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This web page has a redirect loop

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This web page has a redirect loop 3xB 1/28/09 8:38 AM
Re: This web page has a redirect loop RedSaluki 6/15/09 8:45 PM
So, there are a number of pages on the website that when I visit, I get an error that the page has a redirect loop and I cannot load the page. Here is an example:

Sadly, the page loads in IE. What's up with that? How can I stop fro receiving this error?
Re: This web page has a redirect loop fahadash 6/24/10 10:00 AM
This problem is killing me here, I trusted Google Chrome to be the best browser at my workplace. I am fighting with people who ask me not to use Chrome over IE. But this problem is testing my patience.

The page loads on every other browser but Chrome is having problems. And I checked my code, there is NO redirection WHATSOEVER.

Google, please fix it or lose me as user. Please dont make me Go back to IE. I love Chrome but spare me choices please.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop ossd 7/22/10 7:44 PM
I love chrome to bits....  but it really does have several shortcomings.

in addition to the above issues which i've also faced, i've also noticed that my using chrome to view and edit docs and spreadsheets in google docs sucks abit too.

cant really manipulate tables.. and sometimes formatting goes off too...   but everything works well in firefox though.

if your firefox is laggy/bloated/slow....   you might want to try this out.. (windows users)

1. Close Firefox ( if you are running it)
2. go to RUN, type %appdata%/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/ and hit Enter.
3. You should see a folder with random letters and numbers followed by a .default (eg; 79js47nH.default)
4. Go in to the folder and rename the places.sqlite file to places.sqlite.bak or whatever filename.. just in case things go wrong.

on restarting firefox, it will recreate the sqlite file... my firefox worked like new again.  my old file was about 12MB :( mayb thats y...

But for casual surfing.. i still prefer chrome. but when i'm doing development and test... its still got to be FF and IE(because most clients still use it)
Re: This web page has a redirect loop brokenbeep 7/27/10 1:56 PM
I have this problem to. Love Chrome, don't want to switch, but this is shite.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop Yooakim 8/30/10 1:05 PM
Anyone found any solution to this issue?!? It's very furstrating to not be able to access the docs in Google Docs.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop pooja chatra 9/4/10 8:41 AM
I too was getting the same problem. Didnt found any valuable soluntions when googled.
But the problem was gone when i cleared all the history, cookies (all browsing data in Short).

I love chrome to the maximum extent, I hav stopped using other browsers after i started using chorme. Can't leave it so easily for small shortcomings.

Hope this helps any one.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop fahadash 9/8/10 9:12 PM
I have found a solution, I installed "Delete Cookie for This Site" Chrome Extension which puts a brown button next to the address bar, everytime I have this problem, I press that button. Not the elegant solution though.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop yevaep 12/13/10 7:46 PM
I tried the above "Delete Cookie for This Site", and that didn't work, but I did find something that helped my problem. I was having the same redirect loop error when I tried to access my gmail. I went to Chrome Settings (the little wrench) --> Options --> Content Settings --> Show cookies and other site data --> Remove all. I restarted chrome after this and it worked perfectly.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop St.Efan 12/14/10 7:08 AM
Some browser designers assume that users visit one page and never return to it. But that is so last century!  Today, the Internet uses dynamic HTML, server-side languages, cloud computing, and distributed pages.  Applications may involve large loops involving many pages. Such a loop may easily call the same page several times, perhaps to evaluate a special function that requires a user input.  This is NOT redirection, because the page is used in a different context with different parameters.

To declare a redirect error, you need to at least compare the entire page, not just the URL.
And even then, you should offer the user a button to "CONTINUE".
Re: This web page has a redirect loop _zOQui_ 12/19/10 4:36 AM
It only happens with Chrome.

GOOGLERS Please....
Re: This web page has a redirect loop PeteNetLive 3/29/11 1:45 AM
Clearing the cookies sorted it for me
Re: This web page has a redirect loop revbradl 3/30/11 9:05 AM
I too am a Chrome "Evangelist" but this redirect issue is very annoying.  I'm anxious to know how to fix it or have a valid work-around.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop oside 3/30/11 10:38 AM
I agree, I tried just about everything, including reinstalling Chrome and this is the ONLY browser I am having this problem with and it seems to be associated with Facebook in my case.  I am just going to stop using it until they get a solution to this problem.  Firefox works great and it appears they "pared down" the issues of using too much RAM.  Give it a try if you haven't already, I highly recommend it.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop Ace1967 4/11/11 11:31 AM
This worked for me.

Close Chrome.  Go to  Date & Time Properties (right click on the clock in the tool tray and select Adjust Date/Time)  and use the Update Now button on the Internet Time tab.   Mine pointed out that my calendar was a month out. When I started Chrome it went straight into Gmail.  Bingo.  K
Re: This web page has a redirect loop oside 4/11/11 7:22 PM
I checked that and the date and time were correct.  Although the problem did resolve itself over time and I don't seem to be having the problem at the moment, it would be nice to find out why it happened.  I guess I might not ever know.  :-/
Re: This web page has a redirect loop BurhanH 9/23/11 2:47 AM
The solution provided by Ace1967 fixed my problem. It turns out I had accidentally changed the date of my computer while checking my windows calender. The change of date was not only affecting gmail but was also generating "You are not logged in" messages while surfing Facebook.

After adjusting/updating the date/time for the computer, I had to clear all cookies before gmail could start working properly.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop isuruj 12/8/11 12:49 AM
This suddenly started appearing for all the sites.

Then I found I was connected to internet via both Wifi & Wired network.
Disconnecting from wireless network solved the issue. (using only one internet connection was the solution in my case it seems).

Re: This web page has a redirect loop 2/8/12 11:07 AM
i had problem accessing gmail.
adjusting the date and updating time with network server resolved the issue.
just like suggested by Ace1967.

thanks a lot!!!
Re: This web page has a redirect loop Tanuj* 2/14/12 9:32 AM
Hey Guys ,

See reference Google Employee has responded here a while ago.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop GoodHousing 3/1/12 9:14 AM
It sounds like Google's solution is aimed towards restoring access to gmail, but this is really annoying. When I go to my own blog I can't see the ads there, which means some other users accessing my site in Chrome can't see them either. This obviously hurts my ad revenue and makes the site look unprofessional to someone who doesn't quite know what's going on.
Re: This web page has a redirect loop brianmp 7/9/12 7:12 AM
To solve the redirect loop problem: go to the Chrome Web Store and search "cookie".  Download the Edit This Cookie extension.  Go to the page you are having trouble with.  Click on the cookie icon at the top right of the screen.  Click Delete All.
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