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Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)

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Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) mcurbo 1/2/09 5:59 AM
I've only been using Chrome for a few days, but this problem is starting to become a little more than a nuisance...

It doesn't seem to have any real pattern.  All I have to do is refresh/reload the page and it works fine.  Once I have refreshed it, it works fine if I go back to it during the same session.

I just installed chrome on another computer and went to a web page that I had a prob with, and it did the same thing..

I am using XP Pro on one and Vista on the other.  Neither computer has a firewall other than the one in Windows.  The Vista computer is wireless and the XP is hardwired through a 2Link wireless router.

Any help would be appreciated...

Thanks - Mike
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) tterb 1/7/09 5:49 AM
same problem as I meet
I found if input ip address can open page
do you help any update?
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) orasca 2/25/09 10:18 PM
Same problem with GC, IE7, FF3 and Safari on VistaUltimate32bit system and WXP-SP3 with IE7 and FF3.

Tried changing the Norton Allow settings but does not resolve the issue.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) agl 2/25/09 10:23 PM
Please, always include the version of Chrome in bug reports. (Click on the spanner icon on the top-right and select "About Google Chrome")
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) orasca 2/25/09 10:27 PM
GC -

I do not think this is localized to just GC.
Happens with all browers. Might be a Firewall issue with Norton, but haven't found out how to resolve it.

Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) orasca 2/25/09 10:32 PM
Found it in another reply.

Go to :
Options->Under the Hood->Change proxy settings->LAN Settings -> Automatic Configuration -> Automatically detect settings = ON

Close GC

It should load the page(s) as expected.

Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) orasca 2/25/09 10:45 PM
Resolved on WXP-SP3 not running GC.

Turn OFF Windows Firewall. Last MS Update must have turned it ON.

Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Aron Presley 3/5/09 5:51 AM
So I really can't say why this problem is arising !! It took me 2 whole freaking week to find out why my browsers were acting weird..I used to get  Error 105 on most of the sites..those same sites didn't work in IE, Safari and FF3...Trying whatsoever I thought it was a virus !!

Well what do you know I removed those Trojans and it works great but there's a twist guys..our freaking expensive top of the range Anti viruses fail to detect this viruses..what I've downloaded is a cheap but very very effective Malware/Spyware/Registry removal kit..simple to use and great ... to download that go to and under security download the anti virus called Malwarebytes. there a free trial there as well which won't be able to protect you from the incoming malwares but still can scan effectively !! Don't believe check the Review by the users !! The top of the range anti viruses fail to deliver but this won't !!

Give it a go and say how it went !!
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) rnallamo 1/4/10 4:17 PM
same problem . I can access internet through FF and IE7 but not through GC. I am getting the following error
Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED)

I tried all the options given here  like
1. enabling  Automatically detect settings = ON  under LAN settings.
2. MS windows firewall OFF
3. downloaded Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus from Google pack and ran.
4. cleared cookies under tools->options->under the hood

I am using ( Beta Version)
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Long55 1/6/10 6:56 PM
Error 105 keep showing everytime
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) gall0249 1/9/10 11:50 AM
Same here.  FF works fine but getting Error 105 with GC.  Running  Automatically Detect Settings is check.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) njackson81 1/9/10 1:47 PM
This problem began with me today as well about 3:00 am CST.  I was using the internet just fine when I noticed my cable modem and router went out.  I called the cable company and troubleshooted with the automated help and got the internet back, but I noticed that nothing is loaded with Chrome but was working for IE 8.  I have also tried clearing out the cache, cookies and history and the LAN settings.  I am still down on Chrome but using IE 8 until I can get a work-around.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Vishal Mhatre 4/21/10 3:23 AM
I had the same issue but only chrome was giving the error code here
IE was simply not giving anything
i went through all the blog but didn't work for me
but the solution came out to be DNS of my pc was set to router address
i changed it to DNS provided by ISP and it worked try it guys
should help you as well
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) MarkBarnardBoise 6/16/10 9:24 AM
ORASCA's hint to tweak the LAN setting to "Auto config" fixed the issue in 5 seconds:)
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) monoranjan401 6/30/10 11:56 AM
When I browssing Googlecrome I get this error message Error 105
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) KimGe 7/20/10 7:45 PM
I HAD ALL THE SAME PROBLEMS as everyone else.  I did the DNS check, the ip refresh, turned off firewall, checked for viruses, etc.  The problem WAS MY MODEM.  I just had Brighthouse replace my very old modem and I don't get the errors anymore.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Jester_XJ12 8/17/10 8:27 AM
Check DNS Client services to be sure that it is enabled and started.  This solved my problem.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) KittySmurf 9/11/10 1:52 PM
I have just gotten this error today, I have been through this discussion in depth and I have tried every method and I still can't get anything to work. I have tried to change my firewall settings, change the settings on Chrome, reconnect to my router, restart my laptop and many others and nothing is working. I'm feeling very frustrated and annoyed. Chrome is what I usually use and to have to use something different is not good. I've had no problems up ntil now with Chrome and I've had it since Christmas 2009.

None of the solutions are working for me and it only seems to be Chrome as well. IE is working perfectly and it's not as if only some pages are unaccessable - I can't get on anything.

I'm afraid I can't offer any help but would love to know if anyone is/was in this specific situation and managed to find a solution.

The spec of my laptop is this:

Processor: Intel Celeron 743
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
Memory: 3072MB DDR2 RAM
Hard Drive: 250GB
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n
Screen Size: 13.3"
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel 4 Series Express.

I shouldn't think that some of those things matter but I don't know so I hope that someone can help me with this problem.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) KittySmurf 9/12/10 10:21 AM
Just to let anyone know that my Chrome is now fixed:

This is what I did to fix my network error:

Control panel > Network &  Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Manage wireless networks > Right click the connection you want and click "Forget Network"

Then reconnect to the network and it should work.(this works for wireless connection)
Hope this helps,
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Shizuka_Ayumi 11/5/10 9:09 AM
can someone help me! i have the same problem .. Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): The server could not be found' its been 2weeks of patience in resolving this... (trying hard -_-")..

i have to disable then enable the network adapter for me to load back the page but then after a few clicks the ERROR 105 again will appears. I've tried some suggestion of others... clear browsing data.. unchecked dns chrome.... obtain dns address auto ... etc.
i'm using broadband connection .. Vista starter... 7.0.517.41 chrome version ...AVG internet Security....
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) Ankit Sharma 11/6/10 11:23 PM
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) vcsalvati 11/24/10 11:21 AM
to sofrendo com esse  Erro 105 (net:: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): O servidor não pôde ser encontrado;fiz varias modificações,ja removi  e reinstalei o chrome,ja  configurei pra LAN E DNS automaticamente,relatorios e tudo o mais ,antivirus da mcfee,malwarebytes,configuração de rede sem fio e muito mais,to desnanimada ja.tem hora que entra e tem hora que não,sera que vou ter de formatar o pc?
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) daniele7maria 12/14/10 5:58 AM
If everything else fails, you can always uninstall Google Chrome and re-install it.  It's a brute force approach, but if you really want to use it and have no other options, this is your last resort.
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) sbuv1715 3/5/11 6:38 PM
what worked for me is i renewed ip adress. to do this, you go to start, run, type in cmd and then press ok. then you type in "ipconfig/release" in the black box without the quote. then u type in "ipconfig/renew". after this, you should be good to go! good luck guys!
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) antham1616 4/12/11 1:13 PM
hi, i work for comet on call, technical support, the most likely reason is that the dns resolver is corrupt,

to fix this open command prompt, or type cmd in the search box in start menu and run as administrator.

then type: ipconfig /flushdns
press enter
you should then get a message saying successfully flushed the dns resolver cache.

restart web browser and see what happens this has worked several times for me so far.
any further problems you can see my help pages
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) vcsalvati 4/12/11 3:29 PM
a dica do antham 1616 funcionou!valeu cara!
Re: Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) genesis1019 7/11/11 5:18 AM
All u gotta do is if u are using a wireless network to access internet from a source computer, then the host(the computer where u want to access internet) must be allowed to choose the I.P address automatically.... then u ccan access the net...
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