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Google portable Jeffrey Needle 10/10/09 1:02 PM
Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar):
Operating System: WinXP
I'm a fan of portable software, and so am using the Google Chrome
portable edition.  The version of Chrome is 2.0.

Here's my problem: when I click on a weblink in my email, Chrome starts
up, but I can't get the URL to copy into the address bar automatically.
I have to copy the URL to the clipboard, go to Chrome and then Paste and
Go in the address bar.

I wonder if this is due to the fact that I'm using Portable Chrome, but
other portable browsers don't seem to have this problem.  Can anyone
direct me to a fix for this?
Re: Google portable QQFarmer 10/10/09 5:34 PM
Chrome Portable .. How do you make it the default browser in the first place? I know Firefox Portable users can use "DefaultBrowser" to enable FFP to be set as the default browser. So I figure you have to make Chrome Portable the "real" default browser for you to do what u want to do.
Re: Google portable Jeffrey Needle 10/10/09 9:18 PM
I use an app called "setbrowser."  It's supposed to point to a specific executable and set the default for you.  The behavior is very odd.  After using setbrowser, my initial effort to link to a webpage seems to work okay, but it brings up another install of Chrome -- a true, installed version -- and then subsequent efforts fail.

Using "Default Browser" in Chrome causes it to look to an installed version of Chrome, not to the currently open portable version.

Very odd indeed.  Thanks for the idea.  I look forward to others.