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I need to allow pop ups

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I need to allow pop ups emg3 12/15/08 8:47 AM
i am trying to open a site   the and log in it will not alow me to open the me enable popup for this site please
Re: I need to allow pop ups dalleway 12/17/08 4:05 PM
A pop-up blocked window should appear on the bottom of the page.  Click on it and you should find a link to the pop-up, click on that and the pop-up should open for you.  Hope this helps!
Re: I need to allow pop ups ip 12/18/08 3:34 AM
Does Chrome provide any option to simply enable popup windows as I has an application that'd popup multiple null windows before it being activated. Enabling a windows at as time simply NOT work for these type of applications
Re: I need to allow pop ups jtheim 12/18/08 4:22 AM
The answer provided by 'dalleway' does not apply to my situation. I'm trying to create an event in Gmail, but can't because of pop up blocking. Unfortunately there is nothing that shows up in the bottom (or side, or top) of the page to allow me to enable the select pop up. I have reinstalled and restarted, same result. This issue needs to be fixed. When you can't use chrome with Google Apps....Huston, I think we have a problem.
Re: I need to allow pop ups rgspla 12/20/08 8:39 AM
Many games at "POGO" & other gaming sites use pop ups, at times, rapidly.  Hopefully a way to allow pop-ups, is a minor 'FIX-IT'.
Re: I need to allow pop ups digitaltoast 12/22/08 1:18 PM
I also have this question - I have read through about 25 threads with people all asking the same question, but no-one has given an answer to the actual question.
This is becoming quite urgent now, and is the only major thing blocking me using Chrome for all web work.
Re: I need to allow pop ups rectorstbarts 12/27/08 8:35 AM
I really like Chrome, but I will not be able to use it if you don't fix the popup block problem.  I have to be able to modify a website that uses popups for the modifications.  As it is now, Chrome will not allow me to use this critical feature.  So, until it's fixed, I'm going back to IE.  Too bad :(
Re: I need to allow pop ups teleconsultant 12/27/08 4:16 PM
Wow!  They really have the popups blocked.  What a waste... no way to allow pop-ups?!?!?
Re: I need to allow pop ups catzendog 1/4/09 8:55 PM
I went to Google Chrome Help and asked how to enable popups.  I was told to click on "tools", "options", and "under the hood".  At "under the hood", I was supposed to uncheck (or check) a box that didn't exist on that page.  Help?
Re: I need to allow pop ups crag 1/6/09 11:44 PM
I agree. Look at how Firefox handles popups. You can turn the popup blocker off on sites. Chrome needs to do this. It's damn annoying have to click the bottom of the browser every time on sites like pogo. Until this feature is in, I won't use this browser.

God, even IE have this feature.
Re: I need to allow pop ups willowdan 1/7/09 7:23 AM
Please have this feature ... of managing pop-ups .. in webmessenger, I cannot make myself invisible since the pop-up is disabled.
Re: I need to allow pop ups needpopupenableralso 1/7/09 7:38 AM
Hi everybody! I need to enable popup function too. In fact, a few weeks ago it appeared to me the popup window on the bottom of the screen but it doesn't anymore... you should fix this problem, I will move to firefox again because of that too... sorry
Re: I need to allow pop ups cmoir 1/9/09 7:22 AM
This is a serious bug. Many websites use pop-ups as a way to operate their normal web applications. I turned pop-ups off earlier but now nothing I can do will enable pop-ups again, for this site or any other. And yes I do have 'notify me of pop-ups' checkbox selected in the 'under the hood section. It just doesn't work. It doesn't notify me and so I can't use my web app.

And I agree with an earlier comment, the implementation of this is really poor compared to IE and FF, both allow you to block, or un-block pop-ups on a website-wide basis.  Some website legitimately use pop-ups as part of their operation, and these simply cannot work with Chrome until they fix this.
Re: I need to allow pop ups digitaltoast 1/9/09 7:30 AM
I am just copying from another thread, but according to user Legaia to turn off popup blocking, edit your shortcut and instead of calling "chrome.exe" change it to "chrome.exe -disable-popup-blocking". Here's the thread:

I then used this switch to find loads more:

Of course, this is not a "solution" in the long term, but it's a workaround until they fix the missing dialogue box.
Re: I need to allow pop ups crag 1/9/09 10:49 AM
You are kidding me? I can think of an easier solution: use Firefox until this is addressed.
Re: I need to allow pop ups zanne101 1/21/09 7:36 AM
I also, cannot manage popups.  I'm trying to get important info from a local gov't website that requires that I allow popups in order to get any information from them online.  I have been telling people how much I like Chrome, but problems with something this simple will deter people from switching over to Google.  This is too much like IE (which I will now have to sign onto in order to access the gov't site I need).  How long before someone at Google addresses this problem or at least signs on to this thread?
Re: I need to allow pop ups digitaltoast 1/21/09 8:00 AM
I am just copying from another thread, but according to user Legaia to turn off popup blocking, edit your shortcut and instead of calling "chrome.exe" change it to "chrome.exe" -disable-popup-blocking. Here's the thread:
So in my case, it looks like:
"C:\Documents and Settings\toast\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-popup-blocking
note that your part will change
Re: I need to allow pop ups wally69 2/7/09 9:13 AM
so this problem doesn't seem to be as big of a deal as everyone seems to be making it out to be. If you go to customize and control google chrome, then click options, go to under the hood, scroll down till you see web content and check notify me when a pop-up is blocked. The when ever you are on a site and there is a pop up, a little box show up in the lower corner and you just click on it and then click the thing that is being blocked...
Hope that helps everyone out...
Re: I need to allow pop ups crag 2/7/09 1:35 PM
We all know this. And it's bullshit. Say I'm on a forum that opens a popup window to reply to messages. I have to click every time I want to reply? Bullshit. Chrome should behave like Firefox (and IE) does, allow the user to control popups on sites.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Renée 2/13/09 6:06 AM
Take a look at this Youtube video.  You cannot do as much as you want with popups and there is the annoying little window at the bottom.  Bear in mind that when you open 'under the hood', you do not see all the page ... scroll down.  I hope this helps some of you.
Re: I need to allow pop ups chasm 2/25/09 7:32 AM
The -disable-popup-blocking option worked great! It's not perfect, but it solves my problem until an updated version of Chrome comes out. As for the option in 'under the hood', I have the 'notify me when a pop-up is blocked' checked, but I don't get any notifications. As far as I can see, that feature is broken.
Re: I need to allow pop ups gannsberg 3/12/09 8:50 PM
as currently configured, this is a major problem.
Re: I need to allow pop ups fastveg 4/9/09 3:04 PM
Pandora and a forum I use are both basically unusable because of this.  What the Hell is going on guys? Can we get a response from someone at Google?
Re: I need to allow pop ups digitaltoast 4/10/09 12:01 AM
To fastveg: So, why not use the workaround a few posts about? I'll post it again:
Re: I need to allow pop ups acw 4/25/09 9:42 AM
we want to *** selectively *** block popup
Re: I need to allow pop ups mnastri1 5/8/09 6:52 AM
Enabling pop-ups each time they occur is not an answer for a frequently used site that uses pop-ups often.  I want to know and from the threads it appears we all want know how to ALLOW pop-ups on a selective site, period.  Not just how to allow them each and every time they occur.
Re: I need to allow pop ups ght3k7 5/11/09 2:52 AM
I think that you can create an other shortcut on the desktop with ":\Documents and Settings\toast\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-popup-blocking". So, you can use this shortcut to open the web pages to unable pop-ups. In fact, I didn't test that yet, but I think because of, with Chrome every page is a different process, it should work.
Re: I need to allow pop ups digitaltoast 5/11/09 2:54 AM
ght3k7: Note - obviously, the bit that says "toast" needs to change to your own computer user account name! That one is for my computer :)
Re: I need to allow pop ups cadoerfler 5/15/09 7:02 AM
I like Chrome's speed, but I have to go back to Firefox if ght3k7's workaround is the only solution. How hard is it to just have a list of sites permitted to use popups?

Meanwhile...Westlaw was working fine until I closed the "annoying little window" that told me how many popups Chrome had blocked. Once I closed the window, Westlaw stopped downloading docs. Go figure.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Gittelrock 5/17/09 10:20 PM
I agree, kind of dumbfounded a Google product would have this basic flaw. I too am working on an internet site that requires a pop-up window. By accident, I closed that annoying little 'flag window' in the lower left-hand corner, now I can't get it back. It would seem basic to have a selective 'allow pop-ups' window as other browsers have. Also, 'favorites' are hard to find. For a Google product, this is a bit too bare bones and, not yet anyway, all that user-friendly... Nor do I easily follow the workaround. Think I'll stick to IE or Mozilla until this problem is resolved. Get with it Google!
Re: I need to allow pop ups software tester 5/17/09 10:42 PM
Yo! how can Google allow this issue to still exist...
this is a v.common feature that anybody would need... is this a known/ yet to resolve issue..  
Appreciate the fix/ possible help from GOOGLE floated out asap!
Re: I need to allow pop ups BigDaddyArrant 5/26/09 7:52 AM
Click on "tools", "options", and "under the hood".  At "under the hood",  uncheck (or check) a box.  YOU MUST SCROLL DOWN!!!!
Re: I need to allow pop ups sparkerc 5/26/09 3:53 PM
BigDaddy...  that does not address the issue that people are having of wanting to be able to selectively allow pop-ups from certain sites.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Toni (Googler) 5/26/09 6:51 PM
Hey all,

We heard you loud and clear on this feature and the ability to whitelist sites for pop-ups is currently available on the developer channel. This feature will eventually make its way to the stable channel. In case you're not familiar with what the different channels are, I've included a reference below with more info and instructions on how to switch if you would like to. Please note that the developer build includes new features, bug fixes, etc so it may be less stable.


Re: I need to allow pop ups emailanurse 5/26/09 9:47 PM
Sign in as "incognito" mode with chrome and you dont have to worry about the pop ups, i found it by trial and error. Hope it helps you, let me know in the forum.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Yezu 5/28/09 12:32 AM
I totally agree Chrome must provide an option to allow pop-ups for certain sites of users' choice. I use a site that show tens of pop-ups daily it's killing me having to allow them again and again and again.............!

Re: I need to allow pop ups sabriein 6/2/09 7:23 PM
go to this link, it's a step by step instruction from "Google help" on how to allow notifications of pop-ups
very easy, and has photos
Re: I need to allow pop ups scollege 6/3/09 4:53 PM
Unfortunately the pop-up notification doesn't always appear.
Re: I need to allow pop ups meowmy 6/9/09 9:03 AM
I found this while searching another site:

"We're working on ways to let you specifiy individual websites where pop-ups should not be blocked. Stay tuned!"
Re: I need to allow pop ups MoshePotomac 6/20/09 5:16 PM
There is something uncomfortably contemptuous in Google's reply on this. They've decided that we cannot allow popups unless we identify each site for which we want them to be enabled. This disallows the user to choose whether to selectively enable them or disable them, en masse or individually.  For myself I prefer to allow them unless I choose to disable them from a given site. But that is MY choice. Your's may differ. That's legitimate. Google's disallowing users a choice is not in the spirit with which it has been developed in the past.
Re: I need to allow pop ups amiesdemt 9/1/09 8:56 PM
how long has this been a problem...i just started using chrome and i really like it...but come on i watched the video they put out and its supposedly created for real internet and how we use it today and they didnt think of the pop ups issue give me a many sites have a pop up on you have to have to my cell phone bill i cant hit the pay thingy if i dont allow the pop up so this really hurts me to say but i will be going to firefox again
Re: I need to allow pop ups Toni (Googler) 9/29/09 3:18 PM
Hey all,

With the latest Stable release of Google Chrome (version, the ability to whitelist sites for pop-ups is now available to users on the Stable channel. Instructions on how to enable pop-ups for a site are listed in the below reference. If you haven't already been auto-updated to the latest version, you can download it at

Hope this helps!

Re: I need to allow pop ups tilgunas 12/9/09 11:41 AM
So, I just downloaded Chrome for Mac and am having the same there no workaround yet for Mac?
Re: I need to allow pop ups g_ack 12/27/09 7:43 AM
Thanks for trying to look out for us by not allowing pop-ups enabled as a general feature. Accidentally clicked x on manage pop-ups on site and now have no way to view the audio player. Unfortunate but moving back to Firefox until issue is resolved on "stable" site. I work online nearly exclusively. Many others do as well. Shame Google did not recognize legitimate sites use pop-ups for non-ad functions prior to introducing Chrome browser b/c rest of application is quite impressive. See you later on . . . .
Re: I need to allow pop ups RBLevin 12/29/09 6:33 AM
I don't see how to manage popups.  I am on Dell's site right now, and it repeatedly tries to open a popup.  I see no dialog whatsoever appearing in Chrome, and I don't see an option in the configuration, either.  On latest beta.
Re: I need to allow pop ups pslaboch 1/4/10 12:30 PM
I don't see how to manage pop ups either. I'm on, a government travel website and I can't log in through Chrome because it won't allow the pop up but I don't get a dialog either. I just get another tab with the same website coming up over and over again every time I try to log in and accept the terms and conditions of the site. I need a way to explicitly allow this site since Chrome is not recognizing that it is indeed blocking the site. Until this happens I can't use Chrome and will have to stick with IE which works just fine with that site.
Re: I need to allow pop ups ryan274 1/5/10 11:45 AM
The same thing happened to me, there's no way to undo an accidental blocked pop up and then that website becomes useless!
Re: I need to allow pop ups netjammr 1/15/10 12:38 PM
The lack of control just makes me want to use FF again. Sort of an essential function don't you think Google?
Re: I need to allow pop ups blg06g 1/21/10 7:10 AM
I just had this problem, and what I did was go to Tools > Under the Hood > Proxy settings. Then I went to the security tab and de-selected the Pop up blocker. Hope this helps :)
Re: I need to allow pop ups digitaltoast 1/21/10 7:57 AM
blg06 - that opens the Internet Explorer options - you're saying disabling the IE popup blocker disabled Chrome popups?!
It certainly didn't work here, and I'd be worried if it did!
Re: I need to allow pop ups RBLevin 1/21/10 7:58 AM
@blg06g, that changes Internet Explorer's settings, not Google Chrome's.
Re: I need to allow pop ups winking26 2/4/10 10:06 PM
I'm sorry..  this update has come waaaaaaay too late.  Should have addressed this issue first.  Now, if i accidentally blocked the popup, there is no way to get it back.  I've been able to bear a couple of things with Google Chrome, but just cause of this problem alone.. I'm reverting back to IE.

I just couldn't do my work anymore.  And having to delete cache everytime that happens just renders Google Chrome useless
Re: I need to allow pop ups mcmoto 3/23/10 5:27 PM
I am having the same issue place to enable the pop up blocker.  I need to use Firefox until this is straightened out.  It prevents me from using editing programs that pop up.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Anuj_MS 4/12/10 8:02 AM
Visit and you would find a simple way to Manage Pop-ups in Chrome.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Dazgaz 6/3/10 7:42 AM
The "enable pop-up blocker" feature is fine, until you need to use a https site. I need this for my work and Chrome does not appear to accept the address if it doesn't begin with www. Is there a fix for this?
Re: I need to allow pop ups dereksouthworth 6/20/10 4:16 PM
This is very Simple;
Follow this path in your browser. options; Under the hood; content settings; pop-ups.
Unfortunately you must manually add the site address.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Balajipg 7/20/10 5:31 AM
Hi guys,

go to prefereneces, Under the hood, Content settings, Pop-ups and set the radio to allow pop-ups..

Hope this helps
Re: I need to allow pop ups gmilli01 8/30/10 2:28 AM
Goodbye Chrome!

Your interface may be simple, unfortunately, there's not enough information for it to be self-explanatory. Needing to "search" for my problem, you ask me to check a non-existent window, and I prefer not to use a more UNstable version, as this one has quite enough, thank you. I have encountered 2 major issues in the year I've had it--and now I'VE HAD IT!!!!  "Bye-Bye"
Re: I need to allow pop ups dmt10 10/4/10 4:21 PM
as of chrome 6, I found:

tools (wrench icon) -> options -> under the hood -> content settings -> popups.

also, I noticed a window the an x over it appears on the right hand side of the location field and if you click on it you can enable popups for that website.

alot of the comments here seem to refur to out of date versions of chrome. please mention your chrome version!
Re: I need to allow pop ups Brad.C 1/28/11 7:36 AM
Re: I need to allow pop ups terrib81 2/16/11 4:52 AM
I see no little red box in the bottom of the window.  The pop-ups work for the charge #'s, but not for the signature portion of appl.

Does google look at these discussions?
Re: I need to allow pop ups ovjho 4/28/11 5:37 PM
Customize and control (the wrench in the top right) > Options > Under The Hood > under the "Privacy" heading at the top click "Content Settings..." box > Scroll until you find the pop-ups settings.
Re: I need to allow pop ups 13yakir 6/25/11 1:21 AM
It will be much easier to use a macro recorded program.
Re: I need to allow pop ups Version1.4 8/28/11 4:09 PM
Options -> Under the Hood -> Content Settings -> Manage Exceptions under Pop-Ups
Paste this route into your url bar ->  chrome://settings/contentExceptions#popups
Re: I need to allow pop ups kotte234 9/19/11 1:10 PM
Please find a pop up blocker icon in the url place just next to star
just click on that you will see a window with 2 options always allow pop ups from this site
and another never to this site
hope this helps you:)
Re: I need to allow pop ups adamwonders 9/21/11 5:39 PM
i just typed a long comment and it refused to post it (unknown error) and swallowed it whole.  all gone.  what i can  remember briefly:
1.  the "best answer"  just points to an article, which  is wrong.  read it.  try it.  see.  FIX IT
2.  add feedback link on every page to allow me to report the abundant mistakes when i catch 'em (and they don't confuse me so much i get lost)
3.  FIX POPUP functionality.  the icon that is supposed to appear in the omni (nee address) bar (is it?) appears, followed by the words, popup blocked (or similar) for, i estimate 100-200 msec.  so, i didn't even notice it the first several times i tried to figure out why google's broken yet again.  i certainly can't click it to find what was blocked and choose to restore it, which is what i want!  if you can find someone that can click that fast, please notify some leading psychologists so they can study the unique human.
4.  exceptions don't work.  FIX EXCEPTIONS!   i entered * and it remained red (i'm guessing that means it didn't accept it for reasons it won't tell me in order to confuse me, thanks very much)  ADD DOCUMENTATION for any such things that require reading your mind.  everywhere else in google, anti-virus programs, fw programs, all programs with similar site exceptions list ...all accept this.  so what are you doing?  if you do something different from the rest of the universe, we don't know what the *** you're doing unless you provide DOCUMENTATION!!  i don't read minds.  the various articles on your site seem to be small, say only obvious but not the obviously needed things, arent' linked together into any document-like structure that i've been able to find.  your UI work is fantastic, but it does NOT make documentation superfluous.  this is an excellent example.  i wonder if any google users have figured out what you're tryng to do with exceptions and popups.   also does not work to restore popup (after reloading page).
that's a bug.  PLEASE FIX.  it actually came from site
putting in that FAILS TO WORK.  PLEASE FIX exceptions.
  5.  not this page, but i occasionally see pages that break for lack of a cookie but erase chromes cookie-with-red-x icon in onmnibar.   why would anyone hide information from me?  i allow only the cookies needed to obtain my desired functionality, and  love chrome's "session only" choice.  to do that, i need to see what cookies have been blocked and choose which to unblock.  so that little cookie icon with the red x is the only way i can go forward.  maybe applications change it outside your control, but if you can do something to keep it, i'd appreciate it.
  6.  @dalleway:  i like your solution but it doesn't work in chrome (for me).  that's what ie used to do, but ie9 has removed that functionality, no longer shows an icon on the bottom status line, making it unuseable.
  7. @catzendog  you missed just one step.  after clicking under the hood, click content...  i think it's the first button.  then scroll down for popups.  google articles often make such mistakes, perhaps because these things change from one version to another and they have no update process.   google, you desperately need a process to manage all your help articles, helps you  know which need changing, and change 'em whenever necessary.
   8.  chrome needs to be taught the .mht format .txt format for saving web pages and opening them later.  some of us think of that as required for first release.
   9.  chrome profiles is the only acceptable (to me) way of managing multiple gmail addresses.  but profiles aren't documented anywhere.  just a quick reference to 'em.  i got 'em working.  but why are you hiding this useful feature?  it could use some polishing.  i typically open a web page for each of my 4 gmail addresses and login to mail there, and keep it open.  that's kinda slow to do.  i made a script which solves it, but others probably are stuck doing it manually.  hard to make the script work for lack of hooks (from cmd language) to chrome features (like open a tab, logout, etc.) so i have to do 'em via cursor movements and menu selections, which are timing dependent and takes time to tune.
   10.  blocking images:  has only black and white:  block all images from all sites, or block nothing.  sorry, not enough.  but gmail does it well.  it allows me, when reading that msg (page), to click show images (just for that msg/page).  add that to chrome or just remove image blocking.  it's a joke now.  also, gmail lacks but should have, along with chrome, a way to click to show just one image.  that way i can see the images i choose to and avoid the spy beacons hopefully.
   11.  it was clever to include shortcut/alias keys (like ctrl-c to copy to clipboard, shift-esc for chrome task mgr),   but you've missed some and renamed others, which is annoying.  too bad ms never understood why mac has UI standards.  ctrl-q quits every application.  we need that here!  the duplicate tab function should have ctrl-K as in ie, but that starts a query.  pick a non-conflicting character, thanks.  
   12.  when using chrome, i get the feeling that there's probably more functionality hidden somewhere.  an example:  for (above) duplicate tab functionality, i must right-click the tab to get a menu which contains that.  i see the logic.  but i don't think anyone has ever put a menu on a tab, so most of us would never know.  somewhere (help, maybe in appliication itself) it should tell me ALL the places features are hidden!  used to be they were all under the standard menus, but chrome lacks these altogether (FILE EDIT VIEW etc.).  i assumed the duplicate tab functionality was missing from chrome, was planning to submit an enhancement was purely by accident, some weeks later, that i stumbled into it.  help should have a list of all locations of functionality (menus, commands, etc.), and should also have a list of all functionality which shows where to invoke each such function.
   13.  all web pages should have a timestamp.  information (esp web information) is usually useless without a date.  some places you have it.  most places you don't.  and some place you timestamp but use only the time of date, which, of course is useless.  i have to know what day it is else the time of day is meaningless, right?  google voice has this problem in a bad way.  the word timestamp  is a colloquial shortening of date-timestamp.  i like typing the shorter but please understand that "date" is always intended when people say timestamp.
   14.  you should set up some newbies and watch them trying to figure out how to use google.  you'll find all kinds of things you need to make it possible for a non-techie to figure out.  there should be an intro document, giving an overview of all the products and groups of products, pictures of how they (do or do not) interact with other products, etc.  e.g, i read about google chat and about google talk and was completely confused because of using different names for the same thing.  google chat is google talk.  i see lots of postings asking what's the difference.  sheeeesh  and you don't really say what google talk is.  i read and re-read and just couldn't tell what you meant.  are you talking about sms msgs?  or what kind of messages?  something new, maybe?  all you have to do is say what it is:  google talk is google's IM system.  google chat is the same, but embedded into the gmail interface.  explain more, but most already know what IM means very well.  we don't know what chat means.  it's not used in any standard way.  it might mean conversing in IM.  it might mean joining a chat room, which could be under IM or different.  it could mean emailing back and forth.  it could mean...anything.  same thing for "talk."
   15.  i have lots of feedback on google voice.  i'll try to find someplace to insert that.  it desperately needs an overview that explains what it is, gives examples of its usage, lists pros and cons of that versus no google voice and versus other google-voice-like systems; i.e.,  products with overlapping functionality.  sending sms msgs via the web (not vis cellphone system) is wonderful.  it's free.  as web communication should be!  voice calls are the opposite.  you say you intentionally implemented them this way, through the cellphone system.  you don't say why.  why?  doing it through the cell system is a total wast.  i already make calls through the cell system.  they're lmited, expensive.  so if you're gonna give me a new way to make calls, make it new, or just tell me to use the old one.  the voicemail features like different msgs for different users/groups is great, as is the web butler:  who's calling so i can announce you, please?    the fact that you call a different number and from there call the desired number is bad.  is there any reason to do that?  if so, what is it?  if not, stop doing it.  it's confusing.  please do give us a way to make phonecalls over the web (voip) in google voice.  that's what it should be all about!  lots of others are doing voip, skype, magic jack, etc.  
   16.  minor:  i see no need to add every product into every other product.  in fact, it's undesirable.  your biggest use of this is in gmail.  apparently someone thinks gmail should replace explorer and cmd and allow you to run within it all (google?) programs.  there's no reason for that at all.  why?  because it's all running on a windowing system.  that functionality is already provided by multiple windows.  don't create a new windows explorer system underneath gmail.  wast of money, time, bloats the software, confuses users, etc.  example:  why would anyone want  IM (called google chat in this case) within email?  they're two separate communication functions, two separate programs.  pop up a window for each.  if users don't know how to start multiple applications in multiple windows, microsoft should educate them.  but as long as it's not doing that, you might want to give a brief tutorial, video, to show the general functionality quickly and simply,and then most of it as an example or two (such as above).  reference it from gmail in case there are people who were expecting it in gmail.
   17.  gmail again:  add common email functionality; e.g., request delivery or read receipt.  yes i've seen lots of posts about it here, which means only that it's desired by many.  the fact that gmail (optionally) runs in a browser window makes no difference to us end users.  we just want the functionality.  i don't know if your -app cmd line option is documented anywhere?  what other cmd line options are there?  they might be here, but how could i find 'em?  i haven't found 'em.  i'm used to a book from which i scan table of contents, read intros, browse different chapters, and look up in index (this last, index, is replaced reasonably well by google search, 'cause it's simple and fast).  online, i expect all that and more!  :)  but don't drop that book-like stuff.  yes, in-context help is great, but just as much we need the full documentation set (online).
   18.  programs like ccleaner need to know you have profiles, so they can delete cookies in all profiles.  do they?  i doubt it.  how would they?  and they don't delete all profile cookies, only one.  so why don't you document this and send 'em a copy?  same with ms's cleanup utility (which i don't use because by default it disables hibernate in such a way that you can get it back only by formatting and re-installing!  (it's documented, hard to find, should be big red letters on the product page, help page, and application itself.

thanks for reading!  :)

my system information:
i'm using vista 32 home premium, Version        6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
System Model        Vostro 1500  (dell)
System Type        X86-based PC
Processor        Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7300  @ 2.00GHz, 2001 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s) (which they try to convince us is two physical processors.  sigh)
BIOS Version/Date        Dell Inc. A06, 2008.4.21
SMBIOS Version        2.4

Installed Physical Memory (RAM)        3.00 GB
Total Physical Memory        3.00 GB
Available Physical Memory        1.02 GB
Total Virtual Memory        6.20 GB
Available Virtual Memory        3.48 GB
Page File Space        3.29 GB
Re: I need to allow pop ups Tomoya Kawasaki 10/3/11 2:34 PM

To add a domain, you can use this [*.] That should give you the ability to add it. For Kaiser, it seems like the website domain continues to change throughout the site. Some places are using So to add exceptions for that, please use [*.]

Re: I need to allow pop ups hor0012 11/16/11 3:51 PM
go into "options" then "under the hood" then click on the "content settings" button then scroll down to pop ups and select allow
Re: I need to allow pop ups Mookie3 12/12/11 3:37 PM
Ok I got it to work by going to tools, Under the Hood, Under privacy click content settings, then scroll down to pop-ups and you can choose what option you want; like to show no pop-ups, all pop-ups or click manage exceptions to allow certain websites through. Good Luck!
Re: I need to allow pop ups Jrward78 1/10/12 1:44 PM
Go to your options, under the hood, click the content settings tab, scroll down to pop-ups, from here you can allow all pop ups or manage you exceptions for whatever site you wish to allow pop-ups.
Re: I need to allow pop ups iamoren 1/15/12 5:51 PM
I understand the "options>under the hood..." stuff and the "pop-up blocked" in the address line, but what about developers?

Any way, it doesn't work for local files/folders (it does weird stuff, like: allowing one folder at a time). - make a folder and it's sub-folders (downward) pop-ups ok.  ex:  file:///c:/mystuff/dev/*.* to allow anything in dev.  And I don't want to set my machine to imitate a server.

What I want is to be able to call from javascript a dialog box to pop up for the user to decide right then and there if they want pop-ups from my site (and local folder for my use while developing - WITHOUT overriding previous settings).

At this time, my specific page does the following (when pop-ups allowed):
  open new pop-up window with code to resize and code to refresh to another page, then closes the original page.

When pop-ups blocked, it "does" everything invisibly AND closes the original page so the user has no way to allow pop-ups.

I'd like it to do the following:
  Say "pop-ups blocked", suspend further action until user clicks "Allow this time | always", or terminate if user clicks "Block this time with option "don't show again for this site" and then close window.  - preferable from a page I wrote.
Re: I need to allow pop ups shauno008 1/20/12 1:01 AM
I right-clicked on the popup blocked icon and a list of options came up.
Re: I need to allow pop ups iamoren 1/20/12 2:37 AM
@shauno008: local machine, javascript - not manual...
Re: I need to allow pop ups ZOOTRO 3/9/12 7:20 AM
Go under Options.
Under the hood
Content Settings
Scroll to the bottom of that page since there are more stuff down further
U will see Pops up options..
Re: I need to allow pop ups iamoren 3/9/12 2:54 PM
from javascript and local files...
Re: I need to allow pop ups Maegan Chitwood 7/15/13 12:55 PM
Go to the Menu on the the top right corner (3 horizontal lines)
Click on "Settings" scroll down to "Privacy" click on "Content Settings" scroll down to "Pop-Ups" and change the settings to "Allow"
Re: I need to allow pop ups Maegan Chitwood 7/15/13 12:57 PM
Go to the menu on the top right corner of the screen (3 horizontal lines)
Click on "Settings" scroll down to "Privacy" and click on "Content Settings"
Scroll down to "Pop-Ups" and change the settings to "Allow"
Re: I need to allow pop ups Karen Dailey 7/22/13 6:38 AM
I was having the same issue with I went to tools, extensions, and clicked on "add"...another page popped up and I typed in and it brought a page for me to click and add. My popups work now...sounds more complicated than it really is...3 clicks and done...hope this helps!
Re: I need to allow pop ups egyr 7/23/13 6:53 PM
Yes, under the hood it works..!
I already tried it.
Re: I need to allow pop ups LDRtrini 9/9/13 5:02 PM
Hey Folks,
Go to Settings, Scroll down to Privacy
Under the Privacy Section - Choose Content Settings
Scroll down the Content Setting Page and you'll see popup and choose enable popups

You can be more specific if you wish by choosing to Manage exception

There you go how this helps.

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