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Chrome Using 100% of CPU

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Chrome Using 100% of CPU I Hear ALL 9/19/11 9:05 PM
Google Chrome version: 14.0.835.163
Operating System:Win 7 64 bit
Error Message: N/A
Extensions installed: All disabled

Chrome is now instantly usinng 100% of one of my cores on the cpu ever since the latest update. It will take 20-30 seconds to load (the instant I click on the shortcut my cpu usage goes down). I have yet to figure out why this is happening. This will happen without fail upon loading.

I disabled all addons (which took ages due to unresposiveness) and this did not change anything. I cannot view any webpages as chrome is unable to load the cache (will take about 10-15min to load google homepage).

I have tried clearing the cahe (which again took some time to process) but to no effect.

Is there a problem with the latest build or is it just me? and if so what could cause this.

Thanks in advanced2011-09-20

I have done as sugested by wár17 § and it is the Browser that is using the cpu in the chrome task manager, I also do not have Offline Mail

Also I have had a new tab and nothing else open for a while now and it seems to be eating ram, usage is climing at around 8Kb/s and now sitting on 75Mb with 25%(one core) CPU usage for the browser alone.
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU wár17 § 9/19/11 9:55 PM
Open the Task Manager by going to Wrench icon > Tools > Task Manager.

See which process is using up all the CPU or Memory. 

Do you have Gmail Offline installed.  Uninstall it and delete it from Task Manager: Background page: Offline Google
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU Zetastate 9/20/11 12:50 PM
This happens on a couple of my computers at home. It only started doing it a little while back and mostly seems to be with Flash sites. I would love to find a fix for this before the fans blow out of the back of the computers.
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU wár17 § 9/20/11 2:23 PM
Zerastate, what have you done to troubleshoot?  Look at your task manager?  Reinstall Flash player?
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU I Hear ALL 9/20/11 4:05 PM
My problem doesnt appear to be connected to flash, as it happens almost instantly when I start chrome. I now also need to end the chrome process in task manager (windows one) as it doesnt seem to end when I close the program.
It appears that this is not caused by any individual tab but by the chrome program itself.
Thanks for your help
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU wár17 § 9/20/11 4:12 PM
I Hear ALL, if you have not done so, back up your bookmarks and create a new profile. See reference below

Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU I Hear ALL 9/20/11 4:17 PM
Thankyou It looks like this worked, must have been something that I had installed, either extension or app causing this.

Thanks Again!!!!
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU Zetastate 9/21/11 7:32 AM
@ wár17 § - I have done everything I could think of. I looked in the Chrome task manager and, sure enough, it is the Flash plugin running my CPU at 40-50%, not the tab specifically. I uninstalled and deleted everything (0user profile included), uninstalled the Flash plugin that was installed with Firefox and then reinstalled Chrome.  Then, I synced it and had my kid log back into one of the Flash games on Facebook that kills the CPU (this one is Stoned Cows). It was immediately back to between 40-50%. I am stumped. And irritated, tbh.
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU Zetastate 9/21/11 7:35 AM
Actually, I didn't delete the folder referenced in the link above. I will try it and get back to you.
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU Zetastate 9/25/11 12:23 PM
So, that didn't work. It seems to be just crazy cpu usage by the Flash plugin. I am afraid it is going to kill my kids computer.
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU jit1 11/10/11 5:54 PM
while none of the solution listed worked ; i found this one myself and it worked for me:
rename chrome.exe to chrome2.exe or whatever you want.exe
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU zlover2011 11/25/11 10:37 PM
I unistalled the Skype addin (icon was to the right of the address bar). Seems to have done the trick.
Re: Chrome Using 100% of CPU christmw2503 3/10/12 4:41 AM
Hi. I had the same problem. I solved it by disabling an extension called "GMAIL CHECKER".