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Google Chrome is not visible when open.

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Google Chrome is not visible when open. DayJob 8/1/10 3:32 PM
Using Google Chrome's latest public release as of this posting date. I cannot identify actual version since the window will not open.

Windows 7 Ultimate fully updated.
No recent updates nor system changes.
Issue started today after 12 noon but was fine before this time and I have had Chrome for many months. I did not move the window off screen or do anything new.
This has happened about a month ago on one of my work computers also and we were unable to resolved so we had to abandon Chrome on that QA machine.

Steps to produce:
Open Google Chrome from shortcut in Programs list.
It does not visually open in anyway other then on the taskbar it shows its open and in task manager it shows its open and working.

Uninstalling and reinstalling without any change.
Killed all running services associated and reopened.

Any ideas on whats going on and how to resolve?
Re: Google Chrome is not visible when open. NewYorkJew 8/18/10 12:48 PM
Similar problem: window is located on the far left of screen out of sight and inaccessible. Any fixes?
Re: Google Chrome is not visible when open. DayJob 8/18/10 1:29 PM
One day it just became visible again. Not sure what changed. Seems no response from google on this also.
Re: Google Chrome is not visible when open. ballgl 9/14/11 8:39 PM
I had this problem also.  I just resolved the problem.  It turns out I had an extended second monitor which was not on.  When I turned it on, I found Google Chrome sitting there.  I had deleted chrome and reinstalled it and it must have gone to the second monitor even the second time.  Why it went there in the first place I'm not sure.
Re: Google Chrome is not visible when open. DayJob 9/14/11 9:00 PM
ballgl, you are correct. That was my finding and it happened more than once when I would have my TV plugged in via HDMI yet not have it enabled or turned on. The only fix was to not have it plugged in at all, or reinstall of video drivers and google chrome. So I would count this as not specifically a Chrome bug, but it would be nice to have a right-click option to bring window to main monitor.