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problems completely removing google chrome

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problems completely removing google chrome motorgate 4/27/09 6:06 PM
Ever since I installed the beta version ( product version of Chrome the computer will not shut down, it only restarts until you turn it off manually.  It's also been causing problems with Microsoft Word crashing at random.  So far I have tried to  uninstall it by using revo uninstaller,which removed all of the registry entries.  None of these problems have gone away after uninstalling.  I also get an error message at the start-up page of Firefox, telling me it can't find the files associated with Chrome.
Re: problems completely removing google chrome Bapabooiee 4/27/09 6:24 PM
Uhm... Google Chrome has absolutely nothing to do with Firefox (which I'm sure you know :]). Google Chrome's name is based (obviously), on the word "chrome", which, in browser-dev speak, is any part of the browser that isn't part of the webpage. Like status bar, tool bars, and address bar. Chrome decided to adopt this name because it tries to be as minimal as possible with it's "chrome".

Anyway, as such, Firefox has a few files that have the word "chrome" in it by coincidence. 

And from the sounds of this, I don't think Google Chrome really has anything to do with your problems. Sounds like it may be a coincidence, and your machine might just be really messed-up (such is the fate of most Windows installation).

I wouldn't imagine using a program like "Revo Uninstaller", which seems to tweak your registry would be a good idea...

Really, there's not much to say. I'm not sure what the problem is. I don't think simply installing a browser could cause all these seemingly unrelated problems (I could be dead-wrong. Who knows?). I seriously just think it's your Windows installation, since I've never seen anything like this happen to anyone else.

Sowwy =\
Re: problems completely removing google chrome Bapabooiee 4/27/09 6:25 PM
Upon further pondering, I think Revo Uninstaller has something to do with this. Sounds like you may have had uninstallation problem, used Revo, and that may have caused the problem.

Since you wanted to remove Chrome (and Firefox is, how should I say, "acquainted" with the word Chrome), it probably tweaked/removed Registry settings for Firefox, too.

Did you have these problems before/after using Revo?
Re: problems completely removing google chrome motorgate 4/27/09 6:37 PM
You're right about Firefox, I hadn't thought of that.  The problems started right after installing Chrome, that's why I was uninstalling it.  I didn't try Revo until recently, this has been going on for a while.  Really don't think it would be a windows installation issue seeing as it coincided with the install of Chrome.  I'm running windows xp, service pack 3 (if that info helps!).