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Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC!

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Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! neildeadman 3/24/11 3:15 AM
Google Chrome version (11.0.696.16 (Official Build 78799) dev) : Windows 7 x64 : None : Doesn't Matter :

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I'm currently using the dev channel (as I was hoping this might have included a fix) but I was using the stable version of chrome. About one month ago I lost the ability to sync wit Chrome. I seem to get partial bookmark sync, and passwords and autofill seem to sync.

Everywhere I search there is a reference to wiping sync'd data with Google Dashboard, but there is no option to do that on mine (I am in UK, does this matter??). I used to use the excellent Xmarks for syncing, but since they were bought out by LastPass and removed the password sync from within Xmarks, I switched. I can deal with Firefox not having the same bookmarks.

It was working fine, but now doesn't. If I use my work Google Apps account, then sync works fine, but I can't rely on this as I won't be working here forever!!

Is there a way to wipe the Sync data and start over??

Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! neildeadman 3/24/11 3:19 AM
I've just noticed that if I click Refresh on the about:sync page I can see an error appear quickly ending ' Error Detected!' before returning to SYNCING in Summary.

Is there a log somewhere where I can see the error??
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! MrBrady 4/7/11 5:58 PM
I'm having the exact same issue and can see that quick flash of an error "Unrecoverable error detected!". I'd love to get this resolved. It's driving me nuts!
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! baldahin 4/18/11 12:22 PM
Same problem for me. I tried to sync via another account and everything works just fine, but syncing via my usual account doesn't work and there is no "remove sync data" link on dashboard.
btw, "unrecoverable error detected" on about:sync page seems to appear in every cases with quickly refresh.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! MrBrady 4/18/11 12:26 PM
The best setup that's worked for me with the syncing problems with Google Chrome is:
In Google Chrome sync everything EXCEPT bookmarks
Install Xmarks and use that to sync Bookmarks only
Install LastPass and use that to sync Passwords. I haven't been able to figure out of Password Sync works correctly in Chrome.

The bonus side to this is you can use Xmarks on Firefox and not only keep your bookmarks synced across multiple computers / operating systems, but also browser types.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! baldahin 4/18/11 2:39 PM
Disabled 2-step verification (just in case).
Downloaded last beta 11.0.696.48 beta (Linux) and 11.0.696.44 beta (Windows) to see extended "about:sync".
Tried out my usual and clean account. With clean account, everything works fine. With my old-usual account there are blank Notifications and Events tabs on "about:sync" page and sync doesn't work.
Could anybody give a tip, how could i fix this or apply to google?
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! Bruno Bernardino 5/3/11 4:29 AM
I'm having the same problem (Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows, currently 11.0.696.50 beta).

I used to have everything sync'd on dev channel, then switched to Xmarks + Lastpass and disabled bookmarks + password syncing.

I was having some known issues with the Network panel for Inspector, so I installed beta channel.

After a while, I disabled Xmarks and Lastpass, since they were ruining my productivity. Enabled "all" in sync and after that, nothing went back to normal. Everyday I have to enable sync on all Chrome browsers I use, and it does nothing. It doesn't sync extensions or anything at all...

I have 2-step verification, but that's not the issue since disabling it didn't fix it...

On about:sync everything looks good, though I see that quick "Unrecoverable error" thing flashing.

There are some serious issues going around here...
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! IAmLego 5/4/11 7:31 PM
Similar issue here, running 11.0.696.60 beta (Windows 7).

Over the last few weeks sync has been getting more and more unreliable, old bookmarks coming back, apps not properly syncing between my computers (Win 7 work comp, home comp and macbook, all 3 run the beta for their platform).

Last night I attempted to purge all data from all browsers, set up 1 with all of my bookmarks/apps/extensions correctly and resync that to Google. I deleted all apps/extensions/bookmarks etc from my work and macbook (after removing them from sync), then unsynced my home computer, told Google to delete all data on their servers. 19 "Autofill data" would return to my Google dashboard even though no devices were synced and I had just told Google to delete everything.

I attempted a second delete from Google, same results. Unsure if it was an issue or not, I attempted to sync my main computer to Google, it appeared to work. I then turned sync back on for the macbook, but that's when things went totally bonkers.

Some (but not all) bookmarks vanished from my main computer, the ones left synced to the macbook. ALL apps and extensions vanished from my main computer and did not sync anywhere. Apart from 2 extensions that i had installed (but disabled, both are Google extensions too..)

Oddly enough however, on the dashboard it showed counts for about the right number of apps/extensions/bookmarks. However the bookmarks number would keep growing, initially about 600, then 1000 and then 1200 and counting. Even though I was not creating new ones, and no new bookmarks were appearing on any of my chrome installs.

Both macbook and main computer started to throw up large numbers of errors on about:sync
Unsynced Count        Would be near 2000
Conflicting Count        700ish

Turning off sync for all but apps and extensions removed the errors (and lets the about:sync page go from SYNCING to READY) however no extensions or apps would still sync.

I attempted another round of purging, desyncing and deleteing etc. And now nothing will sync at all, not bookmarks, not apps. My main computer can't even properly send it's information to googles servers (since the dashboard only has a few things synced).

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but this is possibly the only thread i've found that even remotely looks like it could relate to my issue. (and that isn't 1+ years old)

I suspect the initial issues started about when I started to sync my macbook (fairly new), before then my work and home computers synced with out issue. However after a while of using the macbook I started to notice the immortal bookmarks etc. This could just of been coincidence. Unfortunately I never full investigated.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! neildeadman 5/5/11 12:39 AM
I did a similar thing to you, but don't have access to Chrome on the Dashboard to wipe everything.

I removed sync'd data from all other machines and started from scratch. I never imported bookmarks or anything and since then it seems to be working again.

If I need a particular old bookmark I load the HTML backup I made and then re-bookmark it.

Its not really a solution, but I'm semi happy. Google still really need to fix this! I used to use Xmarks, but when they were bought by LastPass I couldn't get on with the password syncing so for chrome, moved away from using it. That never failed though!
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! IAmLego 5/5/11 12:46 AM
I've tried complete wipes, even to the extent of completely deleting chrome and all of it's config data, then a fresh reinstall. All with no success.

Sure would be nice if Google brought back the ability to view specific data stored online (via Google Docs as it once did, briefly) and delete things from there. Or even have a option when you activate Sync to tell Google that a user wants this Chrome install to either completely overwrite all other existing sync data, or wipe itself and use existing sync data.

I must of tried so many variation of installing, wiping etc. But I suspect my data on the Google servers is just busted. Maybe a Google tech will pop in and give us some help :(

I'm glad you've had some measure of success, hopefully that means the issue isn't too systemic.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! Bruno Bernardino 5/5/11 2:34 AM
Yeah, like neildeadman I have no way to delete everything Google Chrome sync has about me (every link points to the dashboard, but nothing about chrome there). If I was a mean person, I could even go after them for having (private) data of mine that they don't let me delete at all. I just want my data sync'd again....

I can't believe such a big issue is being "put aside"... :X
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! IAmLego 5/5/11 6:54 PM
Is there any way to attract a Google Employee or something to get any meaningful information?

My Sync is still entirely toast, is there a better place to get tech support?
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! Bruno Bernardino 5/6/11 3:17 AM
Yeah, they're barely unreachable unless it's an issue shared by 10%+ of their users.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! IAmLego 5/8/11 6:15 PM
I synced my chrome to my alternative account and it synced about 600 Autofill data... Given I don't use autofill.. ever.. An interesting issue. I still can't delete the last 19 autofill data from my dashboard. I wiped all autofill from the chrome, and it appears to be happily syncing again. Although my primary account is more or less toast.

Also i've noticed to access the chrome sync data on the Dashboard you tend to have to reach it via
then click "Remove synced data on Google Dashboard"

For me that would take me to the Chrome Sync section of the dashboard list. Just going to my dash through account settings, for some bizarre reason, would never show my Chrome Sync information.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! Bruno Bernardino 5/9/11 12:54 AM
That takes me to Dashboard also. Nothing about Chrome there whatsoever.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! Bruno Bernardino 5/11/11 1:42 AM
After an update on the Chrome BETA rolled in, with a new interface, I synched and it's been working fine so far... :)
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! IAmLego 5/11/11 1:52 AM
Alas the same 87 errors occur even on the latest Beta. :/

Until Google gives us some proper controls for deleting and managing our data, I fear my sync account is simply useless.
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! Bruno Bernardino 5/11/11 2:52 AM
I'm on 12.0.742.30 beta
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! IAmLego 5/12/11 8:08 AM
12.0.742.30 beta-m
Not sure what the m's about haha
Re: Google Chrome (any channel) will not SYNC! bsee08 7/31/11 7:19 PM
If people are still having this problem, see the thread I made and resolved:

In my problem, it told me everything synced, but it didn't actually happen. The problem was from when Google used offline storage for gmail and docs, but then removed functionality. They never removed the data from Chrome itself.  This made the profile too big.

Also, if you have the dev version, try running Chrome diagnostics(windows only). See what error messages, if any, it gives you. This page may help: