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Chrome does not save history

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Chrome does not save history abottinelli 1/29/09 11:42 AM
Chrome does not save my web search history. This means that the "History" is empty plus when I try to open a new tab, there are no "frequently used" sites to open. Also, the small icons that usually would appear for individual websites in the URL are not there.

What caused this and how can I fix it??
Re: Chrome does not save history wade003 2/6/09 10:35 AM
Just download newest version
Re: Chrome does not save history tahseen 2/7/09 11:21 AM
Same problem. I've tried reinstalling Chrome to no avail. Including downloading the latest version.
At the same time the address bar does not offer suggestions or link to gooles search page like it once used to do.
Please help!
Re: Chrome does not save history Fedor 2/18/09 5:05 PM
I have the same problem and the most visited page is bugged out. Is not keeping any of the pages I visit. I have reinstalled like 3 times already.
Re: Chrome does not save history Shaylynne 3/5/09 7:07 AM
I have also had this issue I also can't delete or save new bookmarks and everytime I open chrome it asks me to restore from what I had open previously. I have lost count of the amount of times I have installed, reinstalled, or updated. Chrome was working fine then all of a sudden POOF it was broken :(
Re: Chrome does not save history nassib elkadri 3/12/09 10:35 PM
I had also the same problem, tried various possible solution like reinstalling,...but no help at all. I have been looking for a solution since long time however looks like no solution up to now.
Re: Chrome does not save history X-Doomer 3/27/09 10:26 AM
I had the save exact issue.  The reason this happened to me is because I had saved my history, links and favorites to a folder.  I reinstalled Windows then reinstalled Chrome.  I then copied over the whole folder in question.  I could not get any history.
Here is how I solved my problem.
1. Close Chrome, then navigate to this folder.  : c:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR ACCOUNT NAME"\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
2. Delete what is not working properly (Obviously you loose all the data saved in that file). You'll see files like Archived History, Bookmarks, Cookies, History, Current Session.  Right click and delete   what is not working properly.
3. Restart Chrome "et voila"

After reinstalling, only history was not working for me.  If you need to back your favorites then use it.  The Archived History and Current Session files did not work for me.  After deleting them, Chrome worked fine for me.

Delete only one at a time (making a backup of each) until you find the culprit.  Once you do, try copying the others back in.  If they fail, delete all that are not working properly.
Re: Chrome does not save history mithefe 10/10/09 11:19 AM
x-doomer nailed it, excellent.
Re: Chrome does not save history QQFarmer 10/10/09 3:25 PM
You can create a new user profile:
Re: Chrome does not save history VYL 2/15/10 5:43 AM
X-Doomer and QQFarmer:

Thank you. I have been struggling with this since I updated several weeks ago and not been able to find an answer. I am cautiously optimistic and have only eliminated the thumbnails file for now. I'm waiting to see what happens. As for history, I have 'history', 'archived history', and 'history index', apparently one for each month. If the thumbnails work I will back up and then delete them one at a time to see what's what. If that fails, then I'll try Farmer's new profile suggestion. Thx.
Re: Chrome does not save history VYL 2/19/10 12:57 PM
Well, I am sad to report that my thumbnails still don't show. Nor do I have icons on my bookmarks toolbar, just the generic white square beside the name. Nor do I have any history.
Re: Chrome does not save history VYL 2/19/10 1:11 PM
So I changed my profile and now everything seems to work. It also forgot my igoogle and my bookmarks, but fortunately I already had those synced so it was an easy fix. I even have icons in my bookmark toolbar.
Re: Chrome does not save history bgrbgr 5/6/10 9:27 AM
First of all "X-Doomer", your answer worked in my case, I have mac os instead of windows so instead of documents of settings, I´d to go to "your user name/library/application support/google/chrome/default" from there is as same as in windows.

I hope my comment helps to people who dont know where to go if they have a mac os instead of windows.
Re: Chrome does not save history d.ghulati 5/15/10 3:58 AM
Does anyone know how I can actually KEEP all of my history? I used to use Mozilla Firefox and set it so it saved stuff for 180 days, how come I cant do any of this stuff on Google Chrome? I downloaded my version in March 2010, is that version good enough? Thanks.
Re: Chrome does not save history christianlevite1 5/29/10 10:51 PM
I solved this problem by following X-Doomer's advice as well. Except, if you have a mac; rather than going through all the steps, I just deleted all my history by going to history on the Chrome menu, show full history, and edit history. From there, I deleted everything and instead of doing that, chrome shut down, and restarted. The entire history finally showed up, and the favorites windows were filled in.
Re: Chrome does not save history monkeywhippet 5/31/10 11:00 PM
X-Doomer, thanks! works a treat in Ubuntu 10.04... was going mad with this one. T
Re: Chrome does not save history challahc 8/10/10 8:28 AM
I was able to resolve by clearing browser data
Re: Chrome does not save history mamazaac 10/30/10 1:25 PM
This happened to me because I installed CCleaner and its default settings automatically clear the history every time the pc is started up.  If you go into CCleaner, you can change the settings so it doesn't do this.