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Full-size screen problem in Chrome

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Full-size screen problem in Chrome Gilad_T 5/22/09 5:57 AM
Hey everyone.

I am using Chrome for a couple of months and it works fantastic.
Yesterday, I wanted to maximize the screen (I'm usually using it minimized) and Chrome disappeared.
I found out it was at the taskbar, so I opened it again, and I saw only the tabs above. Then I tried to minimize it again, and it worked, but I need it maximized.

Thank you,

I will provide pictures if needed.

Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Toni (Googler) 5/22/09 1:59 PM
Hi Gilad_T,

To help us investigate, can you provide us with the OS and Google Chrome version you're using? In addition, as you mentioned, seeing an image of the issue you're describing would help greatly! Can you provide us with a screenshot of Google Chrome minimized, and what it looks like when you try to maximize it? After taking the screenshot, you can use a free service such as Picasa Web Albums (check out link below) to upload the image to a URL that we can access.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome SawJi 5/22/09 3:25 PM
I'm using XP, SP3 with the same problem (Chrome version I tried uninstalling completely and reinstalling but it didn't fix it.
Not full screen:
It works fine when not maximized.
Full screen:
The black is not in the google chrome window, that is my desktop background. This never happened before I upgraded to the new version.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome dickey500 5/22/09 5:31 PM
Yup - I'm having the same problem.  Upgraded to v2 and can't maximize.  I've discovered that it's not the absolute size of the window either.  I can stretch the top/sides to full screen, but if I hit the maximize key, all I get is the tabs and menu area - no page.  I'm using XP SP3 as well.  Strangely, it worked just fine on my laptop. I tried to get a crash log as instructed - but there is nothing in the log.  Also, as stated above, a full manual uninstall/reinstall did not fix the problem.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome dickey500 5/23/09 3:51 AM
One other thing to mention:  When the page is "maximized" and gets screwy (as mentioned above)  there appears to be a constant page refresh from the bottom up - like banding on a tube TV.  There's this constant "invisible" line that you can see on the whole screen that is constantly scrolling up - almost like the refresh frequency on the monitor was dropped down to 1Hz.  The refreshing line won't let you right click on icons as it constantly erases the right-click menu after you open it.

It should also be noted that when I hit ctrl-alt-del and check the running processes there are multiple instances of chrome running even though I've only started it once.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Raging 5/23/09 6:39 AM
I am having the exact same problem. Does anyone know if there is a fix, because this is getting very annoying. And I guess I have to resort back to firefox :(
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome desert102 5/23/09 9:37 AM
I have the same problem as well.  I just upgraded to version 2 and now when i try to maximize it, it just disappears to the task bar.  The only way to get it back to my scsreen is to hit restore on the task bar. I hope this problem is fixed or i may have to go back to firefox or something.  By the way i am running XP sp2.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Gilad_T 5/23/09 2:17 PM
I am using Chrome (yeah, I updated it)
Pictures of Google Chrome while minimized\maximized (NO, I am NOT using Vista - this is XP SP3).
I hope anyone knows this problem.

Thanks a lot!
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome SawJi 5/23/09 5:17 PM
I noticed that you, Gilad_T also have an alienware theme. I tried turning off the theme and voila, chrome worked normally. I'm not sure why but for some reason, the new version of chrome doesn't play well with alienware themes. If you really want to use chrome, you could turn off your theme but I hope someone can find another solution to this.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome desert102 5/23/09 9:28 PM
That must be it, because i also have the alienware theme on my desktop.  So i guess that we have figured it out.  The alienware theme is causing google chrome to behave weirdly.  Thats a shame because i really like my theme (I am using darkstar).  Anyways i hope google will make chrome compatible with alienware themes.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Gilad_T 5/24/09 3:07 AM
Yeah -  you guys are right.
I just turned off my theme and it works...
It's hard to say "thanks a lot" because this is not the real solution - I hope Google will fix this bug (and of course other bugs) very soon.

But still... THANKS!
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Raging 5/24/09 3:10 PM
Wow, Never thought that the alienware theme could cause something like this. But yeah, I also have the alienware theme. Thanks!
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome dickey500 5/25/09 3:35 AM
I took a hint from the posts above and removed my WindowBlinds theme - VIOLA! - chrome now works just fine maximized

Turn off any custom desktop themes and see what happens.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Toni (Googler) 5/26/09 3:27 PM
Nice job on figuring this out, guys! This goes to show how sharing each other's experiences on the same issue can lead us to discover what the common culprit was for those affected.

I've filed a bug for this issue (included in the below reference) so that our team can look into a fix.

Thanks everyone!

Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome prazad 5/28/09 5:10 AM
ohh....thank you so much.. I gotcha!
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome iambbs 6/7/09 12:14 PM
Simply adding a rull to Windowblind's per application presets and disabling skining chrome also works.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome geoandes 6/7/09 2:36 PM

I had this same problem. When I maximized chrome, it will only show a portion of the browser at the top, and then start flashing. There was no way of closing the program after that.
I fixed the problem by:
1. Uninstalling and re-installing chrome (full uninstall, including the user profile stuff. You can always back up those setting and add them later to you new installation)
2. Updating to the latest graphic driver. In my case was a NVIDIA driver I got from NVIDIA direclty, not from DELL (the manufacter of my PC).

- I have windows blinds running. You dont have to disable it completely, just add chrome to the 'per application settings' and tell it not to skin it.

I hope this helps.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Jrod22too 6/9/09 11:49 AM
As Geoandes said, Windows Blinds was causing the same issue for me.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome villinius 6/10/09 9:34 AM
Uninstalling Alienware worked for me as well. Thanks all!
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome edumgr 6/12/09 4:45 PM
OK.. So I have the same problem, and I use Alienware's GUIse theme manager. The culprit is Window Blinds. One piece of information that I can give is that I've been running Chrome without a hitch forever. This issue started today when I visited a web page (linked from an email). **Salesforce resized my screen**, and now whenever I go into Chrome (MAXIMIZED), it shows the top 25% of the screen. If I select RESTORE, it comes fine.. I hope this tidbit of info helps.  I tried reverting to Windows default, and Chrome now works fine. When I reapply the XenoMorph theme *without* window blinds, Chrome still works fine. When I apply XenoMorph theme with WindowBlinds option, Chrome breaks again. Could it have something to do with XenoMorph bug? Stardocks forum states :"Turns out that Chrome and Object Dock have several compatibility issues that are still being looked at. Once the beta of Chrome is released and we get the full version more attention can be made to getting the Dock and Chrome to play nice. Sorry for the trouble."

Hope someone finds a fix :-). I'll keep playing.
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome edumgr 6/12/09 4:49 PM
I was wondering if maybe there is a setting in the registry which shows the size. I'm not smart enough to determine, but maybe the though helps someone else find it..
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome mael2000 6/13/09 2:08 AM
bonjur en france aussi nous avons ce probleme entre chrome et alienware domage je vais devoir arreter chrome car j'aime trop mon theme
Re: Full-size screen problem in Chrome Takara 9/1/09 6:09 AM
I am having the same problem. not exactly happy that I need remove the alien wear theme. so back to Firefox for me. at it works fine. no impressed with chrome
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