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Now Msnbc wont load

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Now Msnbc wont load Danny T 5/27/09 8:59 PM
Sigh Chrome I am losing faith, each day a different site I visit wont load


Today msnbc

Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 5/27/09 9:59 PM
I can load MSNBC website with Chrome.  Disable your antivirus active scan and test.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Danny T 5/27/09 10:06 PM
Interesting, and after re-enabling. . . it still works. Awesome you are awesome. . . still the fact that it worked on IE8 and firefox prior to disabling . . . I'd like to get involved in this project to help because I think it is a magnificent browser overall. Strangely I never had these issues up until the last month

Running eset

Care to take a swing as to why?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 5/27/09 10:09 PM
What antivirus program are you using?  If you have a plishing filter in your antivirus, like AVG does, it may be blocking some sites.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load pepnak 6/4/09 11:46 PM
I am in the Philippines using a Globelines Broadband connection. I have been experiencing this problem intermittently using both Chrome and IE 8 with or without my AVG search and surf shields. I tried to use tracert to check the particular URLs and found that while DNS invariably resolves the IPs properly 14 or 15 hops into the route, the routers report "request timed out", Unreachable links appear to be some of the ones from the MSN start page on the sites: and except where they have redirects to other domains.

Could this may be a problem of router overload for particular parts of the Internet? It would be interesting to hear from users from different parts of the Internet.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load pepnak 6/4/09 11:49 PM
Forgot to mention that my current IP address is
Re: Now Msnbc wont load hongkong888 6/12/09 8:59 PM
Wait, what if I'm using AVG Free? It says in the Help>Contents that the Anti-Virus can't be configured, so would that mean I can't turn off my anti-virus even if it's neccesary?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 6/12/09 9:03 PM
hongkong888, you cannot many changes with free version, but you can turn off Resident shield from AVG control center.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load kyle.hummerwags7 1/30/10 5:31 PM
I was getting an error 101 everytime I typed the letter "E" or "C".  I disabled my extension "Turn off the lights"  and that got rid of it.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load gl_Thailand 2/20/10 5:14 PM
This is a serious problem - why is no-one form Google doing anything about it - I am unable to access 95% of web pages due to this error - it is nothing to do with what website you are viewing it is a serious conflict between chrome and AVG - are any other anti-virus program also affected? This needs some serious attention - there must be hundreds of thousands of people using chrome and AVG - why the F%ck don;t you sort it out, Up to 5 days ago it was fine now this error has occurred - what has changed???????? Take problems seriously google - don't do a microsoft and sweep issues under the carpet.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load nightcawler13 2/24/10 11:13 AM
im using avast and the same thing only certain websites though but when i restart it work for a little bit then it goes back to that error
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 2/24/10 12:17 PM
nightcrawler13, did you disable Avast resident shield?

Did you clear your browser cache?

Did you disable all Chrome extensions?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load pepnak 2/24/10 2:46 PM
My Internet Service Provider actually provided the fix after a few calls. They replace the broadband router that they had originally supplied upon installation and all sites are now accessible.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load naratt 3/2/10 1:44 AM
I also found the problem and the only resolution is to disable web shield module in Avast. Weirdly, it doesn't happen with another PC using the same configuration and same version of windows and Avast.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load naratt 3/2/10 1:45 AM
PS: no need to clear browser cache and disable extensions coz my PC is freshly installed.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load raymondleung 3/16/10 9:50 AM
until today, I still encounter this issue, why can google still ignore this, please help to solve it, google.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load russds 4/24/10 10:14 AM
I'm getting this message in Chrome, but also Safari isn't working.  I'm trying to access  No antivirus running, tried clearing cache.  I don't think it's a Chrome problem because safari won't open the page either.  All other pages i've tried seem to work fine.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load DoctorBob476 4/24/10 3:41 PM
I have the same problem with facebook, so far it's the only site that won't open anymore.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load katyworkshop 4/28/10 7:44 AM
Well, I found one answer that helped me.  I was getting the same thing this morning -
Err 101 unknown, couldn't open websites, etc etc.
I could not open Facebook, only google search was working.
I could not access any page from the Google search results.  :  /

Here's what worked:
Open your computer's Explorer (normally right click on Start, choose Explore).
Go to C:/Windows/Temp folder.
Right click on the folder.
Choose the SECURITY tab.
Choose the EDIT button.

Give yourself *the main user) all permissions.  Apply, then save.
Restart your browser.

For some reason, Chrome doesn't always get the permissions/access right.  
So, just set it up so you (owner) have full system permissions.
Weird, but it worked.

I can now access Facebook just fine, as well as the search results.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Gloryeagle 6/6/10 2:30 PM
Do not disable your antivirus, I had the same problem and was running ESET too, just right click it when it's in the tray and select advanced setup, then by default "Real-time file..." should be selected , just uncheck "network drives" and that's it.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Karimo 6/25/10 10:40 PM
Hey Guys,

im having a problem when i wanna open a browser game "goalunited"
at first the page is taking like 10mins to load und then it shows up this
Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.
i dont know what to do pls i need a solution
btw im using an anti-virus programm AVG  but actually i used it before and never did something like this happen and all my browsers (safari, ie, and google chrome) work normally but this one page
thanks already
Re: Now Msnbc wont load calico252 6/29/10 7:58 AM
Okay, im good with computers, but not that good. I see that War17's answer seems to look the best, but im a little confused as to what to click on and what to do and so forth. If you could just provide me with a little more detail on how to actually get the Antivirus thing off, i would be very pleased.

If anyone else has any other answers that they would like to give  a little more detail to, and they think it will work, go ahead.

See, i am getting the same error, and it is really frustrating me. Whenever i try to go to    it says something like (on Google Chrome) after a few minutes of loading, 'This webpage is not available' and when i click 'more information' i get this Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error. thing. And I know it isnt something about the website, its something that has to do specifically with MY computer, because i have friends that go on that website too, and they are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and they have NO problem whatsoever with that site.

I have gone through my security tab in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, and tried to enable as much as i can without doing any major damage to my computer's security and giving it viruses, but i dont have any clue as to what to do next. Pleaseee help me with my delema. That would be much appreciated. Thanks

Re: Now Msnbc wont load calico252 6/29/10 8:05 AM
Okay, i turned off my Tend Micro Internet Security Pro, but i am still getting Error 101 when i try to go back onto the website. (

Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 6/29/10 8:11 AM
Tara, the answer that I gave worked for the original asker. It may not work for you. Google Chrome is sensitive to programs that uses javascripts. So some antivirus programs interferes with Chrome javascripts.

I can get to the website with my stable version of Chrome. Check if the website that you listed, , will work in Firefox or Internet Explorer. This will tell if it is a computer problem or Chrome problem.

Clear your cache, as a corrupt file in cache can cause a website not to work properly.

The website has Flash and sound file that it downloads. Re-download Flash player to make sure it is the latest version. Sound could slow the showing of the website. Is your internet slow?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load calico252 6/29/10 8:30 AM
Just for the record, i want to thank you for replying, i wasnt expecting a reply this fast, so thankyou very much.

Okay, is Javascripts like the thing you download called Java? because i have that. I have Internet Explorer, and i tried the website on there before i even downloaded this one, and it didnt work on either one. It didnt work on Internet Explorer, and thats the whole reason i got Google Chrome (advice from a friend).

I have to apologize, my stupidity when it comes to all this really high-tech computer stuff. I have no idea what a Cache is to be honest. Is that some kind of History or something? Sorry if this sounds stupid.

Hmm... Flash, i might have that, but ill check to make sure. Would that be on my bar in the right lower corner of the screen?

See, the thing is, i was on this website about a month ago and it was perfectly fine. And then all of a sudden im not able to get onto it. I have contacted the website manager, and they might have made some updates that could be causing my computer to not allow me onto that site. If you cant help me because of the updates they are making, its perfectly fine.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 6/29/10 8:53 AM
Java and Javascripts are different. You already disabled your antivirus and that did not help.

Since the website did not work in Internet Explorer, you may have a bad Flash Player. Re-Install Flash Player
Re: Now Msnbc wont load kv8997 7/16/10 5:59 PM

This worked for me. Follow the instructions carefully by the post marked best answer. I know it modifies the IE settings but it will also fix the problem with Chrome.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 7/16/10 6:20 PM
kv9997, glad you get rid the connection. You disabled the proxy settings of Windows.  It may help others who have proxy set up.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load SpiritHill 7/26/10 1:04 PM
I am getting both 105 and 101 errors.  It just started about two months ago, happening seldom and getting more frequent.  I am getting the problem with pages that are new, old, bookmarked, manually entered
 and so forth.  It is not related to anything you downloaded such as a page from this or that.  It is not
related to something on your system.  I had this problem last year but cannot remember how I resolved
 it but I believe it was related to CHROME's cache.  

I am running XP PRO-SP2, CHROME, I have almost zero extensions as they only slow
 down things and am not using a proxy setting.

As far as I am concerned, there is not a better browser than CHROME but then you must know we are
on a dial-up because AT&T will not install the necessary whatever for us to have high speed connections
 in this area but we now have the Governor of the state pushing upon AT&T so we shall see.  I am now working hard to resolve the issue and as soon as I get a fix I will post it.  Today, when I was going for
help on the issue, it would not load Google Chrome Help, nor earlier working on something else, it
would not load  The problem does not matter whether you are entering new info,
or going from a bookmark or a link!

I will tell you that often you can just hit reload and it will load properly and sometimes you might
 have to hit reload and then CNTL-F5, which puts you into a priority load on the sites server.  Other
times, I have had to close that page of CHROME, opened a new one using CNTRL-T and then re-enter
 the info into the address area and that works.  

Right now, I am thinking that wár17 § is coming the closest to resolving the issue.

IF that is your problem, you need to get rid of it and get one that will allow you to surf.  
As IBM has always taught their employees, "THINK" - you get anti-virus software to protect you when
you surf, so why would you even consider shutting it down?  The other side of that is, don't surf and you won't get the error!
Re: Now Msnbc wont load thecitywelivein 8/6/10 7:53 AM
I was getting the 101 error with
Disabling the "Amazon Wish List" extension fixed it
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Shion 8/11/10 3:39 PM
I also was unable to get to some websites with my firewall on. No matter what browser.

After long testing with my firewall (F-secure). I was able to find what was causing me to be unable to reach some websites. Turns out that F-secure has IPv6 traffic filtering options set on "block" instead of "normal". Now I don't really know what difference these options have but this fixed my problem. And it should not be too dangerous as you have to turn this option to "normal" also if you want to use Windows 7 home group file sharing.

So long story short: check your firewalls IPv6 filtering settings

Hope this saves someone else the few hours it took me to find out :/
Re: Now Msnbc wont load guessnot.gannmary 9/19/10 11:44 AM
I hope these will help me fixing some problem!
Re: Now Msnbc wont load go_giants25 10/23/10 12:16 PM
I have been having the same problem with certain websites (, that I know work, but do not on my computer.  I have a HP m9500t and these websites do not work on IE, Firefox, or Google Chrome.  I have tried disabling my antivirus (Norton) and I tried changing the Read and Write permissions on my computer but nothing has worked.  Any advice?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 10/23/10 2:59 PM
go_giants25, did you disable the firewall and test?  Did you check for antivirus?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load go_giants25 10/24/10 2:05 PM
Yes I tried disabling my antivirus/firewall
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Blair (Googler) 11/12/10 11:50 AM
Hey guys,

This thread seems a bit outdated. If you're having trouble customizing your MSN page, please see the thread in my references.

For all other issues, please start a new thread to make it easiest for people to help.

Re: Now Msnbc wont load a.saad 1/22/11 10:26 AM
i was having this problem with login to any website
i solved it with chrome browser and win XP os

go to -->options --> under the hood --> security --> then check on use SSL
Re: Now Msnbc wont load guessnot.gannmary 1/22/11 6:28 PM
Re: Now Msnbc wont load USAkid 3/9/11 5:53 PM
I am running ESET Nod32 Antivirus 4. i keep getting this message Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown Error when i try to go to Can anyone help?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load USAkid 3/9/11 5:54 PM
it was coming up fine until about a week or so ago
Re: Now Msnbc wont load yakuza2000 3/14/11 7:53 AM
for few days, I cannot acces one webpage ( Every time I get only this message: "Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error."
I try firefox, chome and ie8. I have win7 x64 with norton internet security 2009. I have cleared all temp files, browser cache...all that sort of files and nothing.
I must say that I cannot modify windows firewall because seems that antivirus control that, when open win firewall is there a message: "This settings are being managed by vendor application NORTON FIREWALL PROVIDER".
help me someone, please
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 3/14/11 9:22 AM
yakuza, Can you access the website with another browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox?
Re: Now Msnbc wont load yakuza2000 3/14/11 9:32 AM
I can't acces website with anything,  firefox, chrome or ie :(
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 3/14/11 9:54 AM
Then Norton is blocking the website.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load yakuza2000 3/14/11 9:56 AM
first I was disable antivirus and he didn't work, and then I was unistall complete norton...again same result, the website is not working
Re: Now Msnbc wont load USAkid 3/14/11 3:13 PM
i have the same problem but i have eset nod32 antivirus. i get the error with just one site no matter what browser i use. i really need help
Re: Now Msnbc wont load palinko 3/15/11 12:49 PM
I'm having same problem.I've got O2 box II and i can see that internet goes down.It happens on my both computers and also on iPhone.Message on screen err101 blah blah ...
Re: Now Msnbc wont load NinjaRyu 3/17/11 7:21 PM
Google Chrome gives me the Error 101 net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error, It never worked from the movement i got it. help would be great. I have tried the following:

1. Reset cache
2. Uninstall/Reinstall
3. Change C;windows/Temp to allow all permissions to my user
4. No need to remove extensions never got any
5. Change Firewall settings to allow Google chrome through
6. Disabled Avast residential scanner entirely, (did not uninstall Avast though)
7. Reset Modem & Router

Firefox can connect to all web pages, while Google chrome cannot even connect to the Google search page. I thought about creating a proxy and see if i can connect with that, but i have not, could that work? The only web page it can connect to is the Google Chrome template page, that is all. Is there anyone out there who can help me? Please do not ask me to do what i have already posted, Something new would help. I read somewhere though that avast and google chrome are not compatible but not sure if that's true or not.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 3/17/11 8:11 PM
Sounds like you got malware.  Remove malware. Run TDSS Remover and/or Malwarebytes.

Run TDSS Killer

If no joy, download and install Malwarebytes. Run updates. Run scan
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Jago MF 3/20/11 6:38 AM
I got error 101 using Chrome 11.0.696 dev.
Website:, after logging in and clicking "send webtext".
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials 2.
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (don't know if any IP issues might be affecting this).
Re: Now Msnbc wont load rfmartin 3/24/11 9:20 AM
I had a similar problem with error 101 messages in chrome when connecting at work through my corporate proxy. After several months of trying to track down the source of the problem, I figured out that in my case there was an error in the certificate validation chain on the site, which was flagging my connection as insecure, thus failing to load the page and generating the error 101.

I was able to fix this error by adding the "-use-system-ssl" command line switch when starting Chrome. (Chrome attempt to accelerate the handshake between your computer and a website when verifying certificates, but it seems that when connecting through certain proxies this causes the connection to fail). Windows (XP, Vista and 7) and Mac OS X have SSL libraries built in to the OS for SSL exchanges, so it is not necessary to use the profile SSL script built in to Chrome.

To add the command line switch, edit you shortcut. If you right click on the shortcut icon to bring up the properties menu, add the "-use-system-ssl" to the end of the line (with the dashes but without the quotes), so you target line should read:  "C:\.....\path\chrome.exe" -use-system-ssl

Since making that adjustment I have had no problems (yea!). Hopefully it works for you. If it doesn't, try typing "chrome://net-internals/#tests" into your omnibox, then type the site you are trying to access into the URL field and post the results here -- this should tell you where your connection is failing.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load reinholdbehringer 3/25/11 2:56 AM
I have this problem since a few months: Error 101  ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. First it popped up occasionally, now it happens more frequently. It seems to happen both with IE8 and Chrome, on any arbitrary website, either on main portal pages or deep in when submitting a form - absolutely random. It happens both at work (LAN network with proxy server) and at home (internet through mobile wireless).
I suspect it has to do with changed TCP/IP settings in the registry of my laptop computer. A year ago I had a similar problem. and I had to go back to a previous restore point to get the web site access working again. I assume some timeout setting in the TCP stack control is the problem. Either an update of the virus checker (I am currently using Avast), update of Chrome, or Windows update has changed these settings, and now the problems occur.

So it would be nice if someone has enough expertise to list the relevant registry keys and note their optimal / default settings, so that we could manually set them back to these values.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load reinholdbehringer 3/25/11 3:01 AM
... actually I just found where the TCPIP relevant parameters are:

When modifying them, utmost care must be applied, because entering wrong values may completely disable the internet / web access.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Sneed2 4/3/11 6:33 PM
Thanks katyworkshop your advice worked. You are my unsung hero...

But, it didn't work immediately. I found that it was necessary to open the Chrome browser as an Administrator, so that the new settings you suggested would take effect.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load hugo23 4/18/11 12:29 AM
try refreshing the page
it works for me
Re: Now Msnbc wont load mushfiqbn 5/20/11 5:36 PM
i disabling the anti virus shows the new msg in web page..if u can follow that u will find it is working..
Re: Now Msnbc wont load rhanee 5/24/11 11:47 PM
I have this problem ---- ONLY FOR BIDZ.COM (website) I was able to browse the wed this morning, but later afternoon got this error once I try to log-in.. I need help. Thanks.

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load karadactyl 5/26/11 11:00 PM
I was having this problem and could NOT figure it out for the life of me until I read someone's comment about something blocking IP addresses. I realized I was running PeerBlock. I turned it off and could access the page I was getting the error for before. Hopefully it will continue to work....
Re: Now Msnbc wont load priestessconnie 9/14/11 4:01 PM
Just a short note for those of you discouraged with Chrome. These same errors occur in Firefox and IE. It is not a Chrome issue.

I have read the posts here and else where. Do not bother with the damn repair software. The issue seems to keep coming back to the registry. My problems began after I started using a registry cleaner. Not looking at the individual files because there were over a thousand. So click repair. Now there are sites that are issues., Twitter, another site that turns out to be more advertising than anything, so the common denominator I have found is in the security settings and the registry.

Have yet to work out the kinks since I am not a guru. There are still areas of this that are new to me. As I learn will be happy to share. In the mean time, restoring Windows to an earlier point will not work because it does not change the issue of the registry or the security despite the use of backups with the programs. Though I will be making a shift to an even earlier registry, the first back up, just realized I had not done that. mmmmm.

I have turned of all security programs, reloaded browsers, reset my satellite modem, computer, now I can get Twitter on both browsers. My internet speed has picked up a bit. Now off to try the other solution, restoring my registry to the original.

When clearing the registry it is important to know what it is you are clearing out. :( Take the time to look at the files, trace the links, ensure it is the correct thing to do. Taking my own advice since this is the second time I have said it in the years since I began learning, won't tell you how many, too embarrassing. Suffice it to say I got lazy, now I pay.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load priestessconnie 9/14/11 4:30 PM
Update to my previous post. Have gone through and selected no proxy for all settings. But felt like this was not correct still. So did a search for proxy servers, information, etc. Came across You enter your website address and click browse. The sites I have not been able to access I was able to view, click on other links and go to those pages as well. Java Script is not working in them and you loose a couple other functions. But it is a proxy issue?

Try it out yourself. See if that is your issue. Will keep on working on this since I am not in favor of defeat or grumbling. Rather do my work and fix it.

Catch up later, got to get off my butt. Spent three hours doing this research for the third day in a row. But will keep drilling down...

Bless you.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Sneed2 9/14/11 10:22 PM
Yes. I have noticed that when I turn off "Webroot Spysweeper" on my computer I am able to view MSMBC and other network websites. These websites apparently use an "advertisement" type cookie which gets blocked by some real time spy blockers...
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Gene Vetter 11/18/11 7:41 PM
On my system, this problem is being caused by McAfee Internet Security Version 11.0.623.

If you're using McAfee, here's the fix.

Open the main McAfee window by double clicking on the McAfee icon. Now,

Select 'Web and Email Protection'
Select 'Firewall'
Select 'Internet Connections for Programs'

Scroll through the list until you find 'Google Chrome'
Click on 'Google Chrome' then select 'Edit'
Now selet 'Full' in the Access selection box (it will probably say 'Outgoing' in that selection box.)

I've done this same fix twice in the last couple of weeks. The second time after a recent McAfee upgrade. The curious thing here, is that Mozilla Firefox is set for 'Outgoing' and it works fine.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load wár17 § 11/18/11 7:43 PM
Gene, it is like McAfee Site Advisor.  I think McAfee has an update to fix the problem..
Re: Now Msnbc wont load sebontheweb 12/6/11 12:41 AM
I only got error 101 when I tried to attempt an https webpage. Using -use-system-ssl argument when starting Chrome solved my issue.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load mickelfeng 1/4/12 7:34 PM
I think there is something wrong with ISP , it is not your Explorer that is at fault. today I meet the same trouble.
Re: Now Msnbc wont load Carlos Nocera 12/2/12 6:03 PM
Que bandeja?
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