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Search in address bar doesn't work

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Search in address bar doesn't work Improver 1/25/10 12:45 AM
Typing a word in address bar and pressing enter. It worked previously. Now it does nothing.
Tried the following:
- restart chrome
- type and try search there - does nothing
- change search engine

Nothing helped.

Google Chrome version : unknown (36714)
Operating System: XP
URLs (if applicable):
Error Message: No2010-01-25

Update: Yahoo engine worked, the response was unusually slow. Google engine still doesn't work.

Re: Search in address bar doesn't work dwight.stegall 1/25/10 1:02 AM
do the following but don't install bookmarks, passwords, or extensions until you are sure this will fix your problem

How To Make A New Chrome Profile

Try this and see if it fixes your problem.

Open the Bookmark Manager CTRL+SHIFT+B > Tools > Export bookmarks to your desktop. After you make your new profile import the bookmarks back into Chrome.

Right-click on the shortcut you click on to open Chrome and click on Properties. Add "-enable-udd-profiles" without the quotes to the Target: in the Shrortcut Tab (make certain you leave a space between what's already in the Target: box and -enable-udd-profiles) click OK to save it and close Chrome. Reopen it and press CTRL+M to create a new Chrome profile. This will make a new shortcut on your desktop to this new profile. After you are finished setting up the new profile delete the old shortcut to your original profile.

When you enter your new profile open the Bookmarks Manager CTRL+SIFT+B > Tools Tab > Import Bookmarks. You will have to reinstall all of your extension if you had any. All of your passwords will be gone too. Open Notepad and go back to your old profile and type them into Notepad. Go to these sites and sign in to save the usernames and passwords in Chrome's new profile. Save that Notepad file in case this happens again. As you sign up for new sites add the username and password to that Notepad file for safe-keeping.

After you get your new profile set up and the extensions, bookmarks, and passwords reestablished use this app to backup your Chrome profile. Back it up occasionally to prevent losing so much next time.
Re: Search in address bar doesn't work Improver 1/25/10 7:22 AM
Thank you dwight for the swift response, but before I could implement what you suggesting I needed to restart the PC twice (other things didn't work OK as well). After the 2nd restart Chrome search became to work as expected. Not surer what problem was. Thank you any way.
Re: Search in address bar doesn't work ZudnicBC 9/29/10 2:52 PM
Thank you.  This is a commonly referred to solution to this problem, but does not solve it.  There are lots of people out there who have this problem.  For me, it is holding me back from using this otherwise excellent browser.