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Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing?

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Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? EpikHater 9/28/11 12:41 PM
Any time I visit a website with excessive or large Flash items on it, Chrome becomes unresponsive and crashes. Considering I play a lot of Flash games, this is a big problem. I've tried staying away from Flash games, but, as said before, any time a website has Flash Chrome will crash (new motto? "If it's got Flash, Chrome will crash!"). EVERYTHING else, IMO, is fine with Chrome. However, Shockwave Flash is a huge issue.
I have un-installed and re-installed Flash, I've un-installed and re-installed Chrome, all to no avail. I've had to resort to Firefox to play my Flash games... Firefox is waaaay too slow and crashes every few minutes. That said, Firefox is 10x better when it comes to the Flash department.

>> Am I the only one with this problem?
Please, don't put "Same problem" over and over. Once the first person states they have the same problem, please click the button that says that their answer has helped you so that I know it's more than one person. (Ex. "Bob: Same problem. 5 out of 6 people found this answer helpful" instead of "Bob: same problem. Tim: Same problem. Joe: sam rpoblem").

>> Is this an issue with my computer, or with Chrome?

>>Is this a known issue, and are the staff working to fix it?
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? RagingPenguin4 9/28/11 10:48 PM
I just posted as I am having this problem too... chrome is getting almost unusable as the amount of ads that use flash makes everything crash
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? RagingPenguin4 10/2/11 9:29 PM

Both of ours haven't gotten answers but this one has some replies on it
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? HiThereYall 10/16/11 6:43 PM
The link "RagingPenguin4" supplied has answers from 2009-10. This is a NOW problem - Sep-Oct. 2011.
We need Google or Adobe to help us.

I have disabled one of two Flash's in Chrome; worked for a few minutes, then did it again.
I disabled QuickTime; worked a bit longer - most of the day, then did it again.

Just submitted this to Google Chrome / Report an issue (10/16/2011):
"Adobe Shockwave Flash crashes - routinely.
It happens when one of my tabs set to always open when I launch Chrome - Pandora - starts.
I have followed advice from other posters and found and disabled both the second of two Shockwave Flash add-ins as well as disabled Quicktime. I did this at separate times. For a few seconds to a few minutes, Pandora plays, but then it happens again.  The crash notice is also shown on my two open Google emails.
I have had these same tabs opening "forever" (at least a year) with no issues.  Frustrating. Please help."

Then I went to Google Chrome / Options / Under the Hood / Clear Browsing Data / and cleared Browsing History and Emptied the Cache (there were other options, but I chose not to do them, yet).

I have to restart to see how it goes. Will hopefully get back here to update this.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? HiThereYall 10/17/11 8:44 AM
So far so good.  FYI, I noticed my issue when Pandora started, nearly every time for the past couple of weeks. It happened once after I restarted. I did right-click Reload and that worked.  Restarted, Worked fine. Shutdown over nite. Started up this morning, all working as desired/expected. Give it a try and cross your fingers!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? bcogbill7 10/21/11 3:22 PM
Did anyone ever get an answer on this? Mine crashes every day...
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? kate425 10/21/11 7:56 PM
i'm having the same problem, but every 15-20 minutes it occurs. i've tried clearing everything out/restarting; nothing seems to work.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? coolhands 10/22/11 11:02 AM
Just googled and found this discussion. Mine keeps doing this - and I don't play any flash games at all. Just normal browsing; it's the adverst that keep doing this, and also quite often if I'm on youtube or similar (i.e. newspaper websites with embeded content).

load of rubbish.

BTW this is on linux ubuntu. No I don't have solution i'm just moaning.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? SteveDP 10/23/11 7:52 AM
Mine happens on my Windows 7 HP Pavillion dv7.  I have not noticed it on my older desktop or my older laptop.  It seems to happen most when I'm loading up gmail, right before the google chat section finishes loading my online friends.  That's about all I can add to this right now.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? pkinstle 10/25/11 4:53 PM
I get it daily...WTF?
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? deviantone 10/25/11 9:43 PM
I get this everyday as well. Driving me insane! I love chrome but I've switched back to Firefox until this can be fixed!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? ANPGhost 10/26/11 1:43 AM
Same thing happens to me when I play flash games.  I just want to bang my head on my desk sometimes!  I tried Firefox.  That was just as bad.  At least Chrome gives you the option of killing the page or waiting.  If you wait, much of the time it starts working again.  Firefox does not give you any option.  When it crashes, it's down and you have to reload.  IE?  Why even bother?
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? wboydjr53 11/11/11 11:44 AM
I play Mafia Wars on Facebook.  As Chrome has become the preferred browser for its speed, this crashing has become a major problem.  I have started using Safari instead.  I hope they come up with a fix for this soon.  Also, another problem I am finding is you are not able to manually update Flash Player.  You have to depend on Goggle Updater to do it.  When there are known issues with Flash Player, there is no way of knowing the updates have been applied.

Personally, I would like to be able to apply my own updates.  I then could ensure my personal computer is secure at the level that I am comfortable with.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Dfraz 11/11/11 1:38 PM
I have this problem and read where Google suggested using their tools drop down menu to send them crash information about it by checking the box int he "Under the Hood" section.  Guess what....IT WON'T LET ME CHECK THE BOX.  My Flash won't load initially then if I close it out  and reopen it it will work....I've run every disk repair, clean up and system repair program and registry clean up in my inventory and still the problem persist.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Viki5702 11/14/11 10:00 PM
I have the exact same thing.  Crashes every 10 minutes.  I went to using their tools also to send them crash information and I can't check the tickbox either.  This is ridiculous, one more day and I'm done with Chrome....
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? raffles south africa 11/19/11 12:45 PM
Google sort this out please, I don't want to have to use safari or firefox....
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? robotclaw 11/21/11 11:28 PM
It's been happening with me the past couple of days. HELP!!!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? trechi 11/24/11 11:27 PM
It happens a lot of time and with this link CHROME is also crashing : sandbox does not help :
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? kenhaney 11/25/11 7:29 AM
I have started using Safari as well. No crashes.  What has happened to Chrome?  Anybody there?
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? denapage 12/5/11 7:09 AM
I surf a lot, but don't go to flash sites, at least not intentionally; I work online and surf to confirm names of people and places.  My crash is in gmail, and I can't attach files.  If I reload gmail, it's fine for a while.  But it crashes approximately 1-2 times per day on average -- sometimes much more, other times it doesn't crash for days.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Sammi714 12/20/11 11:51 AM
I will be going back to firefox until this issue is resolved. It crashes several times throughout the day ,mainly with music.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Sammi714 12/20/11 11:54 AM
It is a little disconcerting though to see all of these posts about the same issue for so long and nothing seems to be getting done about it, is there any hope?
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? SteveDP 12/20/11 4:24 PM
Mine has been fine for several weeks now.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? lentzintl 12/22/11 9:30 AM
Same problem. OS: Windows XP Professional and on Window 7 Ultimate 32bit, Chrome Version 16.0.912.63. Chrome becomes unresponsive and then I get: Google Chrome has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Error signature: AppName: chrome.exe AppVer: 16.0.912.63 ModName: chrome.dll ModVer: 16.0.912.63 Offset: 00126729. Then on that tab I get: The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash. Then I get another little window saying:

Chome.exe - Application Error. The instruction at "0x01d56729" referenced memory at "0x0012fc20". The momory could not be "read".
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program

Here is the link to the 7e03_appcompat.txt file:

This is extremely frustrating as I am loving Chrome and am using several Chrome apps but find myself having to open Firefox constantly to browse the web.

GOOGLE PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Go to chrome://plugins
2. Click "details" link
3. Find the two occurrences of "Shockwave Flash".
4. Disable the item which contains the word "Chrome" in the "Location".
5. Make sure the second item is Enabled. If it's asking you to download and install any new version of flash, do it!

I found this here:

It worked for me when I disabled both even after I updated both my Adobe Flash player and Abode Shockwave player but obviously I cannot see or play anything flash.

Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? matt628 12/27/11 8:52 PM
I did what lentzintl said and downloaded the new flash easy way to figure it out just youtube something and it will tell you download it and then youtube again and it will work i am going to enable the other again after a while to see if it starts crashing again but his way works so far! Thank You
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? matt628 12/28/11 3:21 PM
Ok so now all most 24 hours with out a shockwave crash and I haven't enabled the one that said chrome yet i will enable it again to see if it crashes it again
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Daniel Cegoreanu 12/28/11 4:02 PM
Hopefully this will help you guys.

I was having the same problems as you couple of days ago till I started digging. Basically everyone is on about some Flash plugins which are installed within the browser. Because I don't know the cause of your problem I am going to post a couple of methods for sorting out the your problem.

1. Open Chrome
2. Type in chrome://plugins/ in the website bar
3. You then are going to see that underneath Flash you have 2 installed plugins which are basically doing the same thing which may be the source of your problem. Try to disable the one which DOESN'T have the following name "gcswf32.dll"
4. Restart your browser and everything should be fine

Because I was an unlucky guy that wasn't the solution for my problem so I then tried another thing. Note: I was experiencing problems with all the browsers not just Google Chrome. I have then uninstall the Shockwave Flash from the system and then reinstall it back but the problem persisted.

Last but not least I have looked more deep into the problem and I have tried a little trick.

1. My computer -> System properties -> Device Manager
2. I have disabled the sound card driver
3. I went to youtube to see if there is still a problem and guess what everything was running smoothly apart from the fact that I could hear anything, which makes sense because I have disabled the sound driver.
4. Went back to Device Manager and I right clicked on the driver -> Properties -> Driver -> Roll Back Driver
5. After it finished the process of rolling back the driver I updated the driver so basically came back before step 4
6. Restart the PC/laptop and since then I had no problems with the Shockwave Flash Player.

Forgot to post my configuration.
CPU: Intel i5 M430 @ 2.27 GHz
Video card: IntelHD (integrated)
Sound card: IntelHD (integrated)  Note: the sound card driver I was talking about above is called "Conexant CX20671 SmartAudio HD"
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
Daniel C.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? matt628 12/28/11 6:14 PM
Ok so I disabled the chrome flash again because less than 15 min from having it enabled again it crashed so just do lentzintl said and it should be good
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? anders_l 1/20/12 12:52 AM
I have the same problem, flash works on youtube and such, but not in some imbedded sites. But often when i close a youtube tab, it crashes either the flash plugin or the whole browser. If the plugin crashes, I have to reload all tabs with flash content. This is getting on my nerves! I have had this problem for months.

Have done the disable-fix, nothing different. And i cant check the box to automatically send crash info. Chrome won´t let me.

Does people from Google actually read these threads!? Becaus it doesnt seem so, so many people have this problem and still no patch-fix or something. It´s getting to the points that its a dealbreaker and people (and soon me to) leave chrome for other alternatives. And will propably not go back, even after its fixed. Too bad for google to loose users, and it tarnishes their rep.

Hope someone finds a permanent fix to this or that google actually does something about it.

My system info is:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Chrome 16.0.912.75 m
Intel qc Q9400
4 gb DDR2
Asus GTX560Ti Direct Cu2
Realtek integr. audio

Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? maynviks 1/20/12 7:52 AM
Watch d video tutorial here to resolve
How to resolve the Shockwave Flash Crashes Problem In Google Chrome Step By Step Tutorial

Please Subcribe if u like d video
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Carisue 1/21/12 7:26 PM
I recently switched from Firefox to Google Chrome because of the issue I was having with constant crashes. Chrome worked fine for a few days and then it started crashing whenever I'm on a website (or in my email) that has a lot of advertising. When I was still using Firefox, I would find a "solution" but it always worked for only 2-3 days. After downloading a Firefox update one day, the problem seemed to be corrected, but again it was temporary. Since using Google Chrome, I've tried disabling the one Flash plugin and that just does not help.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? 2labradors 1/27/12 11:48 AM
Obviously I am not the only one having this problem.  I do not play any games, and have learned not to kill the shockwave; it takes my version of our English language with it.  Is there no solution?
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? SteveDP 2/5/12 6:51 PM
I did the following and so far am seeing a real improvement.  Hopefully it's not just a 1 hour window of good luck.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? deedeelicious 2/6/12 10:54 AM
i am having the same problem as well, started a couple of days ago after saturday night. i think this issue is happening because GOOGLE is changing everything... its really pissing me off trust me and going from GOOGLE to MFOX sucks lol. but hopefully they figure something out, all i know is, by MARCH, a new  google and anything with google will be diffrent from today. good luck to all of us!!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? charlesw813 2/11/12 6:12 AM
try using working for me.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? gemznbeadz 2/17/12 3:45 AM
Let me add my voice to everyone else's in saying that Chrome crashes constantly with the message that the Shockwave flash plug-in has crashed and it is DRIVING ME INSANE!  Make it stop!  Fix it or put Chrome out of its misery.  Or, I should say, out of MY misery!

Are you a real company, Google, offering a genuine product, or are you playing let's pretend?  If you are a real company, then step up and respond to the issues that your customers have tried to bring to your attention for MONTHS now!  You have a customer base whose loyalty is waning because you cavalierly disregard us.  What's it going to take to get someone to post in this forum and provide an answer or an update or something?!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? chriscb1 2/17/12 8:39 PM
I blame Real player, I swear Chrome started going a bit funny after this..
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? gemznbeadz 2/18/12 2:27 AM
Real Player has been a problem for years on many Operating Systems.  I avoid it all costs.  You have to be vigilant because some programs will attempt to install it unless you opt-out.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? lana20 2/18/12 5:50 AM
Daniel C,

thank you!

After all the re-installing (flash player, Mozilla, Chrome, even my computer) and nothing helped, I cannot believe this 1-minute step fixed it!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? gemznbeadz 2/18/12 1:41 PM
While I was waiting for excruciatingly-slow pages to load, I noticed that it was constantly waiting for AdBlock.  So, I went into Adblock and de-selected the option that said "Block popup ads and ads in all videos and in Flash games."  I logged out of everything, rebooted the computer, and relaunched Chrome.  Everything loaded INSTANTLY.  No endless waiting for pages to come up, it just went from OFF to ON.

That option was marked as Beta.  I am now uncertain whether or not I will be seeing popup ads, so I may have solved one problem only to create another.

Anyway, here's my solution to the problem.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? rickdawg17 3/14/12 4:45 AM
that is the same thing to me cant make my dreamteam :(
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? princessbratt2 3/19/12 11:38 AM
I have the same problem even with normal web browsing Google just becomes unresponsive it's becoming annoying.It happens more times than not. So I spend alot of time restarting.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Tomm R 4/16/12 2:22 AM
First of all, and it's quite clear you did, but have you tried updating your Shockwave Player? Have you checked to see if your Google Chrome is up to date, you can do this by clicking on the little wench icon, and than click on About Google Chrome. It should tell you if your Google Chrome is supposedly up to date and all. You may also have an out of date Sony driver that causes the crash. You can click this link to receive an automatic download:

"Hardware acceleration of Adobe Flash may be causing crashes. Hardware acceleration is used to speed up performance of your graphics hardware. If your video drivers are outdated, hardware acceleration can cause issues with Flash. Try turning off hardware acceleration by right-clicking the video, selecting Settings, and deselecting the "hardware acceleration" checkbox.

You may have a sound driver incompatibility. Try the steps on the following site"

There is more stuff to read just go to this link and see if any of these solutions can fix your problem, if you still get the same problem of course. Well, best of luck.

Credits go to the rightful owner of this blog only identified by his "screen name" noknojon. Some editing were made in this blog.

Thank you.

Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Tomm R 4/16/12 2:22 AM
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Tomm R 4/16/12 2:22 AM
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? salmonrun 5/27/12 12:07 PM
me too
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? First Dragonfly 5/28/12 11:56 AM
I don't even have an "under the hood" in the toolbox.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Villittia 6/1/12 6:06 AM
I'm stuck in a hospital bed or wheel chair all the time - so for the past 9 mos games on Face Book is about all I have - besides bills. i know I'm coming in pretty late on this... But IF anyone out there has found an answer as to how to keep my FB from crashing several times a day Please tell me.. i run a scan. empty cashes, run mal ware -- do it all. Please help IF you know how.  Ty,, Villittia
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? LatKel 6/1/12 7:19 AM
This same thing is happening on Facebook when I play all the zynga games....mostly Castleville - I have followed every suggested avenue to try and fix it, but It is still happening....started around the 1st of May and has steadily gotten worse; today has been the worst, the game did not even finish loading before I got an AW SNAP!  I wish someone would fix this issue, it is getting rather annoying!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? crazythedayaway 6/6/12 3:19 PM
Okay, so I don't have a brand new shiny computer, so I thought that when Shockwave kept crashing, that it was because it was getting old. Then I googled it and came across this page. Its been about an hour now since I cleared my browser cashe all the way back to when i first installed Chrome, and I haven't had a single issue. Finding out how to do it was one thing, but thus far it has helped. I couldn't sit through 5 minutes of streaming a tv show before Shockwave crashed and ruined my fun. I made it through an entire hour, so that does seem to help.
here's how:
Click the little wrench guy.
got to Tools
Clear browsing history.

A new tab will open and a box will appear.
You can clear what you want from as far back as you want.
It takes a few minutes depending on how far back you need to go.
Once its done, the box closes and you have an options screen.
What you do, or don't do on that screen is up to you, it has no bearing on the effect of clearing your cashe.

Good Luck.

Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? zoecat 6/6/12 5:41 PM
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? mrs hicks 6/13/12 9:36 AM
When I start my computer up in the morning it works fine.
After about 3 hours of use the shockwave flash crashes.
I can reload the page and it will be a temporary fix and it will crash again after a while.
I have to shut my computer all the way down and start it back up after letting it sit before it will stop crashing.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? willbusch 6/17/12 2:31 PM
hi there gonna tell u something i hope others c this...

thats the add block this will avoid the crash ^^^

anything...hope this helps.
i can do things without all the adds and delays.

Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Jaykomcg 6/18/12 11:03 AM
I have an idea. How about instead of everyone saying ''This keeps happening to me too'' Someone post something when they have a solution.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? ikesultan 6/18/12 3:06 PM
I followed their instructions of disabling the internal chrome flash plugin and having the external flash program automatically take over and it's worked for me so far.  
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? obtric3 7/12/12 4:53 PM
It happens in Firefox as well.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? rhsjr50 7/23/12 9:43 AM
I have the same problem.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? brycenesbitt 7/25/12 10:41 AM
I use Kill-Flash to reduce my exposure to flash.
It helps, but is not a full solution.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Kazluv 7/29/12 3:16 AM This helped me! I know this is like a year later, but I was trying to fix mine when I came across this. I eventually had to get a hold of my cousin and he showed me this website.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? First Dragonfly 7/30/12 1:53 PM
I think Chrome is a classic example of a program being released before any debugging has been done.  Chrome is saving a lot of money by having us test it and debug it for free.
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? heyman001 7/30/12 9:15 PM
nobody is going to give us answers. I don't think Google cares. If they did, they would have found out why it keep crashing. I have spent too much money on my computer for it not to let me play games without crashing EVER SINGLE TIME!!!! This is crazy!!!! Google chrome sucks!!!!!!!
(unknown) 7/30/12 9:16 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Frank Cento 7/1/13 4:50 PM
There could be a virus on your computer that is affecting Flash. I recommend getting a really good anti-virus program such as Norton. Hope it helps!
Re: Why does Shockwave Flash keep crashing? Jim Dish 7/1/13 5:28 PM
You're not crazy. I'm getting crashes over multiple computers, on both XP SP3 and Windows 7. I've tried disabling Pepperflash to use the sys32 flash, and removing Pepperflash and reinstalling it then switching back to it. No luck with either. Something is badly amiss and either Google is not doing enough to fix it or they are being sabotaged by flash who refuse to help. Asking hundreds/thousands of users to restate their issues and applications presumes they cannot reproduce the problem or are unaware of it's cause. Nonsense. You guys have to know full well there is a problem and we need to know if it is fixable. I can't continue with Chrome where random websites freeze the browser or the entire computer.
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