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Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3

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Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 Cefca 5/9/09 10:36 AM
Hi, everytime I try to install Chrome on my PC with Windows XP SP3 on, I get the error message:

"Google Chrome does not support your version of windows"

I've tried looking it up but all I've been able to find is something about ctfmon.exe (that solution hasn't helped) and my PC perhaps having an RC of SP3 rather than the proper version but I have nothing that I can download from Windows Update so it must be the proper version.

Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 †Tommy G.† 5/9/09 8:31 PM
Right click the My Computer icon, click properties, under general tab it will tell you what version of windows  you have.
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 nakro 5/10/09 12:44 AM
@dragon, i already "know" what version he has
he has RC2 of SP3 ....

chrome does not work with this version,
you need to get the official SP3, not the RC2, just uninstall RC2 and then do a windows update and you'll have SP3

Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 Cefca 5/12/09 1:11 PM
Thanks for the help. It took a while (my computer messed up when I uninstalled and reinstalled SP3 the first time) but I've got SP3 and Chrome installed now.

You'd think with automatic updates on and being on the Windows Update site that I'd have the proper SP3.
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 lfschrawyer1 6/4/09 2:30 PM
When I tried to install I got an error message are you sure yiu want to continue this software could do harm to your computer. I don't knw whats is going on with it. The MSN Tool bar also has glitches, it tells you to download silver light along with the toolbar, then the next thing you know it's telling you it doe not work with silver light 1 or 2. So I downloaded the beta version 3.0, and it works for a little while and here comes the error messages. The Firefox is the only browser I have not had problems (knock on wood, if you will) yet.
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 meltlab 6/5/09 4:45 PM
Installer starts and then runs and runs and runs and runs.... Took a nap and came back, installer still running with a 4 mip connection. No progress tool, no percent complete, no information except running and running and running. I would be ashamed if I was the programmer. You should be too. A waste of my time.
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 kslovin 6/7/09 1:03 PM
Suddenly last week, Chrome stopped working and I couldn't reinstall it. I realize now that SP3 must have been automatically installed during an update. WHAT WORKED: Installed the *beta* version of Chrome that is says it's for SP2+. Found it here:
Installed ok, now all is well.
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 headcase88 8/12/10 6:08 AM
I'm getting this too in SP1. The link "click her for additional information" opens the welcome screen MSN Explorer. Beta does the same. I suspect registry issues...
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 BRKReddy 11/16/10 12:28 PM
It's the issue with SP3 and the browser from which you are initiating the installation.  The browser should be enabled to install signed application packages/binaries.  The SP3 has strict enforcement and as IE's default signed-application package installation is disbaled, you wouldn't be able to install google-chrome as it's signed binary.  So, just install Firefox on your machine, and try to install chrome through firefox... it goes through... Have fun :-)
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 jonathanefuentes 12/24/10 10:25 AM

First, try to install from your administrator account with the download files. Repeat installation to each user account.
If don't run, do this:

1) Make sure Google Chrome is permitted (except by any antivirus)

2) Firewall disables (Only to install Google Chrome) and
Automatic Updates Windows XP (Do Not Forget)

3) Into Administrator Account! In safe mode with Networking (F8)!
Make installation of Google Chrome provided by the alternatives (by the setup of standalone, chrome, pack, softonic)
Repeat this for each user account XP, and to make installation in each.
Note: this is because XP sp3 supports just a Chrome browser

4) Use Mozilla Firefox browser to download links for the option a.
Do not use IE.

5) Must install several times depending on type errors "0xetc".
Until you install and run Google Chrome.

6) Sync your account chrome and import data from other browsers.

7) After installing Google Chrome for each user, close session until each one save setup

Download the Microsoft update directly from webpage.

 By Jef
Re: Can't install Chrome on Windows XP SP3 ChromeLess 3/10/11 7:35 PM
I have tried everything to install Chrome and can't get it to work. Everyone tells me how great the browser is but if it's this much trouble to install I am not interested in trying it. Say what you want about lag etc in IE or FF but they always install trouble free.  I give Chrome a fail.