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Google Chrome Stopped Opening

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Google Chrome Stopped Opening subzro85 5/2/09 6:32 PM
I've used Chrome for months now without any serious problems.  But now, all of a sudden it stopped working.  When I try to open it I get the hourglass but nothing else.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled a dozen times and I tried all of the solutions I found in the other similar discussions.  Nothing works.

I don't know if this is significant, but the issue coincided with my using Firefox for the first time in a long time.  A site didn't support Chrome, so I opened Firefox.  All of a sudden, every page on Chrome gave me the Aw Snap screen.  I closed both browsers, and I haven't been able to open Chrome since.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 6:39 PM
Good, i <3 these issues, i was hoping for one today! 

ok, the easiest solution is if you are willing to lose your bookmarks and cookies
if so, follow this link

and DELETE the folders mentions there (if you want to save the bookmarks, just rename instead of delete, and when the problem is over, i will
explain how to salvage the info from there)

ok, let us know how things went....
and next time you post, i want info on OS, antiVirus, antiMalware... any out of the ordinary things on your windows (like maybe desktop modifiers or anything)

i will wait your response....
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening kevinstonge 5/2/09 7:24 PM

Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 7:45 PM
kevin : to the best of my knowledge (and i could be wrong) the solution of uninstall/delete folder/re-install is a superset of the --rename-chrome-exe option
so if a user was unlucky enough to have chrome stop running, an un-install re-install seems to be the quickest way to bring them back alive

however, i will go read the source code now to see if maybe i am missing something

subzro85 : is it working again ? what is you status ? ....
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 8:10 PM
kevin i just read the source code relating to this option, and while i cannot (sadly) compile chrome to test it, i think what this option does is this :
say you were using chrome and while using it an update took place, obviously the chrome.exe process is locked, so chrome prepares itself for a cool switch the next time it is launched, but something goes wrong, and then it is stuck.... this is what i think that the --rename.. option does, it seems to check for a failed update while chrome was in use
but it will not fix so many other things that can go wrong, so all in all (and any one who knows better, feel FREE to correct me) the uninstall/delete/re-install is nearly for sure a superset....

Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening subzro85 5/2/09 8:10 PM
I uninstalled and reinstalled--no change.

I'm running XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 3.

I also use Symantic Antivirus.

The strange thing is that Chrome was working fine for months, and I don't think I did anything different.  It just stopped working.

Also, I tried and it works fine in safe mode.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 8:24 PM
ok, can you please try the solution provided by kevin (the path will be different, but the idea is quite clear)

also, just to make sure : are you SURE you deleted those folders ? the ones mentioned in that article i sent you (renaming is the same as deleting)

one more thing, do an update of your symantec, and try to launch chrome again, and if this does not work
do a full system scan and post back your findings

thanx, we will solve it!

Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 8:37 PM
sub re-reading your post, i am nearly convinced you have a malware on your machine, this makes perfect sense

there is a known phenomenon that on an infected machine, the only browser  that does not work is chrome
which is funny, as the reason for this, is that it is the most safe, so malwares do in fact infect IE and FF but
when they try to attach to chrome, they cannot break out of chrome's sandbox (THE main security of chrome) so they take
chrome down with them.....

you will find a malware/virus.... nearly for sure!
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening subzro85 5/2/09 8:40 PM
I tried the rename thing--didn't work.

I updated Symantic about an hour ago and did a full scan.  It logged the following:

2 downloaders (nps260.tmp and tmp48f7.tmp.exe) - both deleted by Symantec
1 backdoor.tidserv!inf (TDssea71.tmp) - Symantec left it alone and I'm unable to delete it manually.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening subzro85 5/2/09 8:42 PM
I also did a full scan with Ad-Aware and it found a bunch of stuff, but was able to delete them.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 8:44 PM
here is what is best to do now

if you can, re-install windows, i mean this 
if this is not an option do some googling (in safe mode!) as to how to remove this

if you did not pay for this symantec thing
do this
uninstall it
install AVG free from
update it, and do a full system scan

but at least you know why chrome stopped working, 
it is such a cool and sexy browser,
it saved you from being infected, and FF got you infected :)

anyways, best of luck and may the force be with you!!!!!!

Darth vader, over and out ....
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening subzro85 5/2/09 8:56 PM
Is AVG actually better than Symantec?

Also, I went into Safe Mode and deleted the file that Symantec found--no change.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 9:01 PM
deleting the file will solve nothing if this is a good virus,

i don't work for any of these comapnies (hell, i don't work preriod!) but in my eyes AVG free 8.5 is the best AV out there
i am sure many smart people will think differently, and this is cool, no problem

i only use AVG free, and i am 100% satisfied with it

sub, really, install AVG free, and do an update, and then let it do a full system scan
there is a chance that it will not work good if the system is already infected, but then again......

if none of this works, i would or google for how to remove these threats, or (much better) re-install windows
and next time, stay in chrome.... it does quite a good job protecting you!
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening subzro85 5/2/09 9:05 PM
Thanks for your help.  I wanted to stay in Chrome, but unfortunately it doesn't work with every site, so I had to use Firefox.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 5/2/09 9:07 PM
you seem to know you way around computers, so next time you try chrome
use the dev channel build, it is quite good, and solves rendering problems much more quickly than the "stable" build

best of luck man....
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening Frustrated1961 6/13/09 8:02 AM
I've been following this thread with great interest.  I, too, have experienced the "Chrome stops executing" problem.  On several different machines, using both Windows XP (SP3) and Windows Vista Ultimate (SP1).  I have found no malware on any of the machines.  The common factor seems to be not using Chrome for a couple of weeks.  The icons remain, the program files remain, they just will not execute.  I understand your attempting to solve the problem by uninstall and reinstall, but if that seems to be necessary every couple of weeks, what's the point?  Mind you, I am not a big fan of MS Internet Explorer, however, neither it, nor Firefox have had this problem for me. Currently, Chrome is not working for me.


Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 6/13/09 8:58 AM
Frustrated1961: if you have such issues with chrome, post all the info you can here,
the thing is , like you can guess, that your problem does not happen on most machines
chrome is installed on millions(!) of machines and this is not of the common problems ppl have with it

what is different on your machine is hard to say
but here is a tip :

next time chrome stops responding on your machine
do not uninstall it
simply post here in this thread
and we will try to see why this happens

i am actually a huge(!) fan of MS and think their OS are the best in the world, but because windows is so flexible
it mans that no one else in the world has your exact configuration, the same CPU + same motherboard + same drivers + TOO MUCH

in short, next time chrome dies on you, post here
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening popdiesel 6/13/09 4:28 PM
my problem is similar but with one difference, there are 3 accounts on this computer and chrome works fine on the other two,just not mine. i tried the renaming,which hasn't worked. there was an update of some kind on 6/11 at 11:30 AM when nobody was on the computer or even home,it was hibernating.could this have anything to do with the problem? i don't want to loose my history or bookmarks if at all possible. thanks
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening cooper.thompson 6/16/09 6:20 AM
I have the same issue listed here (version  While chrome doesn't launch by double clicking the executable (or a shortcut), it *does* launch if started from the command line:

"%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

Also, if I run Process Monitor (, chrome *does* successfully launch from double-clicking.  Close Process Monitor, and it stops working again.

--rename-chrome-exe did not help.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening nakro 6/16/09 6:40 AM
@cooper, this is actually very very strange

if the command line args to the chrome shortcut are the same, what you wrote is bizzare to say the least!

please look at the properties of the shortcut and see how it differs from  

popdiesel and cooper :
uninstall chrome (do not(!) delete private data when it uninstalls)

Re: Google Chrome Stopped Opening cooper.thompson 6/16/09 4:18 PM
@nakro - I double checked, and found the following:

Double-click executable: no launch
Double-click shortcut to exe (shortcut has same properties and arguments as the exe, i.e. none): no launch
Run "%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" from the Windows "Run" prompt (Win+R):  no launch
Run "C:\Documents and Settings\thompc10\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" from a command prompt:  Launch!!!

However after poking around, checking the "Disable visual themes" box in the Compatibility tab of the application properties panel seems to fix my issue.  All of the methods listed above launch fine with that setting.  So perhaps Windows does something different with themes based on how you launch?  Of the scenarios listed above, launch from the command line does seem the most likely to *not* do something theme related.
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