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Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message

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Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message hjsa 1/5/10 12:04 PM
Until a few days ago, Google Chrome has been working fine for months and I really like the program.  Now, however, every time i try to load a page, I will get the "aw snap"  error message.   This also happens randomly after I have been on a page for a period of time.  I have not downloaded any new programs/documents recently and I do not use any Symantic products.  
I have already tried to create a new profile as the google help page suggested.  Are there any other options/fixes?
Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar): (Official Build 34131)
Operating System:Windows XP
Error Message: Aw Snap
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message dwight.stegall 1/5/10 1:52 PM

Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message hjsa 1/5/10 1:58 PM
Thank you for the link!  Unfortunately, thats the first place I went :-)  As I mentioned, I already tried creating a new user profle per the directions on that page.  I also do not use any of the programs cited on that page to cause the browser failure (neither Antivirus or Firewall), and I have not downloaded any new programs recently....    Herein lies my problem...
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message gabrielcb 1/5/10 5:55 PM
I also don't like to be patronized by my software. any way to know the exact error that caused it?
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message hjsa 1/5/10 6:09 PM
I know.  I personally DESPISE the Aw Snap! message. Anyway, It seems fairly random.  I get the message every time I open up the browser (where the new tabs are and the icons which USED to contain my most recenly viewed pages).  I am able to type in an address in the address bar and it will work fine.  Gmail seems to work fine, however, I always now always get the message when trying to load certain pages on facebook (for instance, when I'm trying to send someone a gift from one of the games).  I am now also getting the error when viewing my "friends page" in livejournal, although this is a more recent thing.  I am still able to view other LJ and facebook pages though. (although, I am never able to view the google homepage now).
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message nitupatnaik 1/15/10 12:51 AM
dis  link has steps to get rid f d subjectd problm.try it!! it realy works..........
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message juju1912 4/8/10 9:25 AM
I'm glad I'm not alone. Not only do I have 'aw snap' peeping through as I change screens but I'm sure it's responsible for a message that's appearing on the secure pages of my french (less secure than UK) bank account - it says that the page I want is not available. I just have to click back and sure enough there is the banking page. Both aw snap and the message in the banking appeared at the same time - about 10 days ago - 2 weeks. I have followed the Google Chrome suggestion and created a new browser file - to no avail. We use AVG which they recommend. Any other suggestions. I am certainly not going to disable any of the AVG however temporarily as is suggested with Symantec.
Can anyone tell me where it came from and has anything worked yet to remove it?
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message hjsa 4/8/10 10:40 AM
Unfortunately through all of the recommendations I have tried from various users, none of them seemed to work for me.  The only thing that actually DID work was switching my primary browser to Firefox.  

Goodbye Google.   I shall still use you for "googling" but your patronizing "aw snap!" message has driven me from using you as my browser.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message Deepers 4/29/10 3:34 PM
Here's a possible solution:
Happened to me today after doing several things, but I'm not sure which one caused it and couldn't really rollback.  I had Chrome Beta installed (version 5.x).  I justed ran Live Update on Symantec Antivirus.  I also did an update in Spybot.  I was on some website and had multiple tabs open... all of a sudden, all tabs went out (can't remember the error).  Restarted Chrome and this Aw Snap error showed up everywhere, though occassionally you could see the page loading just before it happened.

As I read, there was a problem with Chrome's rendering engine... well, more specifically, I'd say an interaction between the renderer and something else (like your security software).  I attempted to disable Symantec and Spybot, but that didn't go so well as remnants were left behind.  I killed all related processes, tried Chrome again, but still had the error.

Then, I tried running Chrome with "--no-sandbox" as someone else suggested.  IT WORKED!  Not having any problems now, but I have to go research what precisely this is.  I don't want a security hole left open.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message Deepers 4/29/10 4:12 PM
Okay, nevermind that solution.  Apparently that's a huge security hole.  I also tried the "fonts" solutions someone else posted.... still didn't work.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, including deleting my old profile... nothing is working.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message †Tommy G.† 4/29/10 4:20 PM
You should really double check your settings in your Symantec and any other programs to make sure you unblock Chrome.  Also, make sure you are not infected.  --no-sandbox is suicide.  Since you are determined, and I know I would not sleep till I found the solution, search the forum for more posts.  I know this takes time, but all it takes is one persons dilemma to spark an idea, like what else did I do, like maybe a program changing your internet connection options.  

 Forgive me if you have already done all this, but I feel for your intestinal fortitude.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message Leske 5/9/10 1:11 AM
Change your Language settings in under the hood. It was as simple as that for me after trying everything else with no luck. Here's the link:
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message rrumaner 1/28/11 9:30 AM
I have tried every option posted to try to reduce the number of Aw Snap errors I have been getting recently without any success.

I open the same pages in Chrome, Firefox and IE8 and 9 and only Chrome does this.

I am running Windows 7 64bit, Chrome 8.0.552.237. I have the Norton Security Suite so the Symantic issue does not apply.

I have removed and reinstalled a completely clean version without any add-ons or extensions and the problem still occurs. I then removed the user profile prior to another reinstall and it still does it. I really want this to get fixed because I really do not want to get back to FF or IE.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message Eva L 4/15/11 8:02 PM
I can't use google chrome at all. As in, everything ends up in an "aw snap" page. Even whatever you're thinking right now.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message dewaynel19 5/20/11 7:52 PM
I was constantly recieving the "aw snap" while trying to watch Youtube. I went into Options and cleared all history. It seems to have solved my "aw snap" problem.
Re: Cant get rid of the Aw Snap Message dipesh3535 7/2/11 6:59 AM
Aw Snap! Every time i start chrome i see this message..
i switched to Chrome a few days back, since firefox is quite slow n my pc and takes high memory usage.
sad that Chrome is having serious problems.