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Computer Freezing

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Computer Freezing tenwatthalo 8/31/09 6:07 AM
When I run certain Google applications (Google Earth, Sketchup & more recently Chrome), the computer waits for a minute (hourglass pointer). I know it is about to freeze, because when I hover over any toolbar icons they no longer highlight (including the 'close/minmize/maximze' icons), then the mouse no longer responds. Finally the computer will sound a single beep to let me know it has frozen completely.
Even CTRL+ALT+DEL won't respond. The only way to proceed is to force a SHUTDOWN by holding the ON/OFF button down.
I have 2.8GHz, 3GB RAM & can run play fairly new pc games that require reasonable video card memory etc.., so I don't think it's the graphics card.
I have purchased & installed registry cleaner/defragger software which I ran & I have defragged my drives & also ran malware, spyware & anti-virus software.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Re: Computer Freezing dwight.stegall 8/31/09 6:12 PM
you should ask windows problems in a windows forum like
Re: Computer Freezing dwight.stegall 8/31/09 6:12 PM
there are many more
Re: Computer Freezing tenwatthalo 9/1/09 1:22 PM
You think the problem lies with windows? So far I've only come across this with google applications, so I thought I'd try here first.
Re: Computer Freezing jasonvaritekfan 9/2/09 9:04 AM
I'm not sure about Google Earth and Sketchup, but look at this thread regarding Chrome and computer freeze up. There's no help on that thread (unless you want to take your computer to Geek Squad, per Google's suggestion, really!) but if Chrome is freezing your computer, you're not alone.
Re: Computer Freezing Peabs 9/24/09 4:58 AM
Sorry for reviving a post that is a few weeks old, but I have had a similar problem and would like to briefly share my experience.  My problem was a carbon-copy of yours, tenwatthalo.  The hard resets, random freezing, CTRL+ALT+DEL not responding, and trying every conceivable program out there to clean any junk that might be causing it.  After a week or so of general frustration, I began to look at the hardware side; my laptop isn't old, though, with a decent Centrino processor, 4GB RAM, Vista 64-Bit, and 160GB HDD.  No hardware related issues.  

Honestly, I was about to shoot the darn thing when I thought back to when my wife would use my laptop (she has her own now).  I asked her if she had ever experienced the freezing issue, to which she replied "No".  Strange.  But then again, she never uses Chrome.  She prefers Firefox/IE.  So I uninstalled Chrome and went back to using Firefox.  As much as I prefer the layout and speed of Chrome, I have been without it now for three days and not one freeze has occurred.  I know this seems like an easy solution, but like you, I tried everything.  Strangely enough( and as a side-note), it seems that the freezing began to occur right around the time Chrome was most recently updated--the update that modified the home page slightly and added themes.

So, with Firefox 3.5 I have no issues whatsoever.  I just thought I would share my experience for you and others that may experience an equal dilemma.  I hope this helps. :)
Re: Computer Freezing hammett3 10/5/09 2:07 PM
Same issue here with Chrome. Will fallback to IE/Firefox/Safari.
Re: Computer Freezing Micio 10/5/09 8:04 PM
You don't say what version of Windows you're using, but under Win7 RC x64 Chrome 3 definitely does cause system hangs, always right after clicking on a link (in the tests I've run). Under Vista, with a slightly earlier version of Chrome, the browser itself would crash often enough to be unusable except for the odd test of a new web page. I've yet to try installing a later version on that system. I uninstalled the unstable one.