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Shockwave Player Keep Crashing

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Shockwave Player Keep Crashing kyokosan 6/9/09 9:08 AM
Err..hi i am new to this browser.I just started using for 2 months and was working perfectly fine until recently.Google Chrome keep crashing and it always says "woh!!!Google Chrome has crashed do u wish to restart now?"(something like that)and I click ok and it said shockwave player has crashed.It keep happening every time I go on Youtube,I tried downloading the shockwave player plug-ins from adobe but the problem still exist.I used Safari and IE but nothing happen...AND I go onto any websites and it always say "google chrome has crashed....."but the problem is there isnt any thing that requries shockwave player...AND another problem is when a tab is not responding,I click on the TAB'S X button but it cant be closed..Thank You For Viewing This Error and hopping to get a feedback.
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Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Knighty16 7/10/09 1:50 AM
Me too.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing †Tommy G.† 7/10/09 7:28 AM
Maybe this will help...
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Frytaz 9/22/09 4:02 PM
Same here :(
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing UncleB 9/22/09 9:54 PM
I switched to Google Chrome from IE because the latter crashed completely when flash shockwave crashed, which i might add happens far too often. At least Chrome handles the error and stays open. Until Adobe fix their product so that it handles errors properly it appears to be something we will have to endure. Another advantage with Chrome is that if you do get a complete crash you can restore all your open webpages when you restart Chrome.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing baxcanna 10/30/09 5:13 PM
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing thereverend17 12/4/09 3:09 PM
Same problem -- Shockwave constantly crashes in Google Chrome.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing beanpole109 12/9/09 1:40 PM
Okay, so I think we're all clear that a lot of people are having this problem, now how about finding a solution?!?!
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Synhyborex 12/15/09 8:47 PM
after lots and lots of work and experimentation, i found that you can solve this problem multiple ways:

1) try restarting your computer. often times, there are some programs that interfere with the running of shockwave flash. however, this is only a temporary fix unless you can figure out what that program is and avoid running it (sucks though because it's probably a program that you WANT or NEED to run)

2) close microsoft word. yeah it sounds stupid but as i said i experimented, and for some reason shockwave flash seems to crash each time i have word 07 open. maybe it's just the 07 version, maybe not, but if you're using 07 and windows 7, close word if you want to run shockwave flash. this is another temporary fix

3) reinstall shockwave flash. since it's really two separate programs, you need to install two things, but first you need to manually uninstall both. to uninstall shockwave, go here: as for flash, go here: once you do that, restart your computer just in case there are any final uninstallation things that need to be done, and then reinstall both, using these two links: for flash and for shockwave. this SHOULD fix your problem. don't try to just reinstall both without uninstalling, because for some reason that doesn't seem to work (though it might for your OS). sometimes though this may only be a fix for a few days, so there's a part 4!

4) if all of the above fail, just roll back to an earlier version of flash, because there IS an inherent bug in flash 10 that screws up a lot of people, while flash 9 doesn't since it's an older version. i'd give you the link but unfortunately i'm suffering from a shockwave flash crash at this very moment and each time i go to the site the plugin crashes and so does chrome...just google it, i guess? remember though, be sure to UNINSTALL using the links i provided in step 3.

as a side note, whenever windows media center crashes, shockwave flash seems to crash, and vice versa. both seem to happen though simultaneously when i have word 07 open...O_O

hope this helps!
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing domthedude 1/6/10 4:15 AM
After weeks of screaming at my laptop every time I went on a webpage with some flash on it, which is surprisingly often, I found this:

Problem solved! :-)
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing dwight.stegall 1/7/10 2:27 AM
I recently had this problem. Even going back to an earlier version didn't help. I kept getting window alerts saying "Internal Application Error". Then today I ran AVG 9.0 free version. It found and healed 3 trojans. Now my video is working great again.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing acko085 1/7/10 3:02 AM
Got the same problem as you did but paid no attention at first.
Then when a lot of people started having the same issues I decided to investigate.
The problem "seems" to be in hardware acceleration in newer versions of Flash. Maybe I am wrong but I didn't want to dig deeper since I fixed it easily. HW acceleration is coded as it should be in "pre-releases" of Flash 10.1 so here's what you should try:

1. Download Flash uninstaller and run it
2. Download and install Flash 10.1 pre-release at

That should do the trick.

Post your results :)
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing psruti 2/2/10 7:20 PM
@Synhyborex Thank You for your help. Many post problems, only few share solutions. Thanks so much for taking the time to not only find multiple solutions, but for being willing to share in detail with all.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing psruti 2/2/10 7:29 PM
And yes - it worked (I followed #3).
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Magneto228 4/29/10 12:08 PM
Secunia PSI is what worked for me.
I downloaded it on IE7 and it began to inspect my software, it found Google's Shockwave problem on its own and patched it.
Just look up "Secunia" Tried this in the mid or beginning of March, its Aprl 29 and it has not crashed WHAT SO EVER.
Try it, it could just work for you.
(You don't need to remove Flash players, or anything, just leave things as is when you install Secunia.)
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing tamara89 5/28/10 9:08 AM
i just uninstalled both shockwave player and flash player (after i had lost all my nerves and almost threw the computer out of the window) and restarted my pc and installed only flash player and now it's working... so i don't get it, what's the shockwave used for then if everything can work without it???
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Blair (Googler) 7/3/10 6:32 AM
Hey everybody,

We’re excited to announce that Adobe Flash is now integrated into Google Chrome’s Stable channel by default. This integration will eliminate the need to install and update Flash Player separately. This reduces the security risk and issues related to using outdated versions. As of this week, your browser should automatically be updated with integrated Flash Player. To check, simply go to Tools > About Google Chrome.

To learn more about Adobe Flash integration, check out the Chromium Blog post here:

With regards to Shockwave Flash crashes, below are a few possible causes of the issue and work-arounds that may help. These do not work for everyone; please only make changes you feel comfortable making.

1. You may be on an outdated version of Google Chrome. Check if you are on the latest version by going toTools > About Google Chrome.

2. You may have an out of date Sony driver that causes the crash. You can try downloading the update here:

3. Hardware acceleration of Adobe Flash may be causing crashes. Hardware acceleration is used to speed up performance of your graphics hardware. If your video drivers are outdated, hardware acceleration can cause issues with Flash. Try turning off hardware acceleration by right-clicking the video, selecting Settings, and deselecting the "hardware acceleration" checkbox.

4. You may have a sound driver incompatibility. Try the steps on the following site:

5. There may be an error in the way Bluetooth handles streaming video. You can try renaming one of the Bluetooth files in System 32 folder. Go to My Computer > C: > Windows > System32, find the file called "BtwVdpCapFilter.dll" and rename it anything else, for example "BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll."

We know Shockwave Flash crashes continue to be a large issue, and we are constantly working to improve. Please keep giving us feedback and letting us know what works for you.

Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing kokopoko 8/29/10 3:05 PM
I tried everything Blair (googler) posted.  I have the latest Chrome, I downloaded the sony driver, I cannot right click on a video because on the auto load videos (like on Chrome just locks up immediately yet sound will keep playing, did step 4, did step 5, rebooted and still have Chrome crashing.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing mielkeeway 11/7/10 8:24 AM
I have a brand new computer (2 days old), newest version of Google Chrome and Shockwave constantly crashes in Chrome only.  I have to use Firefox in order to play some games. None of the fixes worked.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Annoyed at shockwave 2/15/11 9:49 AM
So pissed off with shockwave + chrome compatibility issues.  Also, chrome may be faster, but is an absolute memory hog, so slows everything other program i'm running down.  Chrome = usual google crap.  Going back to firefox,
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing FrustratedChromeUser 3/10/11 9:25 PM
This same thing happens with me, but only recently. I've used Google Chrome since December and had never had this problem with Shockwave Flash before, did something recently update with the browser/software that I'm unaware of or has this just been building up over time?
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing hunter mellor 3/15/11 6:04 PM
go to google and search shockwave flash and uh click test and if it says update the plugin update it and i believe it will work
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing deniitall 4/20/11 4:59 PM
I am using Chrome 11 and so far no problems, please post if you update to Chrome 11 and still have any crashes and I will do the same. Thanks Deniitall
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Kusin Knase 5/6/11 7:54 AM
I have now encountered the problem of unresponsive Shockwave plugin several times today. Lousy piece of software, that's for sure, been nothing but trouble. I have now disabled it...

Chrome 11.0.696.60
Flash - Version:
Shockwave Flash 10.2 r154
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing aardvark69 5/6/11 11:52 PM

1. Just going into Task Manager and killing Chrome just fine. No need to reboot the computer, although doing so once in a while is not a bad thing.
2. I don't run MS Word. Not just don't have it open--I don't run it at all. I don't run any MS products besides the system. I have OpenOffice and it makes no difference if the OOtray is open or not--Chrome crashes just the same.
3. I've reinstalled all driver. No change.
4. Rolling back to Chrome 9 might be the way to go. But I am having a similar problem with Chrome on a Mac. No kidding!

None of the 5 apply to me. And it's still crashes all the time.

It seems to be a coincidence. There might be some Flash-based Trojans, but I ran three separate AVs on my System 7 and the worst they found is a bunch of invasive cookies. And there is nothing comparable on the Mac, but Chrome also crashes on my MacBook (Intel, of course).

Bottom line, this has to come as a permanent, global solution from Google, not short-term work-arounds from users.
Re: Shockwave Player Keep Crashing Paige3 5/20/11 10:53 AM
Hi all,
We rolled out Chrome 11 (which everyone should've been auto-updated to) on APR 27, and a smaller release on MAY 13 with Flash 10.3, so I'm going to close this thread. If you're still experiencing constant Flash crashes, please post the following info on the "Chrome 11 - Constant Flash crashes?" thread:

1. Chrome version (Wrench -> About Google Chrome)
2. Operating system (e.g. WinXP, Mac OSX)
3. Sites where crashes occur (please provide exact URLs or be descriptive - e.g. when playing Farmville, etc) 
5. If applicable, steps to reproduce (which would be extremely helpful)

**NOTE: if you're experiencing "freezes" rather than crashes in Chrome, please see Toni's 5/6 post for details on how you can help us troubleshoot--if interested.

Thanks, everyone.
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