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Youtube doesn't work

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Youtube doesn't work coppermail 1/31/09 12:52 PM
Hi everything I try to go to youtube through Chrome, I get the following message:
Oops! This link appears broken.
DNS error - cannot find server.

I tried going to youtube through Internet Explorer also, but to no avail.
Re: Youtube doesn't work user_B 1/31/09 10:56 PM
directly input IP address access to Youtube

For more reference:
Re: Youtube doesn't work coppermail 2/2/09 2:09 PM
No it didn't work. It's very frustrating. There are no solutions on the internet either. There is no way to contact Google Chrome guys either. Can anyone help with this damn problem.
Re: Youtube doesn't work kevinstonge 2/2/09 7:00 PM
Does this happen on other browsers, or only in Chrome?
I ask because it sounds like a general networking problem, especially if all other websites work in Chrome.
Re: Youtube doesn't work DannyMirashi 2/24/09 10:13 AM
The above mentioned problem occurs at my end also. I have tried with all of the solultions available on internet. But it doesn't work. I uninstalled flash player google chrome and reinstalled every thing and tried. For the first time it worked but after that when I shut down my machine and restarted it is not working again. :( Please help me guys/
Re: Youtube doesn't work anonymous10 3/1/09 11:14 AM
I used to be able to view Youtube Videos on Google Chrome but since I installed a new version of Adobe Flash Player it doesn't work. I get a black screen when I try to view a video saying "Sorry, this video in no longer available" but I opened the same URL, I was trying to view on Internet Explorer and it worked fine. I am trying all I can to work out a full solution to this dispute but for now I would recommend to not install a newer version of adobe flash player...

Re: Youtube doesn't work joev17 5/14/09 7:34 AM
This has been bothering me for a long time. I was an early adapter of Chrome, all excited to try it out. But as soon as I found out that YouTube didn't work I went back to Firefox. I thought is was strange since Google owns Youtube. I thought that perhaos Google would fix this problem so every now and again I try but still it does not work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome several times and that hasn't helped. I just want it to work. Is that too much to ask?
Re: Youtube doesn't work †Tommy G.† 5/14/09 7:46 AM
Maybe this will help...
Re: Youtube doesn't work tijmenb 9/4/09 1:06 AM
It's in the computer.
I have Google Chrome installed on a relatively new Laptop (came out 'bout 2 year ago) and an older computer ( about 5 years old)
on the laptop everything works fine, including Youtube, but on the computer the youtube movies flash on and off, or don't work at all.
there's nothing to do about this, except buy a new computer. Hughely dissappointing.
Re: Youtube doesn't work Gregxxi 12/1/09 8:42 PM
I also have a problem with "" not working on my Google Chrome.  It works fine on my "Firefox", and my "Internet Explorer".  If having multiple browsers is a problem I am willing to accept that, but Google Chrome was the last of the 3 browsers I downloaded and "" did work for a short time.  When I try to log on "" I get the follwoing message:

Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
Cookie: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=kED_l5w-Qs4; PREF=f1=50000000&hvdm=2&uvdm=1&fvdm=1; __utmz=27069237.1256341811.4.3.utmgclid=CJqp7Pyt1J0CFRlcagodzkygqA|utmccn=(not%2

Does anyone know whats going on?
Re: Youtube doesn't work Johnny Wang 2/19/10 1:21 AM
Clean out your cache.  I tried Safari, IE, and Chrome and all had issues until i cleared out the cache where the temp internet files are located then everything back to normal.
Re: Youtube doesn't work ollieb2010 3/29/10 8:14 AM
omg mine isnt exactly the same u see becoz mine just says 'install the latest flash player' and i click on it ive got windows 7 so i click on that it then says 'install for windows internet explorer 8' then i click on 'other browsing options' but it doesnt have google chrome ?????????? so my conclusion stops here can any1 help me?
Re: Youtube doesn't work snowman533 6/19/10 5:47 PM
the problem seems to be with the new flash player

it was working fine for me for quite a while, then i installed the new flash player and it hasnt worked in chrome since, maybe a compatibility issue with the new flash player, id recommend contacting adobe if you can, it stopped working for me IMMEDIATELY after installing the new flash so it has to be that. there HAS to be an issue with the new flash player not working in chrome, hell, not even the flash on appears correctly so this is my conclusion

in chrome when i try to watch videos on youtube i get "page not available", also any other site that has flash doesn't work, yet everything works PERFECT in IE and Opera, reinstalling chrome does not fix the issue, it has to be with the player thats the only thing that could be causing so many problems, as the problems are now so widespread, so for now if a different browser works better than chrome for you then i suggest going with that, personally i'm switching to Opera for now until everything is fixed, i dont trust IE
Re: Youtube doesn't work eireoscolaidhe 11/20/10 10:34 AM
its not google chrome thats the problem.. its your internet thats at fault... cause your router cant find the dns server... just unplug your router , wait 10 seconds & the plug back in... if this dont work, just unplug router & turn off computer, than make direct connection with wire & then turn both back on... works for me everytime
Re: Youtube doesn't work peterbas010 3/9/11 4:11 AM
I Know How to Watch!

I had the same problem but i know how u can watch it in google chrome :|

Right under the video u can see how many times it is watched.

When u want to watch the video u need to click above the figures because there is a button u cant see but it is there and when u click on that the video wil open in a pop-up and now u can watch it!

Sorry for my bad English im Dutch :S
Re: Youtube doesn't work peterbas010 3/9/11 4:12 AM
Re: Youtube doesn't work coppermail 3/9/11 9:17 AM
Thanks Peter. Don't worry about the English.
Re: Youtube doesn't work Grampa_50 3/16/11 2:13 PM
You must empty your 'Cache' for Youtube videos to work. Click on the wrench in the top right corner. Click 'options'. Click 'Under The Hood' on the left side. Click 'Clear Browsing Data' top middle. Select 'the beginning of time' from the drop down menu. Put a check in the box for 'Empty the cache'. Click 'Clear Browsing Data' and wait. After the smoke settles you will be able to view youtube videos again.
Re: Youtube doesn't work sils1967 5/3/11 4:47 PM
I have been having the same problem, and went into plugins off the options setting and disable them all except Adobe Acrobat and Chrome NaCl. It started working fine. Go to options, then under the hood, next go to content setting and lastly disable individual plugins. Disable all but the two I mentioned above and it should work.
Re: Youtube doesn't work Toni (Googler) 7/11/11 4:27 PM
Hey everyone, 

This thread was started a long time ago, and connectivity problems back then are unlikely related to new instances. Thanks for providing the workarounds so far, but in an effort to keep things organized, I'll be outdating this thread. 

If you're still receiving a "DNS error - cannot find server" error when trying to view YouTube videos after trying the suggestions here, please start a new thread.