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Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc.

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Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. mark.malewski 5/10/10 8:10 PM

After reading all the posts from users complaining about such simple (and basic) things such as a missing Menu Bar, and Missing Print Preview page, and missing Page Setup page, wouldn't Google think to take the time to add these missing features?

t makes no sense at all for the Google Chrome developers to just stick their heads in the sand (like drunk monkeys) and refuse to listen to what the END USERS want.

Why not just add a simple:

Tools Menu (Wrench) -> Always show menu bar

Similar to the "Always show bookmarks bar"?

Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. mark.malewski 5/10/10 8:13 PM
Honestly, for all the time spent attempting to help new users, it would seem to take 1/100000 of that amount of time to just add these basic and simple features to Google Chrome.

That way people that want a simple menu bar at the top can just check/enable/turn on that option, and always have a nice menu bar at the top of their web browser. (a menu bar identical to Internet Explorer, or FireFox) and that way users can have a nice "File, Print, Edit, etc." menu options just like they have in FireFox or Internet Explorer). Are the Google Chrome developers this incredibly stupid that they can't even listen to their END USERS and do something as simple as add a simple menu bar, and then add the same existing features that FireFox, and Internet Explorer have to Google Chrome? It's as if the Google Chrome developers are brain dead, retarded 2 year olds, that just want to develop the crappiest and most "crippled" browser that they can think of (while ignoring what the END USERS want). Speed is one thing, but usability and features are a major reason of WHY users choose or use a browser. I do like the 5% speed increase of Google Chrome, but it certainly doesn't make up for the 95% of loss of functionality. FireFox is almost equally as fast as Chrome, and doesn't have all the lack of functionality, and silly stupidity of Chrome. FireFox and IE both have standard and simple features like a Print Preview, Page Setup, and even a nice menu bar across the top of the browser. At least make those options available to users, so they can at least have the most common basic features that all good web browsers have. The same complaints are seen over and over and over here, but the developers just seem to ignore them. Where is the Print Preview? Where is the Page Setup? Where is the Menu Bar? Just have a simple menu bar (for noobs, and newbies that need one and are not good at memorizing a zillion different key combinations simply because the developers want to save 1/16" of space which is silly and stupid. Just make the menu bar disabled by default (or make it hidden) and just have the option to turn the menu bar on, by clicking on the wrench, and then click on "Always show menu bar".

Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. mark.malewski 5/10/10 8:16 PM
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. orion7x 9/22/10 8:32 AM
What is the sound of one hand clapping? I've never seen anything come of the requests or problems in this forum. Bad business.
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. pigseyepeg 12/21/10 8:16 AM
When using IE-9 you don't see a menu bar. Tap alt and presto a menu bar appears. Chrome is a nice browser and if you tap alt F or alt E it does give you a drop down menu that gives some of what a menu bar does excluding print preview. I have read that chrome is losing ground to its primary competitor Microsoft. I understand why. IE 9 is within a whisker of being as fast as chrome. I like IE 9 almost as much as I like chrome and when I need a menu bar that is where I go. Chrome is still my default browser but it is slipping.
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. caver_tim 12/21/10 9:04 AM
Can you imagine Ferrari getting loads of comments saying
"your car is hard to park - make it easier"
"your car is not very fuel efficient"
"your car can't drive up my farm track ! what gives!!! "

If you want a sports car, buy a sports car. If you want a nice run about, buy something else.

Chrome does have a menu, but its much more efficient in terms of space taken up. I for one appreciate that. I can still get to the same functions with the same or less clicks and i gain real estate.
would you be happier if instead an icon of a spanner they had a text label saying "menu" ?

Page setup and print preview are coming. Google are doing imaginative and innovative things with the technology and methods of how to do it.

Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. Deffender 12/21/10 10:48 AM

So what your saying is that: "Google Developers (are) honestly this stupid"  "incredibly stupid that they can't even listen to their END USERS" and "developers are brain dead, retarded 2 year olds."

Now that that's out of the way can we be circumspect for a moment? My thanks for you bearing with me.

Google is a company and as such is a large and lethargic beast.  For this very reason the big G splits itself down into "teams" for things like android or chrome.  The inventively named "Chrome Team" is not Google, they are the people who work on and build Chrome.  These people are personally invested in how the end user interfaces with the web and what their product does to help users engage the web more easily.  

The Chrome Team also has a pretty obvious set of goals.  I am not privy to any particular inside information but if you'll humor me a little I will explain.

Chrome is not to be "the next IE."  Chrome wants to break you from several assumptions about what the web is and how it should work.  Chrome will not give you something hard like a menu item for something that should be done soft in a web app.  Print Preview for example is something Google quite obviously thinks should be a "soft" or web-based action.  For examples of that look no further than Google Docs.  Print Preview in the web app. No need for a cumber-sum hard coded function in the browser that will suck resources and overly complicate code and security.  Chrome want to take visions of menus out of your head and place images of web apps in their place.  

Why is undoubtedly the next question.  Why would Google and the Chrome Team want this?  What's the big deal; the whole picture?  Lets look now at the "how it should work" portion of the Chrome perception shift.  What if print preview functions could be improved with a site update?  What if settings in the browser don't matter because they are handled via sync in the cloud?  What if browser version change didn't mean you had to retrain your entire support staff? And on and on. These are major advantages and advances.

Maybe the Chrome Team isn't listening to the all mighty "end users" because the end user might not even know that something better is possible. The end user will never now how things could be handled differently if developers don't give them options and a chance to choose.

The choices of the Chrome Team to be web centered and purposely deprive you of menu's and menu depth is meant to inspire a new way of thinking about the web. However, if you really want menu's and better than IE performance I guess you could always use Opera right?

Kind Regards,
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. caver_tim 12/21/10 3:20 PM
Deffender i love you and want to have your babies ! :-)

Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. Deffender 12/21/10 8:53 PM
I have anonymously surfed many special anonymous forums for almost 6 years and that has got to be the funniest thing i have ever read or seen in a forum @cave_troll.  ^_^ 
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Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. toothfairy 2 2/4/11 6:44 PM
thank you, thank you thank you...I spent over an hour trying to figure this out.  I even installed googles tool bar which I no longer need. the only question is, how do you make it permanent.  Do I have to press alt every time I want to use the features ?  thanks
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. nancykivlen 8/15/11 5:37 PM
well i'm going back to IE because i can't find any tabs here and like it better when i can quickly click on facebook, youtube and my favorite sites....why does google make it so f'in' technical?
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. caver_tim 8/16/11 1:26 AM
Nancy. sorry I'm not sure what you're talking about. 
If you have a problem, could start a new topic and we'll see if we can sort out what you're trying to do?
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. sgt.fox54 12/2/11 5:50 PM
If you want to attract users with a better mouse trap then why not listen to what they want/need/are used to?  Pretty soon you won't worry about that because you won't hear from the users anymore...... they will have gone away to something better where developers listen.  Don't be a Bill Gates!
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. Buchanan1 2/2/12 8:47 AM
I'm one of those newbie users who doesn't even know whether the menu bar I'm trying to change is on FF, or Google, or Outlook email, or MS Windows.  What happened to being able to customize it to include a whole whack of shortcuts so I don't need to learn Ctrl-something-or-other, or Alt-something-or-other.  The nerds have taken away my ability to enjoy what I do on the computer.  And the one "customization" Help window I found didn't have the back arrow, forward arrow, all that neat stuff anywhere!  I don't even know WHERE to "rest my cursor", or "right click on an empty space in the tab window".  Huh?!  which tab window, where, on FF? or Google? and don't even suggest I press the Windows Start button to see All Programs...FF isn't even listed there, though I do have FF...somewhere.
Why on earth did I upgrade (sigh), used to be able to select menubar items that were so numerous and helpful...
Oh...and by the way, you computer engineers would be just as lost in my world!
Re: Toolbar Menu with File, Edit, Print Setup, etc. WakeIsland1968 5/27/12 8:37 AM
I have sent them numerous messages and they will just not give you a decent answer. I want a toolbar and a menu. I want file, edit print, setup, etc and they will just not give you a choice to have these things that most of us have been using for 15 years or so. Why? I just don't understand. I am on the verge of uninstalling google and Google Chrome and going with IE and Foxfire. Both have all of these things and they seem to be surviving. The wrench in the upper right hand corner is not worth anything to me with no instructions that I can find.