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Blackboard compatibility

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Blackboard compatibility sheridan47 9/19/09 8:46 AM
I'm a college student and a staff reporter for my campus' student newspaper, and right now I'm working on a story about the difficulties some of our students are having accessing Blackboard through Google Chrome. Blackboard is the academic service which provides a central location for professors to post grades, assignments, syllabi, etc. in order to provide students easy access as well as to facilitate communication.
Currently Chrome isn't listed as a compatible browser by Blackboard. I was wondering if Google is working with Bb or is currently making improvements that they hope will make Chrome compatible with the next version released?
Re: Blackboard compatibility Master2Be 10/10/09 2:58 PM
I have been having the same problem. It stated that I am using Safari and Java is not compatible with this version (3.0). So I guess what I would like to know when this platform will be compatible w/blackboard? I'm echoing the previous post in some form.
Re: Blackboard compatibility ammaries 3/13/10 5:46 AM
Well, it's now March of 2010 and some Blackboard features work, mainly viewing, but most of the editing functions are still defunct, which makes it useless for anyone who wants to post material. It would be great if Chrome could jump fully on board with BB!
Re: Blackboard compatibility Stefan vd 3/13/10 7:02 AM
I am a student in Antwerp (Belgium). And we use also the (slow) Blackboard. On all school computer, there is installed the latest new version of Internet Explorer or FireFox. But at home, i got only Google Chrome. And Blackboard work fine on my Google Chrome dev version.