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Chrome does not download files anymore...

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Chrome does not download files anymore... chocobanana 2/3/09 3:17 AM

Whenever I click any link to download a file via HTTP in Google Chrome, nothing happens. It works just fine in Opera and IE7 and it used to work in Chrome before...

Any ideas please?

Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... kevinstonge 2/3/09 3:39 AM
I will start by saying that downloading in Chrome works for me (using
Here are some thoughts:
Have you opened the download manager by pressing CTRL+J to view your current downloads (if any) and your download history?
Have you checked your downloads folder?
Have you tried downloading multiple different filetypes from multiple different websites? (if this is happening only in specific cases it may be a bug that needs reporting--or perhaps already has been reported)
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... chocobanana 2/4/09 6:13 AM

No downloads are started
No files appear in the download location
Happens with different filetypes
Works on an admin account but not on a Standard User account (though it used to work)
Already deleted the Preferences folder from Application Data
OS is WinXP
One important note: The standard Chrome is installed per account and not system wide. I actually installed Chrome via the Google pack in order to have a system wide installation.

Thanks! :)
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... wackyshaun 2/4/09 10:15 PM
I am also having this same problem.  I haven't had time to really diagnose it, but it seems like I can download one file.  Then the rest of the time the download hangs and says "Starting...".  If I close and reopen, then I can download one more file and the cycle repeats.  I didn't used to have this problem.

Some info about my installation:
I am using a different profile
I am on Windows 7, but it was doing the same thing in Vista
I am on the dev channel (currently

That is about as far as my troubleshooting had gone.  I guess I'll just keep downloading in another browser until the problem goes away.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... chocobanana 2/5/09 7:37 AM

Forgot to mention that I'm currently running Chrome v1.0.154.48.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... mkn 3/27/09 5:31 AM
I just experienced my first total hang with Chrome. I had started a large download an hour ago and tried to start another. What happened was that the download would not start and after a couple of trials I ended up in a total freeze and had to kill Chrome from the task manager.

I strongly suspect that the programming model is NOT "separate processes for each tab" as nothing like this should happen if this were the case.

bad bad bad
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... defaultuser 4/18/09 12:21 PM
I am experiencing this same problem, using XP and Chrome
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... fillupt 4/27/09 4:16 AM
Same problem here. Never used to happen. Win 7 Beta 7000, Chrome Downloads 'stall' on 'Starting'. A file is created, but never starts downloading. Currently working around by right clicking -> Save link as... This works fine.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... crazycrazyalex 5/17/09 5:28 AM
I am also having the same problem as mentioned on the top...only my account IS an admin account, and still does not download...nothing shows up in the downloads tab...ughhh hate copying and pasting into IE to download things...
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... makeroftoys 5/31/09 3:49 PM
WE ALL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. Will someone from Chrome explain what is going on????? Downloads don't work!
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... fillupt 7/2/09 8:03 PM
Just an update - Installed RC 1 and then re-installed Chrome and it's fine.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... RobinAvigilon 7/24/09 5:03 AM
Did anyone find a fix for this problem? I could do with having a fix without exiting the browser as I have a large online project I have designed and do not want to quit without saving. I notice not much response from Google here
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... ewalzel 7/26/09 5:22 AM
Hey everyone, I might have a temporary solution. It has probably something to do with writing permissions in the temp folder. There might be a way to fix this properly, but I haven't found it yet, so here's my (little obscure) way:

1. create a folder named 'test' on your c: drive (c:\test)
2. create a new text file and paste this text inside:

set tmp=C:\test
start /max C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

3. save it with a .bat extension = create a batch file (e.g. chromelauncher.bat)
4. run the batch file (you can also point your desktop shortcut to it)

For me, this solves the problem with downloads. It probably doesn't work when chrome is opened by other application. And it doesn't moderate the disappointment.

I'm running Vista, but it might also work for XP if you change the second line in the batch file... who knows.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... dr4cul4 10/24/09 2:07 PM
I have same issue on 3 machines (one of them has 3 accounts). The funny part is that it worked fine before clean system installation, but only on one account (of 2). I have no idea what the problem is. I can't save or download anything... windows just don't appear.

Issue happened on Vista and Win7.

I've installed Chrome several times using different installers and versions and nothing helped.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... dr4cul4 10/24/09 2:11 PM
Found solution thanks to ewalzel.

It is permission problems on temp folder. Some people like me keep to make things clean, so I remove local tem and tmp variable from user profile (Standard system wide %windir%\temp is used then). As it turns out it has no permissions for users, so I just added Everyone group with Full Control and it works.

I even didn't have to restart Chrome :D
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... Boatner 12/2/09 5:51 PM
That was it.  I had installed Windows 7 x64 and initially installed Chrome as a local user with admin privileges.  Later, I joined the domain and began using my domain account.  After installing Chrome in the new profile, downloads no longer worked.  I simply navigated to c:\windows\temp using windows explorer and was prompted that I didn't have access.  Simply clicking allow gave me back permanent access to that folder.  Chrome file downloads are now working again.  Thanks dr4cul4.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... shadowkras 2/9/10 11:57 AM
Im using Windows XP and i have this problem, i have modified my temp/tmp folders left and right and still cant solve this issue, it seemed to work fine until i reformated my OS partition 2 weeks ago, now it cant download any files anymore, but it still saves files on the temp folder.
I run as admin, so i dont even have the option to set permissions to folders.

Would be nice if someone from google could answer this topic.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... bpempire 2/23/10 2:27 PM
In win 7 I found that for some reason I didn't have access to the users folder (even though I could access my documents) something must've screwed it up.. All I did was take ownership of the users folder and then I could access the whole folder which in turn fixed chrome downloading!

In short, it's system permissions to where chrome default saves the files.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... RandolphScott 3/17/10 4:32 PM
I recently re-installed XP (and Chrome) and encountered this problem. The cause of my problem was that due to a dodgy install I had deleted:
\Documents and Settings\_Usernamegoeshere_\Local Settings\Temp

Creating a new 'Temp' folder fixed everything. Perhaps the folder permissions fixes of dr4cul4 and Boatner can also be applied here.

Gotta say though Google's support on this topic is pretty dire given that the fix is so simple. Oh wells...
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... kuttere 4/13/10 11:22 AM
ewazel nailed it.  I just changed the access permissions of my c:\tmp folder to full control for all users and it started working (Properties/Security).  Also got it working by disabling User Account Control but didn't care much for that solution.  I always chang my default Temp folder to c:\tmp.  Wonder if this isn't more pervasive because it only happens to people who change this.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... JF0rd 6/7/10 9:16 AM
None of these worked for me.

I redirected the downloads to another folder, and it worked.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... saroth78 8/21/10 3:14 PM
wow. first off i must say what a joke. I am having a similar problem. I was downloading fine until i got a message saying this website is trying to download multiple files, allow or disallow? I had downloaded multiple files earlier, but wasnt when i got that message. so to be on the safe side, i clicked do not allow. Now however i am not able to download at all from that site, and there i cannot find any option to undo or to allow downloads again! obviously based on the post's above, almost 2 dozen other people have similar problems. Does google try to answer? well if you thought so u thought wrong. only one response from google, which was very poor and useless. The responses from other users was far more helpful in pointing me in the right direction than this idiot from google. maybe google should hire them. I mean come on, this guys response is, "did you check your download folder, history, and manager?"  Really bro?  If we were that dumb and computer illiterate we wouldnt even be able to install the browser much less run it. This dolt kevin stonge needs to go back to computers 101. And he is a level 9 user? I'm starting to see the problem. Up until this I was very happy with google and chrome, making it my default browser since i first used it. other than chrome having to close for some strange reason a few times early on i've had no problems. But now safari is looking good again. And half the reason is googles lack of support. But if i cant download what good is this browser? sorry for the rant but this is ridiculous.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... peasoup77 8/24/10 9:04 AM
I found this on another thread.  It may be of help to some of your problems.  I too, inadvertently, clicked the disallow button and am unable to download any attachments from my gmail.

"Hey All, I went into Options > Minor Tweaks > Ask where to save each file before downloading; check that box and save.  Then I tried to DL and the box comes up asking me where to save my file.  I hit cancel.  Then I did the same steps as above and unchecked it the "Ask where to save..." - hit ok and try to DL again - that seems to re-set the download limitation for me.  You will get the box that says "website's trying to download multiple files..." - be sure to click yes this time.  Hope it works for you!"
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... Sir Francisco 9/17/10 3:47 PM
I'm using Google Chrome on a Mac with OS v10.6.4 and having a terrible time with downloads that stall and get stuck, and I'm unable to resume them or "refresh" them or anything without killing each process and going back to the source and doing it over again. The problem is inconsistent; there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason when it happens. Sometimes a "do over" works just fine.

I'm interested in a Google fix, of course, but otherwise, is there a recommended download manager for Mac OS that integrates well with Google Chrome?
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... the.esol.tutor 9/22/10 1:02 PM
It shouldn't be this hard, tried various suggestions about but still cannot download anything from my email acc so am going to go back to my old browser.  Crap!  Unless someone has fixed it....please share
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... ipsc omen 9/30/10 1:49 PM
Is there ANYONE here from Google, actually reading any of this??? I have the same shit, works fine, then, all of the sudden, Chrome under XP, it starts to download, and it either gets stuck in "starting" or appears to finish, but when I try to open the file, it tells me permission denied (Windows tells me that, which leads me to think that Google still has it opened). What a POS...
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... b.sawdon 10/20/10 3:56 AM
Will someone explain why the much vaunted chrome will not download please
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... csyoung 11/6/10 11:34 AM
I have the same problem and so will stop using Chrome on this machine until there is a working solution.  I have tried the changing permissions stuff.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... piglipstick 12/4/10 7:47 PM
Yep same problem. Chrome working on this same XP machine for about the last 17 years with no issues now it seems downloads won't work at all.  IE loves to download the exact same link that Chrome craps out on. Firefox loves to download the same links that Chrome craps out on. Everybody is happy but Chromey.  

As mentioned above it seems to be two step / two symptom failure: First click on the link it looks like it's done immediately but there is no actual file downloaded. Second try it gets hung at "starting" and "0.0MB of x.xMB".  

Suckage!  Oh well my Firefox needed upgrading anyway guess I"m back to using that or Opera or IE. 
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... devnullius d 12/27/10 2:00 PM
I got an error stating that I had no permission to save file to my download folder (Windows 7 x86 Ultimate, Chrome 9 beta).

I was downloading multiple files, and suddenly I got this strange problem.

First of, all files weren't named correctly (eg. setup.exe would be named - something like that:). Then, after trying to save, I would get permission saving denied error.

I did not had access to Windows\temp folder - but that did not fix it.

What fixed it, was that the attribute (see properties of folder) Read-only was ON. Turning it of, including for sub-folders solved both problems.

Thanx : )


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Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... frettfreak 1/6/11 12:19 PM
SERIOUSLY GOOGLE... i LOVE chrome.. but FIX THIS CRAP!  I Sometimes downloads work.. but MOST the time, they don't.  I will get a potion of a file, but it always hangs somewhere...IE and Firefox with the same link, same file have NO problems!!!!  Seriously.. GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... congosto 1/20/11 1:20 AM
I ALWAYS have to click again to download because the first time ALWAYS gets stuck ate the beginning and the file NEVER starts downloading. This in snot intermittent, it happens with all files i try to download: first click file does not start downloading, second time works fine. Suckage.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... wii_tweety 2/23/11 3:44 AM
I have the same issue , i am using Google chrome ( on Mac OS X 10.6.4 , many windows users have written about the temp folder issue .. i am not sure if there is an equivalent of that for mac as well... please help. anyone from google listening or you dont care about user base anymore ....
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... slgray16 3/11/11 6:04 AM
ewalzel's suggestion solved my issue.    I was on XP.

I looked at the folder permissions for c:\temp and my user account only had the special permissions checked.   I gave myself full control over the folder and the next download I clicked on started working.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... elcoñodelamadre 3/20/11 3:05 AM
EVERY TIME I try to download ANYTHING chrome starts downloading but not really it stops at "iniciando" and DOES NOT DOWNLOADS.

HOWEVER PLEASE READ: if i click A SECOND TIME on download link then it beging downloading fine, this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Its really rustrating when you try to download from this free services taht only allows one download per hor. OMG!!!!!! This kinds of frustrations ony MICROSOFT was able provide.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... samson212 5/23/11 10:27 AM
I also have this problem (downloads get stuck when they're almost finished). Interestingly enough, after googling around for about fifteen minutes, I went back to the Downloads page, and the download was working fine. Didn't really do ANYTHING in the interim, it just started up again.
Was anyone else streaming video while downloading?

I'm running Chrome 11.0.696.68 on Mac OS 10.6.7 build 10J869.

This is a deal breaker for me, even though it started working again. Going back to Safari, I think.
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... ZarkoBBB 5/27/11 7:12 AM
This is really annoying. I have a same symptoms as samson212 but on Windows 7 x64. Also I wasn't that lucky, download don't work anymore, even if I try to download something from gmail. Is it a normal that since 2 years ago this problem is persistent and still not repaired? I use Google Chrome 12.0.742.68 beta-m.
A big minus for google developers. Two years, that's a lot!
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... ewalzel 5/27/11 8:56 AM
ZarkoBBB, try a stable version rather than Beta. If that doesn't work, can you provide us with a list of your running processes? (Do this by executing `tasklist` (without the quotes) from your command prompt:
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... ewalzel 5/27/11 9:03 AM
ah, and this might be of some interest to some:
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... cmitsolutions 7/12/11 7:28 AM
I started having this problem two weeks ago when I upgraded to 12.  

After reading this thread, I looked at where my downloads were set to save and realized that it was pointing at an alias to a directory on another drive.  I changed the location to point at the directory itself, not the alias and it works fine.

I'm on a MacBook pro with OS 10.6.8
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... Newbie_2 8/3/11 10:34 PM
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... Negeen E. 9/1/15 12:54 PM
Hey Internet People!

This is an issue from a very old version of Chrome, if you're experiencing a similar issue and dr4cul4's and ewalzel's solutions didn't work for you, please search our forums for another solution and definitely start a new thread so someone from the Chrome team can help you!!

Happy Interneting!!
Re: Chrome does not download files anymore... David Watson 101 9/3/15 4:53 PM
I am having the same problem. Chrome Version 44.0.2403.157 m
I have cleared my history, done a full CCleaner on it. Only lets me down load one item and then locks up with any more down loads. I have checked windows explore to see if the first item has been down load and it has. The second one shows that it's thinking about down load but nothing ever happens. It has a name, and the circle just rotates for ever.
The only thing that has worked for me is a complete reboot. I am using Windows 7-64.
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