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Why did Chrome suddenly stop working?

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Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? flummoxed8 12/21/09 12:45 PM
I have been using Google Chrome for months, but the other day it suddenly wouldn't load any pages. My internet is fine, I can use other browsers, but every page on Chrome comes up "This webpage is not available.The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." (facebook is just an example, its coming up for everything.) I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, I restarted my computer, everything. Help!!
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? edglodek 12/21/09 2:41 PM
Same problem here. No problems for months. Suddenly doesn't work. Tried a few suggestions from other forums, with no luck. Be interested to see if you get a reply.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? spoikespet 12/22/09 8:37 AM
Same here, any suggestions would be wonderful.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? JamesF1 12/22/09 3:39 PM
Same problem here, I'm forced into using Firefox or IE for the time being.  Only a handful of pages seem to load, everything else times out after a while.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? cmdigitalmedia 1/3/10 5:36 AM
same here.. was working fine.. even have been recommending google chrome to my clients over other browsers because I love the speed, and some of the other features.. and it just stops working? why isn't someone from google answering this problem? or at least addressing our concerns? i've done spyware checks, firewall changes, uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded new versions of adobe air (i heard that air is the platform chrome uses), virus scans for trojans, everything i can imagine...  on my computers i have xp pro, vista, and windows 7 and its doing it on all of them now.. google you have a good product but if you screw this up.. people will remember..
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? cworth1 1/6/10 3:47 PM
I had this problem. To fix it I had to un install / re install chrome then run "Malwarebytes Anti Malware"
This has fixed it (for now anyway). I am not sure if the re install helped in anyway, it could have just been the malware. Hope this helps and I'm disgusted there is no help from Google on here.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? Sneighke 1/7/10 5:51 AM
Good luck! At least yours' worked! Mine's dead out of the door on Linux. Used to work on XP.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? flummoxed8 1/8/10 8:32 PM
I tried running malwarebytes, still no success. I keep sending error reports, and installing and uninstalling and reinstalling, etc, nothing. Mozilla sucks, I want Chrome back.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? cmdigitalmedia 1/8/10 10:59 PM
remove chrome for now.. get rid of completely google toolbar.. and reset your computer back at  least two weeks before you started having the problem. It worked for me. I wont reinstall google chrome for a while until i find out they address the situation..
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? Vizone 2/12/10 9:44 PM
Same issue. 32 bit 7 Ultimate. Tried unistalling latest Security updatates, firewall exceptions, unistal-reinstall. reboots, compatibility mode, maual delete/assisted delete. IE8 worx fine (sux balls), Firefox clean DL and NO WORKY, Chrome is NO WORKY either...just out of the blue....lots of fail. I am a Certified Microsoft Professional and tried all the normal and even abnormal ends and outs to no avail...system restore and all that worthless. If you can help. plse post something relavant....or if you post something retarded then rest assured I'll e-mail you just to say that your retarded. Don't b a fag, I'm not OS is just gimp. There is no logistical reason for a fresh new instal of Firefox to not work imediatly after Chrome stops working. So with taht in mind...solve it. IE8 lix sac.
Re: Why did Chrome suddenly stop working? KayBay21 7/3/11 1:36 PM
For me, i had to reboot the whole computer, which is a pain. afterwords, id have to reinstall it, and then it would work for a couple months, and then stop working all over again. it is getting tiring to have to reboot this many times.