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Unable to open Chrome at all

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Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/16/09 4:46 AM
i have been installing and reinstalling Google Chrome several times. I have even downloaded it again and again, and even tried downloading the offline installer. But the problem still persist.

after every installation, i dont remember whether there should be a notification that Google Chrome has successfully been installed or not... but if they dont, then they should... so anyway after it has been installed (start menu shows Google Chrome available), when i click its icon, nothing happens. Even when i monitor the Task Manager, there is no chrome.exe at all.

i have done as what the forum has explained, i added Chrome into the exclusion list of windows firewall and kaspersky AV, and i even closed both programs (close Kaspersky and disable windows firewall)... the result is the same. Have also tried renaming the "User Data" folder, still the same.

Please help, thank you.

p/s: i'm using Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all PGS 5/17/09 8:53 AM
I also experience this silent launch failure issue, except that it occurs after Chrome has been working for weeks.  However for me, a re-install corrects the problem.  I suspect that a Google update failure is behind the trouble, but I do not know where to find evidence of that.  I am running Windoze Vista 64, with which I have very few problems.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 9:29 AM
this problem happens to me when i just formatted my pc, when i was reinstalling everything back including Chrome, other than Chrome everything works as usual..
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/17/09 9:50 AM
miskol, let's do this so this will be easy to solve

uninstall chrome,
the do the manual uninstall
and make sure you merge the info in the registry successfully 

then install the beta version from this link

and get back with your results

Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 10:11 AM
thank you for the support.

however please note that i cannot make sure that i successfully merge the info in the registry.
because when downloading the remove.txt and set it to save as remove.reg and chose the "All files" at the end the file is saved as remove.reg.txt. even when re-downloading there's confirmation for me to replace the "remove.reg"... at the it is still saved as remove.reg.txt

double clicking it, it still opens in notepad, thus i think it does not successfully merge in the registry.
please do something with the uploaded file. i see that that file is already uploaded as remove.txt, why not upload it only as remove (no file type).

or is it because of my pc protection that i cannot rename it successfully??
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 10:17 AM
My PC info:

Windows XP SP3
Kaspersky Internet Security
Windows Firewall Enabled
Spyware Doctor
SpyHunter 3.5.11
Currently using Mozilla Firefox 3.0 (hopefully to get back Chrome working, so i can use it as usual)
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/17/09 10:41 AM
ok, for now, let's skip this remove.reg step, but just so you know, i am not a google employee, and i hate that they called this
file a .txt one.... however, let's move along ;

install the beta version from the link 

and then tell me what you see in wrench->about (wrench is the rightmost icon on the address bar)

also, if this does not work, try to disable KIS, and see if it solves it

Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 10:47 AM
thanks again for still supporting me, i appreciate this.

please also note that i have successfully able to do the remove.reg thing, i changed it into .reg and also change the "open with" to use regedit.exe.
then i tried to delete Chrome folder, but its not there.

so i continued with the installation, but the result is still the same. and i tried it twice just to make sure.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/17/09 10:49 AM
but just to be clear, can you do the wrench->about i asked you ? this will give me info about what you have
just paste the version here
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 10:55 AM
"and then tell me what you see in wrench->about (wrench is the rightmost icon on the address bar)"

i dont understand the request... are u asking me to look in the Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Chore Installation bar? i cant even open Chrome when it's installed.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/17/09 11:00 AM
ok, i was hoping you get something going............

can you disable your anti virus ? 
i mean even if chrome is a mess, it should at least show one chrome.exe process in the task manager

i recall users having issues with KIS but it was fixed using the latest versions and updates of KIS (i have AVG, so i don't know)

Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 11:17 AM
i've tried again.

uninstall, apply the remove.reg, manual uninstall, close kaspersky and windows firewall, download the file from the link mentioned, and open Chrome after installation.

i'm sorry the problem still the same. checked Task Manager, chrome.exe is not there.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/17/09 11:29 AM
this is very strange ......
did you happen to mess with DEP ? if you did, please remove chrome from the programs who have data execution prevention disabled, and just leave it all empty
if this does not solve

i would start to remove SpyWare Doc, and Spyware hunter

at some point, one of these programs kills chrome, maybe because you configured them like this in the past and forgot
after you have chrome running (or not) let us know, and then you can start adding these programs

Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/17/09 11:46 AM
when u mentioned that, i did once mess around with DEP but that was because when my PC got infected with virus. then i learned that i need Spyware Doctor and Spyware hunter to remove the virus, which can only then the Kaspersky is able to disinfect the virus without me having to delete all the infected files.

After learning the tricks i decided to reformat my PC(the virus infected windows files which caused me to mess with DEP to keep Windows running which is troublesome) so that i have a clean system, and first thing i did after reformatting is to install Spyware softwares before installing Chrome and other softwares to recheck my system (which seems the only thing different i do when i usually reformat). At this point i never touched DEP again, i hope reformatting doesnt care what i did with DEP before (currently DEP is at its default).

So i think next is to remove Spyware Doctor and Spyware Hunter, and try to install Chrome again right? I'll try this tomorrow, i'm very sleepy right now, i'm sorry.

Thank you again for your time, thank you very much. I hope the next move will be successful.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/17/09 11:50 AM
best of luck tomorrow
and next time you format your PC, my own suggestion is to leave all these KIS and spywares programs alone

just use AVG free 8.5 from 
to each his own, but this is the ONLY defense i use against badware, nothing more and never been infected

but do as you please
and let us know what happened, it will run eventually!

Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/18/09 7:55 AM
this is getting very strange...

i closed all my Spyware softwares (Spyware Doctor and Spyware Hunter), closed Kaspersky and disable Windows Firewall. Uninstall and manual uninstall Chrome, apply the remove.reg. Then download and installed Chrome, but the result is still the same. Checked Task Manager and there is still no chrome.exe...
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all holybible 5/19/09 5:04 AM
Hi All,
    I just encountered the same problem as miskol described, Chrome was good until this afternoon but now can't be launched anymore
    Chrome seems to get closed very soon when launching it and I found that if I launch many Chrome at one time (that is, click "Chrome.exe" many times repeatly),
    Chrome can be launched
    It quite strange!
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/20/09 2:14 AM
hmmm this is getting very VERY strange...

out of the blue... when i tried to open chrome again after some while, it OPENS! i'm grateful that finally it opens, but it saddens me i'm unable to determine the things that caused all this trouble... and also that during the time i started posting this thread, not a single help i've gotten from any google staff, NONE at all, are they too busy playing at their fancy offices???

my extended gratitude goes to nakro for all his precious time and contributions to try to help me.

Chrome is too weak to fight with other internet browsers with useless staff supports like this, the only reason i'm trying so hard to get back Chrome working is simply because i used it before just to try have a look on it, imported my bookmarks from firefox into chrome, and casually stops using firefox with no reason... time goes by, my bookmarks gain more numbers during which i was on Chrome.... before reformatting i saved a backup of my bookmarks, which now i can easily import it back, drag drop a few, and things look just like usual.

the other only advantage i like is that when opening much tabs, the tabs squeeze themself so its easy to navigate between many saved tabs, but in firefox u have to scroll the tabs left and right which is a bit troublesome. if firefox is to have option like Chrome have, i'd definitely uninstall chrome and never to install back.

p/s: i think Spyware Doctor is the main reason for this problem i'm having..
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all haroldj1701 5/28/09 10:28 PM
I didn't read all of the posts but I think I know why everyone is having troubles with Google Chrome. You need to have SP2 not SP3. It says the specs is SP2 at the download screen.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all haroldj1701 5/28/09 10:30 PM
P.S. Also its a beta version which means they haven't worked out all the bugs yet.
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all nakro 5/28/09 10:31 PM
@haroldj, this issue is a solved one, and besides, the docs on the site are a bit vague, but chrome 100% supports XP SP2 and above (i have chrome also on XP SP3)
Re: Unable to open Chrome at all miskol 5/28/09 10:40 PM
@haroldj, SP3 is totally not the problem, i've used Chrome before on SP3 and it works great. in google, the beta indication is like nothing, even google mail is still in beta version since it started(right?).

i strongly believe Spyware Doctor is the problem, if anyone have problem like this again and they also have SD installed, i suggest to close and exit SD then RESTART your pc. only after RESTART u should continue with Chrome installation.

my Chrome works after i closed SD for a few days (i forgot to turn SD back on after troubleshooting), and each time i turn on my pc, SD doest automatically restart with windows, until this day.
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