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Chrome not working!

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Chrome not working! pureride 11/20/08 2:15 PM
Hi there!
I have a Windows vista 64 bit.  just downloaded chrome and imprted my firefox settings.
Chrome page is blank.  I load a simple page like google or yahoo and nothing loads
just a white page.  No error message no time out nor is there anything that would indicate
that it is even attempting to load.  

My internet connection is solid and my other browsers are loading and surfing fine.

Please help!

Re: Chrome not working! BhaveshGarg 3/15/09 10:11 AM
I am having the same problem. It was working perfctly fine till a day before yesterday..I dont remember exactly what I did to make it stop working.
Re: Chrome not working! sam666 8/6/09 8:18 AM
i had the same issue and ended up uninstalling chrome yesterday as a result since it became useless.  then i got some weird window this morning and after scanning my machine it turns out it was virus infection that affected chrome settings.  after removing the virus and reinstalling chrome, it works perfectly, like it used to.  the specific tool i used was malwarebytes' anti malware, its basic version is free and it worked for me.  note: i tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome prior to knowing about my virus problem, but that did not work.  i hope this helps!
Re: Chrome not working! Harsha... 4/9/10 9:02 AM
i have the same problem. i re-installed it many times, but no use. what to do ?
Re: Chrome not working! anujwadhwa 4/25/10 8:42 PM
hey frnds i am facing same problem, google chrome loads but doesn't do anything, it don't show any error message,
i have tried reinstalling it again and again but that doesnt solve the problem, i have deleted registries and making new user profile, i not getting why its not working. other side my all other web browsers are working fine firefox, opera, IE....

please google help me out, and as i can analysis that this is some kind of update or bug, please help me to fix up my chrome.

Anuj Wadhwa.
Re: Chrome not working! schiavonir 4/27/10 5:45 PM
Same issue here.  I got the "XP Defender Pro" virus.  I was able to remove it with MalwareBytes, and most everything on my computer is back to normal except for Chrome.  I've tried unistalling (with option to delete all data) and reinstalling - no success.  Chrome just sits there spinning when trying to reach a website.  Other browsers work fine.

Please help, I have used Chrome almost exclusively since it was first released!
Re: Chrome not working! frank schroedl 4/28/10 4:27 PM
my google chrome was fine last night.  Now I cant access chrom at all. My computer says its not compatable, doesnt have a 64 bit etc.  Been using chrome for ages.  Have important stuff on tool bar i cant get. In the middle of important essay cant access the information I stored on the website favourites tool bar.  Big dilemma
Re: Chrome not working! Blair (Googler) 4/28/10 5:03 PM
Hey guys,

It sounds like you may have corrupt user profiles. Try following the steps in the link below and let me know if that helps.

I'd also download "Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus" from and do a scan for viruses, to be safe.

Re: Chrome not working! schiavonir 5/3/10 7:34 AM
Hi Blair,
  I tried your suggestion and it didn't seem to work for me.  When I started Chrome back up, it created a new Default profile folder, but still will not load any pages.  It just sits at an hourglass.  IE and Firefox are working fine, and I've cleaned my system, of all viruses.  I've tried the manual uninstall of Chrome using the remove.reg found here as well and no luck.

  Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Chrome not working! jonnyk 5/5/10 9:19 PM

I have the exact same problem, but the user profile fix did not work. I used Malware and it got rid of some bad things (like Antivir, a supposed malware/trojan). But still Chrome is not working! I wish I can get this fixed, I love chrome.

If not, I will most likely format my drive, it needs a cleaning anyways after a few years.... :)
Re: Chrome not working! Blair (Googler) 5/6/10 10:21 AM
Hey guys,

There are a few things that may be causing this. Try the following and let me know if anything helps:

1. Temporarily disable your firewall and try running Chrome. It's possible your firewall is incorrectly blocking Chrome. If disabling helps, see if you can change your firewall's settings to accept Chrome.

2. Temporarily disable your antivirus and try running Chrome. (See explanation for firewall, above.)

3. Try updating your antivirus software and scanning again. If your antivirus is not up to date, it may not be able to detect some malware.

4. Try doing a scan with a different kind of antivirus software, for example Prevx or Spyware Doctor:

5. Try disabling any extensions that relate to proxies: sometimes these can prevent Chrome from loading correctly.

Let me know if this helps!
Re: Chrome not working! gwilson 5/6/10 11:35 AM
Some other possibilities to try:

- Check that your proxy settings are correct.  Chrome uses different proxy settings than Firefox.  You can verify them by going to Wrench menu -> "Under the Hood" -> "Change Proxy Settings" -> "LAN Settings"

- Disable IPV6. Per darthandroid's suggestion in
1. Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings
2. Right click on network adapter -> Properties
3. Uncheck "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)"
4. Click Ok
Please let us know if any of these worked for you!
Re: Chrome not working! drcorrell 5/18/10 2:23 PM
It is a TDSS Rootkit

My CDROM.SYS was infected - run the utility posted here at (yours may be a different file, im just saying, it was a random file that was infected)


someone posted this link, and it worked first try, after a restart (which it asked me, very politely, if i wanted to do)
Re: Chrome not working! marcus.ho 5/23/10 1:13 PM
I have the same problem and it seems to only happen when i am logged onto my default user.  chrome just shows "this webpage is not available"  but i am writing this comment right now using firefox which still works.  

when i log onto administrator using safe mode then chrome works perfectly..

ran TDSSKiller by kaspersky as well as NormanTDSSCleaner (this one i downloaded from their website does not work, just says "The program is outdated and will not run"  TDSSKiller didn't find any infected rootkits..?
Re: Chrome not working! sam666 5/27/10 3:33 PM
hi.  i've had this problem for a while now on my windows xp.  it worked for a while and then it stopped and i had the same not-loading-any-pages problem.  i tried malwarebytes which removed some viruses, but chrome continued not working and i had to switch to firefox.

today i learned that i had "google redirect virus" and used this to fix it:

i reinstalled chrome and now it finally works again.

i hope this helps at least some of you.
Re: Chrome not working! Nithi86 8/28/10 5:04 AM
I to had the same problem when i browsed i find a solution and my chrome works fine

here is the solution 

1.Right click the shortcut of Google Chrome and click the Properties

2.In Target test field it will be something like this( "C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe""  )

3.just add these to that test "-no-sandbox" its look like this ("C:\Documents and Settings\Nattu\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -no-sandbox)

Re: Chrome not working! Muttaqi 9/9/10 6:42 PM
hello guys..... there is a unique problem that i facing.. my google chrome is not working.. it shows an application error.  
"The application failed to intialize properly (0xc0000005). Click ok to terminate application."
then i click ok ... crome then loads and loads.... but dont open any page?? i have also reinstall the chrome. but  useless.. what i do??? plz help me anybody.........??????
Re: Chrome not working! Muttaqi 9/9/10 6:42 PM
Re: Chrome not working! sio2yh2o 9/25/10 11:21 AM
---- Great call on the no sandbox. Although that -no-sandbox addendum didn't work were able to check an app setting that was showing "never run in sandbox" beautifully.
Re: Chrome not working! imerebus 10/14/10 9:51 PM
i use winXP SP2.....i just created a new dialup connection to my broadband router and then after some time deleted it......after deleting it, my chrome stopped loads, but remains blank and doesn't open any sites......but my other browsers are working fine.....

out of all the solutions in this thread, i found that only this solution worked for me.....a big THANK YOU for the user 'drcorrell' who posted this ^_^  ::::
Re: Chrome not working! themacmeister 10/16/10 2:27 AM
I had the identical problem - Chrome not running after install, or displaying a single page (although IE and Firefox still worked). Turns out I had the TDL3 rootkit. Main symptom was random redirects from Google search in Firefox. (xxxxxxxxxx.xxxx/go.php?xxxxx)

I found the rootkit with HitMan Pro 3.5 (30 day free trial)
I removed the rootkit with RegRun Reanimator (free) and RegRun CD (AUS$16)

Chrome working perfectly again :-D
Re: Chrome not working! ksbtlb 7/27/11 12:58 PM
I have a Windows 7, 64 bit. Last night when I logged on it only loaded the tool bar & address bar, and about 1% of the page, and quit! It's crashes alot. I have the reports setting check to send report, now it just load the tool bar & address bar!  Please help!!!!
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