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A weird display of webpages.

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A weird display of webpages. Geneaux 3/27/10 1:10 PM
This doesn't happen all the time but occasionally. Its hard to describe but what happens once it connects, reads the coding of the webpage(any webpage), and begins to display, I get weird characters. Text and content become out of place. These strange characters look like this . Once I refresh the page, it displayed the way it should be. Not serious though but sort of annoying.

PS: At the time I made this post I wasn't using the same user account I would ordinarily use. However, Google Chrome which is installed on my main user account, I have this same issue. It has much more extensions installed compared to the one im using right now and it has the same issue stated above as well.

Google Chrome version: (Official Build 42199) unknown
Operating System: Windows XP SP3
URLs (if applicable):whatever webpage your looking at
Error Message: none
Extensions installed:
Clickable Links (enabled)
Downloads (enabled)
Go Extensions (enabled)
Google Translate (enabled)
History Button (enabled)
Sexy Undo Close Tab (enabled)
Symtica (enabled)
TabsPreview (enabled)2010-03-27

EDIT: Where it says "These strange characters look like this", I meant to paste those characters but i lost that data when doing something else. Plus I refreshed the page from which it was found.

Re: A weird display of webpages. dwight.stegall 3/27/10 3:20 PM
Report Chrome bugs and broken websites directly to Chrome's Engineers this way If you are having problems with a certain web page go to it first. Then follow the previous information to report it. The form will send a screen-shot of the page so the engineers can see first-hand what is wrong. Here you will find many Google Chrome questions that have already answered by Google Employees