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Chrome 18 memory usage 3x or more of other browsers, leaky

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Chrome 18 memory usage 3x or more of other browsers, leaky ExecutorElassus 3/10/12 6:27 AM
Google Chrome version (type about:version into the address bar):18.0.1025.45

Operating System: gentoo linux (3.2.9 kernel for AMD64)
Error Message: none
Extensions installed:Adblock Pro, adobe-flash-, mailto→gmail extension, background dimmer for YouTube and vimeo.

Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem): Current build of chrome uses almost four times the memory of the current firefox for the same set of tabs (admittedly flash-heavy:,, and a couple other blogs with flash like and This memory footprint climbs rapidly until the browser or the OS crashes.

Comparison: seven tabs: gmail,,,, google translate, google scholar, (don't judge me!)
With Firefox 10, approximately 15% total RAM (so, about 600MB out of 4GB) and zero swap memory, holding steady for a few days
With Chrome 18: approximately 50% of total RAM (2GB out of 4) plus 10% swap (another 200MB), climbs to 75% RAM and 95% swap within a couple hours (whether I'm browsing or not) at which point I have to kill chrome or the system shuts down for lack of memory.

Baseline system memory usage (without any browsers) is about 25%. Just starting chrome with those seven tabs brings it up to 75%, and quickly eats up all the memory.

Using chrome's task manager, I see a single "shockwave flash" process using about 550MB of RAM, and each tab using another 400MB or less.

Further, killing chrome itself and restarting several times results in a lot of defunct chrome processes, all using the flash plugin. I have to kill each one manually to release swap memory.

Look, I get that sandboxing tabs leads to multiple processes, which has an increased memory footprint, but this kind of memory usage is just plain nuts. Is there any diagnostic information you need to track down the memory leakage? Also, yes, I get that this is a beta build. The point of beta software is to troubleshoot, yes? So please, no "if you want stable, use the stable release." I'd like to help fix the problem, which only happens if I report it.


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Re: Chrome 18 memory usage 3x or more of other browsers, leaky ExecutorElassus 3/11/12 7:48 AM
The only post I've found - either in the bug reports, or the the (admittedly very hard to search) forum - was a memory usage post for the Windows version, which claimed to see the bug fixed in "the latest beta" (which the poster posted today, so maybe the Linux build is a bit behind?). So, to answer your question: no, I did not find anything comparable (a memory-usage problem on the 18.0 build for Linux), so I posted this.

As my original post stated (though perhaps not clearly enough) I'm killing all the stray chrome processes manually with "kill -s KILL $pid" so there are no stray instances anywhere. Starting from scratch using just the seven windows I've described uses 40% of RAM (so, 1.8GB), of which over 500MB is for the Shockwave-flash plugin, and then each individual page using another 400MB or so. That climbs within a couple hours (whether I'm doing anything or not) until I have to kill it or watch the OS freeze.

So, are you saying I should file a bug report?


Re: Chrome 18 memory usage 3x or more of other browsers, leaky ExecutorElassus 3/11/12 7:51 AM
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but port 443 is closed, so the connection is reset if I try to use that link. If I delete the port number, I can get back to this page. So, something a bit wonky with the messaging system.