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Facebook Login dima253 5/14/09 7:44 PM
In the last couple of days I cannot login to facebook with Chrome. After you enter the username and password and click "login" the browser just sits there and cant go past that page.

I haven'e installed any new software on my PC, and I can still login with Firefox and IE.

Whats the problem?
Re: Facebook Login †Tommy G.† 5/14/09 7:48 PM
Here are many answers....
Re: Facebook Login clookie 5/28/09 2:22 PM
Same thing here, just login through (I know it's annoying, but it works for me...)
Re: Facebook Login thomas.tackie 6/15/09 1:52 AM
i cannot log on to my face book and my google email .
Re: Facebook Login Shawn (Googler) 6/18/09 11:26 AM
Hey guys,

Can you supply some additional information?

- What version of Google Chrome are you using?
- Does clearing the browsing history resolve the issue? Go to the Wrench > Clear browsing data
- What version of Java are you using? You can determine this by typing in about:plugins in the address bar

Re: Facebook Login mwmehmood 7/5/09 5:21 PM
chrome version:

tried all cookies deletion

Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U11
File name: npdeploytk.dll
Java(TM) Platform SE binary

Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U13
File name: npjp2.dll
Java Plug-in 1.6.0_13 for Netscape Navigator (DLL Helper)
Re: Facebook Login Shawn (Googler) 7/16/09 11:42 AM
Does updating to Java 6 Update 14 (see below) help?
Re: Facebook Login Toni (Googler) 7/23/09 10:00 AM
Hey guys,

If your user profile is corrupted, that may cause issues with logging in as well. If updating Java didn't help, can you guys also try creating a new browser user profile to see if that resolves it? I've included instructions in the below reference. Let us know if that helps!


Re: Facebook Login pampster 7/28/09 10:58 AM
I have tried to update Java and create a new user profile.
I still can not log into facebook normally or get to my gmail.
I can log in after I clear all of my browsing data but that only works for a little while and then I get logged out and cannot get back in.
Please help!
Re: Facebook Login megaladon 7/31/09 12:30 PM
I am having the same problem.
Re: Facebook Login Toni (Googler) 8/28/09 11:39 AM
Is anyone still experiencing this issue? If so, can you guys provide more information? Information that would be helpful include:

- Version of Google Chrome that you're using
- Can you reproduce this same issue in Firefox, Internet Explorer and/or Safari?
- What happens instead when you try to log in? Is there an error message?
- Does clearing the browsing history resolve the issue? Go to the Wrench > Clear browsing data

If it would also help if someone wants to try switching to the Developer version of Google Chrome to see if this issue occurs there as well. Instructions on how to switch to the Dev version are listed in reference 1.

Please let us know.


Re: Facebook Login Nadger 8/28/09 2:38 PM
I ran into this same problem then i remembered a couple days ago i had linked my google account to facebook in facebook's settings.  So i logged into facebook using firefox and removed the link to my google account.  After that I could log in normally to facebook and gmail using chrome.
Re: Facebook Login tomsean 9/22/09 1:49 AM
I read at that installing the latest flash and java fixes the issues of chrome not logging into Facebook
Re: Facebook Login judyoddo 10/16/09 8:59 AM
I am unable to post messages on my FaceBook Home Page.    It goes on -  then disappears onto my profile page
Re: Facebook Login tallblkfun 10/19/09 10:08 AM
I can sign into Facebook alright. I use chrome,  but when i try to get my messages using chrome I get a blank screen. I don't have this issue when i try with Firefox and IE explorer 7.0  the issue is specific to Google chrome only. although note the Facebook menus still appears but the other part of the screen remains blank with no errors
Re: Facebook Login batey 12/22/09 5:05 AM
get facebook on home page
Re: Facebook Login mimi007 1/6/10 7:05 AM
I can't send message on my facebook home page.
Re: Facebook Login zoosh89 1/19/10 6:57 AM
I also can't view my messages on facebook with google chrome but I can in other browsers. Why?
Re: Facebook Login rlbenitz 1/28/10 6:37 AM
I have the same issues with my google chrome/facebook login.

the IE on my computer does not experience the same problem. The version of GC I am using is (36714).
I also updated my Java and ran the program.

I go to, my username and password are usually saved, but when I clear my cache of course, its not. Even when it is saved, all the same. Click log in, goes to the 2nd log in page. It doesn't say I entered a wrong password, it says You Must Be Logged In To View That Page! and requests your name and password again. The name and password boxes are still filled in, it carried over from the original log in. When you click log in again, the same exact page pops up, only this time the password box is empty.

So, that's it. Whatcha got?!?! This is frustrating me!
Re: Facebook Login Blair (Googler) 2/11/10 3:22 PM
Hey everybody,

It seems people are having two separate problems here: first, trouble logging in to Facebook; and second, viewing Facebook messages.  I'm going close this thread and start two new threads, one for each of these problems, so we can get all the right information for each problem.  Please carry on your discussions at the appropriate threads, linked in my references below.