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Chrome stops loading pages

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Chrome stops loading pages faffelkugel 5/8/09 7:06 AM
Every time i open my chrome it works for a few minutes, but then stops to load the pages, and if i'm downloading a file, it just stops that also. Chrome doesn't really crash, it just stops loading. But if i close it and open it again, it works for a couple of minutes again...

Please Help
Sincerely faffelkugel :)
Re: Chrome stops loading pages nakro 5/8/09 8:44 AM
ok, this is interesting....

i am going to assume that you do not experience this behavior with IE, 

so my first take would be to run a system scan on your machine with your antivirus, and also do it with any adware removal tool you might have

if this does not solve, please post pack with info about your system, like what OS, what version of chrome (wrench->about) 
and any other info that you think could affect this (are you connecting via some proxy ? do you have strange desktop enhancement software?)

whatever you can....

Re: Chrome stops loading pages onlyonetommy 5/27/09 5:18 AM
I too am having the same issue re Chrome ceasing to operate after an unspecific amount of time.  On occasions I can go for an hour then the refresh arrow just continually turns but the page doesn't load.  Other times like this morning less than 5 minutes.  Sometime I can go to the task manager and delete the chrome.exe processes (sometimes there are 3 or 4) and sometimes I have to essentially I have to reboot to get the browser working again.  I have run an antivirus scan and nothing was reported.  I have run spyware terminator and nothing as is the case with Ad-Aware.  I have added no new software recently apart from the usual updates.  My internet access still works when Chrome doesn't as I have the ability to update Quicken.  I am using version
Re: Chrome stops loading pages Obolus 6/28/11 4:34 AM
i have the same problem, i started to use latest IE instead. couldnt find a solution anywhere.
Re: Chrome stops loading pages jeadly 8/10/11 5:20 AM
Same thing here.  Usually works for a while if I close and reopen, but this morning it 'timed out' immediately every time.  On FF for now at least.  

Win 7 Enterprise, Chrome 13.0.782.112
Re: Chrome stops loading pages Liam Friel 9/1/11 9:03 AM
Pretty much the same thing here too. Chrome will work fine for a time (can be several hours) then at random will not load pages.
Refresh arrow circling, no page loading.

Win 7 Enterprise 64 bit, Chrome 13.0.782.218 m, behind proxy server.

Initially suspected network troubles, but when Chrome stuck in this mode Firefox will load the same web pages without issue.

Generally this is a temporary condition: Chrome recovers for me after a time - can be 10 minutes - without restarting. Then the pages complete loading. Also closing browser and opening it up again generally cures it.

Also observed once - although this might be co-incidence - that going into the options and making Chrome reload proxy settings caused all pages to load. Have not reproduced that though.
Re: Chrome stops loading pages Liam Friel 9/1/11 9:06 AM
Oh and I forgot to mention an important fact.

When in this mode for me it is only *external* websites (ie sites which use the proxy server) which have an issue.

Sites which are internal to our network and not behind the proxy server load fine ...
Re: Chrome stops loading pages rbredow 9/12/11 10:26 AM
I am running Chrome on a 10.7 MacBook Air and seeing the exact same problem. At first, I thought it was related to Google Reader because I could duplicate the problem by loading up Google Reader in a tab and then trying to click on any links that would take me through the proxy, and Chrome would just hang waiting. It appears, if I give it enough time it will eventually load (sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes several minutes). During that time, I can launch Firefox or Safari and browse to the same URL without a problem.

I have no extensions other than "Send from Gmail" installed and the only plugin running is "Shockwave Flash".

I'm happy to provide the specs of our Proxy if that would help the debugging.
Re: Chrome stops loading pages booboobear123 11/7/11 2:22 PM
Alright, guys, how can we try to get this problem resolved, I am at a loss (I have the same issue). Since no one knows how to fix it, who can we contact that does? Because people are starting to look at me funny for using IE...
Re: Chrome stops loading pages wil.cerbone 11/10/11 5:50 AM
I seem to have fixed the problem with a post from this thread:

AnubArack's advice about changing your Windows proxy settings seems to have done the trick (been going for like a half hour without a problem).
Re: Chrome stops loading pages Huiwen Zhen 11/27/11 7:33 PM
I'm not sure if it'll work for you, but it did for me :)

I changed my theme a while ago, but when the problem started, I reverted to back to my default theme, and it instantly stopped doing this :)
You go to Wrench > Options > Personal Stuff > Reset to default theme

Everything started working after that :)
Hope this helps!
Re: Chrome stops loading pages xillusionalx 11/27/11 9:12 PM
Nearly every website either loads all wonky or doesn't load at all, saying that my connection was interrupted. When they load, pages usually come up in plain text without any formatting and oftentimes the page looks like it has been moved over almost an entire screen width to the left so that I can only see the ends of a few words. Pages might load perfectly normally for a few seconds but then these issues happen for a few minutes, etc. It's totally unpredictable.

This had happened before to me and I managed to fix it but my methods aren't working this time. Earlier it was a problem with my anti-virus, which I fiddled with, and the fact that Comcast's DNS server is totally useless. I switched my DNS settings over to use Google's public DNS servers and that worked for a few weeks... but now it's being all weird again.
Re: Chrome stops loading pages rbredow 11/29/11 10:28 PM
For what it's worth, I've re-installed Chrome and even migrated to a new Mac laptop and the 10.7 operating system and continue to experience this problem. I do not have any issues with the same laptop on my home network but behind my firewall it will work for 5-10 minutes before hanging up completely.
Re: Chrome stops loading pages franlever 12/4/11 2:41 PM
I had the same problem, web pages not loading, refresh arrow circling, after going into a couple of webpages.
I just erased the cache (that means eliminating browsing data) and now it seems to be ok.

Try it, it's the easiest thing to start off.