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Captchas not working

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Captchas not working pfrr 9/6/10 7:42 AM
Google Chrome version (6.0.472.53) Operating System:Windows XP
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I tried recently to update my entry on To do such a captcha appears. After introducing the figures as described dmoz always returned with a "failed" message and asking to introduce a new captcha. I thought this was dmoz failure until today when I tried to check rankings in prchecker which asked for another captcha. It failed too.
Then I went to Firefox and I was able to update and verify pages as captchas were accepted.
At least on these two sites (100% failure in my experience) Chrome fails to send the correct info to confirm captcha. Could anyone look into this?
Re: Captchas not working wár17 § 9/6/10 8:54 AM
Sample of 2 is not very many. Captcha depends on your typing in characters correctly. I am able to run captcha in Chrome. Only times I get error is when I did not type in the correct characters.
Re: Captchas not working Orp 9/6/10 8:22 PM
Try temporarily disabling all extensions. I had the same problem but it worked after I disabled all of them. The extensions I have are:

AdBlock - Version: 2.1.8 (Disabled)
FlashBlock - Version: (Disabled)
Pause! Pause! Pause! - Version: 0.1.1 (Disabled)
Stylish - Version: 0.2 (Disabled)
Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync - Version: 0.8.52 (Disabled)
Re: Captchas not working pfrr 9/9/10 7:13 AM
"Sample of 2 is not very many." It is enough for me! 100%!
"Captcha depends on your typing in characters correctly" Really?????
"I am able to run captcha in Chrome." Good for you! Do you want a medal?
I sincerely hope that you do not earn a living as a lifeguard.
I say that Chrome has a captcha error on AND prchecker!! Firefox doesn't! Any proper help there or clarification?
Re: Captchas not working peteschulte 12/9/10 10:14 AM
Chrome version 8.0.552.215
Wanting to set up a GMail account for a friend, I tried a number of usernames, then got the captcha box, which continued to offer me sets of letters. I made sure I was typing them correctly by enlarging the page so I could easily read them.
Tried re-booting the computer.
Found this Help topic and disabled extensions, trying again and finding the same captcha message "You did not type the letters correctly." By this time I had typed about two dozen sets of letters.
Maybe I'll go try it on the laptop or try again later today. Would like to know a fix or what I'm doing wrong.
Re: Captchas not working wár17 § 12/9/10 10:24 AM
You are not typing in the letters correctly.  There is option to use get the letters via voice.
Re: Captchas not working peteschulte 12/9/10 4:44 PM
Thank you Wardog. I looked for the audio option and did not see it.

When I worked on the laptop, having found the username that I wanted, I had no problem with captcha.

This desktop computer has weird problems with Win 32 Generic Host Process and sometimes can't even find and open a program like Notepad. I haven't taken the time to address this problem, but blame the captcha problem on an unstable system here.
Re: Captchas not working Pascalbert 3/3/11 7:33 AM
I have the same problem on many websites. The captcha I type are wrong . For example, if I type "2", it's a "5" etc. I have to listen to the captcha to have the right number ! I have to switch to Firefox for these websites ! :-(
Re: Captchas not working jimm.d.daniel 4/18/11 6:32 PM
im running chrome on a windows xp os and i dont see the pic or the txt box or anything and im getting really sick of smart ass comments so please help
Re: Captchas not working robmonk 5/21/11 10:50 AM
Captcha graphic and text entry box doesn't even appear for me. This is 120% not working.
Re: Captchas not working justmissc 8/6/11 5:47 AM
I have the same problem. I'll type it in 20 times and it still won't go through. Then I tried it on firefox and the same thing happened.
Re: Captchas not working wár17 § 8/6/11 8:09 AM
Are you sure you type in the letters and numbers correctly?  Letters are case sensitive?  If you cannot see, did you try the audio?
Re: Captchas not working Pascalbert 8/7/11 10:15 PM
Of course, I typed the number or letters correctly ! I tried the audio, but when I hear a "A" or a "2", for example,  it's a "C" or a "4" !!
Re: Captchas not working KDiAmore 12/1/11 1:26 PM
There seems to be a problem with Chrome and some Captcha's...  not necessarily one that says Captcha but some ghetto version.  I was only able to get past it by hitting "Click here for another image" then inputting the correct code.  For the record I was inputting the correct code, please don't ask that again.  It's far from helpful after the first time.  I've had this problem on Chrome a few times, even with a simple password verification (re-type the password to ensure it's valid).  It kept telling me they didn't match though I even copied/pasted both in at one point.  Tried Firefox and it worked flawlessly.  Might have simply been a fluke though.
Re: Captchas not working webpages_CGN 2/29/12 2:15 AM
Try disabling the extension "Chrome Toolbox (by Google)" (if installed). This worked for me.
i.e. the entered solution for the captcha request at works again. HTH