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Downloads not starting

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Downloads not starting Gruven 1/1/09 6:35 PM
As of today when I go to download any file in Chrome all I get is "starting" yet nothing happens. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome and cleared all settings related to Chrome and my download history with no success.2009-01-02

Let me also say that when I go to the download folder to delete the temp file that is placed before the download starts it can not be deleted unless I use Unlocker and force a delete.  IE's calling me again.

Re: Downloads not starting txjudo 1/4/09 10:08 AM
I have been getting the same error.  No downloads are starting.  This actually started happening yesterday from what I can tell.
Re: Downloads not starting Gruven 1/5/09 7:49 PM
I can't believe no one can help with this problem. Chrome is suckin' right about now.
Re: Downloads not starting Shawn (Googler) 1/6/09 4:47 PM
Hey guys,

We're aware of this issue and are working on it. You can view status updates in the below report.

Re: Downloads not starting Jazh 2/28/09 11:46 AM
This issue seems to continue, the "Starting" issue seems to occur on the second file being downloaded when attempting to download multiple files.
Re: Downloads not starting HKinks 12/5/09 11:04 AM
almost 10 months passed, yet this issue occurs for me with some downloads.
Re: Downloads not starting Ranch 1/22/10 8:14 PM
I having the same issue. Its just saying Starting but nothing happen. I have to open some links for more than 5 or 6 times to get them to start downloading. Annoying part is that I have to go and delete the ghost files Chrome created every time!
Re: Downloads not starting Gruven 1/22/10 11:02 PM
Google has their heads up their backside. I ended up doing a clean win7 install and that fixed it
Re: Downloads not starting p33pm3 3/20/10 8:01 AM
I've got the same issue too. I cleared out the browsing data but issue persisted. After checking, my default download directory is to my secondary drive which is already at 0MB free space. Clearing the browsing data had no effect at all since it was stored at primary drive. After freeing up some space on my secondary drive, download was back to normal again. Hope this helps!
Re: Downloads not starting markhi43 2/17/11 1:14 AM
This problem has been pissing me off for ages!!

I have a solution that worked for me, after trawling through forums to no avail!!

Settings>Options>Under The Bonnet tab>Scroll down to downloads and change download location to elsewhere.

Myn was set to XP Default (Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Downloads), I changed it to (Desktop) and after hours of my life wated i can now download on chrome :-)

Hope it works for you!
Re: Downloads not starting tann98 3/12/11 9:11 PM
I had this problem, but I found out that it was just that where I was trying to download the files to didn't have enough space for most of the files I tried to download.

I hope this helps. :)