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blue screen Dejan1024 12/7/08 9:12 AM
Lately I got several "Blue Screens of Death" with the message "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". It seems to be some sort of "new hardware error", but I haven't installed any new hardware. After reboot, everything works fine... at least until the next time the blue screen shows up.

Normally, I wouldn't connect this to Chrome, but every time it happened I had Chrome opened, so I became a little suspicious. Every time, a page was loading in Chrome, and I think I was scrolling down on it (while it was loading), and then - crash!
So, is there any way that Chrome might cause the problem? And if it is, is there anything i could do to stop it?

It just happened again, and this time "Windows recovered from a serious error". I sent the minidump.
Re: blue screen Google Chrome Guide1 12/7/08 9:52 PM
Oh man, that's no good. Dejan1024, can you send me a dump file to get a better look? You'll have to attach it through the 'Report a crash' contact form that I included below.

Re: blue screen Dejan1024 12/8/08 1:13 AM
It seems that I disabled dump writing. (I suppose I believed i wouldn't need them). I turned it back on, so when (if) it happens again, I'll send it.
Re: blue screen Google Chrome Guide1 12/9/08 11:27 AM
Hey Dejan1024,

We got your dumpfile, thanks for sending it. Looking into it and will get back to you.

Re: blue screen Google Chrome Guide1 12/11/08 6:16 PM
Hey Dejan1024,

It looks like there's some memory corruption going on but we'll need more info about your drivers. Sent you an email back with instructions on how to turn on Driver Verifier and then generate another crash.

Re: blue screen Dejan1024 12/12/08 12:53 AM
I received the e-mail. However, when I turn Driver Verifier on, my system slows significantly, and I get blue screens every time I try to shut down (with messages of a faulty driver on stack or something like that). I have minidumps generated by them, but it has nothing to do with Chrome, I guess.
Since I cannot reproduce the crash without just waiting for it to happen, I would have to work quite long with Driver Verifier on, which is close to impossible.
Any suggestions what should I do next?
Re: blue screen Google Chrome Guide1 12/12/08 5:49 PM
Thanks for trying that. Can you send the minidumps anyway and for the time being, turn Driver Verifier off (let's keep your machine happy)?

Re: blue screen Dejan1024 12/13/08 2:02 AM
I turned Driver Verifier off as soon as I found out that it was causing the problem, but I have a couple of minidumps. I sent one.
Re: blue screen Google Chrome Guide1 12/15/08 2:35 PM
Hey Dejan1024,

Took a look at the dumps. Do you use Avast? It looks like Avast! Self Defense module (specifically the driver aswSP.sys) is at fault here and not Google Chrome. May be worthwhile to send the dumps to Avast?

Re: blue screen Dejan1024 12/16/08 12:43 AM
Yes, I use Avast. Thanks a lot for the information.
I'm glad Chrome is cleared :)
Re: blue screen BSOD 2/27/09 6:06 PM
I also use avast, but I never had BSOD errors until I installed Google Chrome.... took some time to figure it out....stopped using google chrome, and no BSODs after that !
I would still like to use Google Chrome if I can eliminate this issue...
Re: blue screen jzer7 4/29/09 6:23 PM
I suspect I am on the same boat. I do not have Avast, and I never had that BSOD error (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA). That is until I updated to Chrome Dev Channel (I wanted to try support for user scripts).

So far the error is very repeatable: started chrome 8 times, windows XP crashed 5 times (within 2 seconds of clicking on the Chrome quick-launch icon).

I will be changing back to the Stable Channel.
Re: blue screen nakro 4/29/09 6:43 PM
@jz, out of curiosity can you please state here in what you have on your machine ? which OS ? anti virus ? whatever that does not
come pre-installed with windows

thanx a lot
Re: blue screen jzer7 4/29/09 7:29 PM
My laptop has an Intel dual core T2600 with 2GB of RAM. It is running "Windows XP Version 2002, Service Pack 2", Antivirus is Symantec's corporate -- program ( and scan engine ( I disabled all indexing and backup services. And except for the first test, the only application running in the system was Chrome.
Re: blue screen nakro 4/29/09 7:46 PM
if you are in a bored mode, can you please see what happens without symantec installed ? i mean if it is the reason we will at least know what causes it
as it as chrome and symantec do have some issues (even though the documented ones are with Symantec Endpoint Protection

thanx and cool also if not :)
Re: blue screen stelzbock 5/3/09 3:28 PM
Hey, I get that too (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA). I NEVER ever had any BSOD since I have my laptop (5 years). And now I get it using the dev channel version. So guess it must have something to do with Chrome.

I can provide a Minidump, which says  win32k!GreStretchBltInternal is the code pointer address and chrome.exe the process name. I have a Averatec Notebook, 1,6Ghz Centrino, Win XP, SP2, Avira Antivirus.
Re: blue screen nakro 5/3/09 3:47 PM
@ste, try to update your laptop's video driver, it should fix it.....

on my laptop i could not even watch google earth, and lenovo, the horrible makers of laptops, do not support their own model
however, i was able to find modified nvidia drivers on the web... and all is good with google earth

i know we talk chrome here, but Stretching Blt is the windows internal name for making a bitmap fit a new size, which is related to
the video driver.... best of luck!