to Modern UI-integration which I hear is coming.
Re: Save Password does not work Junead Qureshi 12/11/12 3:15 AM
Finally It's like this..
Go to Option > setting > Show advanced option >

If check is On then Remove check from : Offer to save passwords I enter on the web
Then restart Chrome.
Then follow same procedure and Check the option now again restart chorme. Now you're done.

Re: Save Password does not work Gero75 1/10/13 1:25 AM
I had the same problem with some sites, although I have no exceptions lists at all. You can import saved passwords from other browsers. So I did this:

1) open firefox
2) go to desired website and enter login and password
3) confirm "save password" when asked
4) close firefox
5) in chrome, choose "import bookmarks and settings". Make sure "passwords" is checked.

That did it for me.  Of course this is inconvenient to do every time you want a new password to save, but at least for me it only happened once or twice.

Hopefully this is something that google fixes soon!

Re: Save Password does not work Daniella Zapata 1/10/13 8:40 AM
Re: Save Password does not work pedro75 1/16/13 12:19 AM
I don't know what else to do.
I've tried several tips to solve my password problems with Chrome. I even uninstalled Chrome completely, deleted everything located in the Appdata folder and did a clean installation of Chrome. Removed the check in the Remember password check-box and restarted. Checked that box and restarted again.
No luck. I do't get the box asking me if I want to save my password.
My other problem is that if I import passwords from FF but I update one of them (and this happens frequently) I don't get the message asking me if I want to update.
This is really a major blocking point for me. As I work with several internal sites that prompt me to change my password on a regular basis I need this to work...
Hope some one can help me.
Re: Save Password does not work pedro75 1/16/13 6:32 AM
Quick update.
My boss is running Chrome as well (same version) and told me that the password manager works just fine with him.
Could it be some odd entry in the registry or something...?
Help appreciated.
Re: Save Password does not work pedro75 1/20/13 8:56 AM
So, I figured out that the site I was trying to save the password for had a second login page and chrome did save the password on that second login page.
But definitely Chrome has a problem with its password manager. I say this because, and I give you an example:, in some sites Chrome does not offer to save password bug Firefox does. So, something makes Chrome disregard some sites, right?

Hope someone can figure this out...

Re: Save Password does not work axel sharma 1/31/13 7:30 AM
looks like i just found a fix... I was searching for the solution on this page and decided to play with the settings....under passwords and forums in advanced settings, click managed saved passwords. You can see a lot of saved passwords out there and just remove the saved one of the site you reqiured. all the other links relating to the site like "","" etc etc.. now go the site "", login, save password and next time it should show....i tried it on 9 different sites and guess what?? It worked for all..hope this wors...leave a feedback
Re: Save Password does not work brablc 3/5/13 11:56 PM
This works, thank you! At least for my site with basic authentication (popup window).

In my case I did following steps:

1. Change password on server to something temporary.
2. Try to login with correct username and old password (the password you want to use).
3. The popup window will come back with error message - now cancel it.
4. Now Chrome offers to save the password on the page which says Authorization Required - save it!
5. Change the password on server back to the right one.

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