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Google Chrome very slow at loading pages

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Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Joopselen 10/7/09 1:19 AM
Google Chrome version (type in about:version into the address bar):
Operating System: Windows 7 X64
URLs (if applicable): all
Error Message: none
Steps to Reproduce: Load a page
Expected Result: Fast loading
Observed Result: Slow loading

When loading the same page in google chrome its almost 5 times slower then other browsers like Firefox and IE.
Image loading is slow, javasript loading is slow and CSS is the worst ever. I have been experiencing this since some time now... I like Chrome, and I love it's boot speed etc, but if this continues I will stop using it.

How to solve or is this the way Chrome works now?
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Stubbie 10/8/09 1:40 PM
Experiencing similar. Javascript is slow. And pages are loading very slow, but only in the current tab. If I open a new tab, or right-click a bookmark to open in a new tab, or control-click a link, loading is fine. If I click a bookmark, or type a new address in the omnibox, or click a link, there is a delay in loading the new page in the current tab. It doesn't matter how many tabs are open. Occasionally so slow that Chrome times out...
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Mohit Thakral 10/10/09 8:13 AM
Even I have same problem...on Windows xp sp3.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages McGeeZy 10/10/09 11:48 PM
I'll chime in.... I have the same problem. Running Win7 x64.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages MrJoSe 10/16/09 7:30 AM
Same problem.. About 4 times slower when loading page then IE, most due to delay.
Running Win7
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages SJaafar 10/16/09 10:43 PM
Here are some recommended advices to follow in you situation:
1. We're assuming that you use the stable version of Chrome; and if you use Flash plugin then it's assumed it's the latest version.
2. Scan your computer (with Avira Antivir and malwarebytes for example) to make sure it's clean. *Some chrome users solve d the slowness issue when they cleaned their computer from adwares and crapwares*.
3. Check the Task Manager of Chrome (Shift+Esc) to make sure there isn't any plugin/page slows down chrome; if so them investigate that.
4. Go to Chrome options and disable all five checkboxes under "Privacy" and restart Chrome. Now check if the problem exists or not.
5. if you're using Ad blocker then disable temporarily and see whether that helps or not.
6. Disable you antivirus temporarily and see whether that helps or not.
7. Close Chrome and go to Chrome profiles folder then rename default folder to anything else. Run Chrome and see whether that helps or not. Note: make sure to delete the newly created default folder and rename the old folder to default to get you preferences/history/cache/cookies back.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Pippymint 10/23/09 8:37 PM
I tried all the suggestions but to no avail.   What has helped was to delete my entire history.  Also I find if the page gets stuck and will not load that right clicking on the tab and clicking "reload" often brings the page up instantly.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages XRaptor 10/30/09 11:45 PM
Yeah same issue here, it takes a few moments to load a single image then, does the same for every other image i find. Firefox on the other hand the page calls up with the images pretty much already in position and loaded.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages SJaafar 10/31/09 12:55 AM
@XRaptor, Did you try to use Comodo DNS/OpenDNS?
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages radioactivebee 11/6/09 4:08 AM
Similar issue on Win 7 32 bit. Often (not all the time, but mostly) Chrome slows down. Takes like 5 seconds doing nothing and then the page pops up like it normally does. Really annoying
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages SJaafar 11/6/09 6:41 AM
Another suggestion is to create another Windows user account and login to that user account and install chrome.
Would anyone volunteer to do that and tell us if this solves the problem?
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Stubbie 11/6/09 1:13 PM
Has not improved since I made my first post four weeks ago. Response is still sporadic. Javascript handling actually appears to be worse than when I first posted. Chrome is unusable with javascript functions such as eBay's tracking, or PayPal payments, or postage labels, etc. Some javascript functions will work after you hit refresh, which makes no sense at all. I thought Chrome was going to be a serious contender, but I am no longer sold. At least MS is proactive when there are compatibility problems. Seems that Google is just dragging their feet....
@Albaraha - Your suggestions, even if some of them worked, would just be work-arounds, not solutions. And FYI, the same issues are present whether Chrome is installed in any user app folder, or globally in Program Files.
@any Google employees (if anyone actually pays any attention) - It's time to s**t or get off the pot. Chrome continues to digress, and IE8 continues to improve. If you don't start listening and responding, pretty soon all you're gonna be hearing is Cartman's shove-off in droves: "Skroo you guys. I'm going home."
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Pippymint 11/10/09 8:38 PM
I have now uninstalled Chrome because I just couldn't stand how slow it had got.  I'm back to stinky IE8 but refuse to go back to Chrome till the problems are fixed.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages SJaafar 11/10/09 11:09 PM
@Pippymint, sorry to hear that. But did you try th Beta or Developer versions?
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages fubidou 11/16/09 5:18 AM
I'm been having this problem for a couple of weeks now, have done the antivirus / malware thing, etc etc etc, nothing seems to help. Seems the problem is the Chrome browser itself. Flash plugin frequently crashes, but then if you reload the page, it magically works again... I'm going to have to go back to Firefox until there is an upgrade, can't take this any more...
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages JeepNaked 11/16/09 12:37 PM
I'm having the same issue.  I would be glad to work with support on this issue as it IS a show stopper for me.  I just installed FireFox and checked the "Default Browser" button for Firefox.  I work from home 4 days a week and can't put up with Browser issues at home.  Incidentally, TweetDeck is stopping working in many instances for people.  It seems it might have been around the same time... unsure on specifics since TweetDeck is totally not responding to tickets created.  I just dumped TweetDeck because it was unuseable.. now I'm doing the same with Chrome.  (And yes, I stopped ZoneAlarm completely and am not behind any other firewalls)
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages goofsr 11/21/09 9:12 AM
I'm on the same boat, and have been on the dev version very early on.  But over the last couple months, it's been digressing, mostly flash based sites (video, games) just suddenly stop working and then once it hits that point, it's impossible for anything else to work efficiently.  I'm on XP SP3, and am having to move back to FF.  You know it's a problem when we have to seek out similar problems by other users.  I put up with it for 2 months, and today have had it, and came seeking if i'm the only one with this problem.  It's not a connection or ram issue, I've got typically 2.5 gb free at all times.  

To me, it almost seems to coincide with the plugin architecture availability and I only have one installed, the theme.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages fourier1861 12/13/09 12:15 PM
This has been frustrating me for months, but it seems to finally be fixed.  Instant page loads and event responses, compared to 6-7 seconds before.  Go to Tools | Options | Under the Hood | Change proxy settings | LAN Settings, then deselect "Automatically detect settings" checkbox.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages ramzak2k 12/18/09 4:32 PM
Fourier thanks a lot ! your solution did the trick for me !!!!! Time to dump IE. I cannot believe no one from chrome team responded.
x64 Windows would be a very large userbase and it appears like they do not care.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages radioactivebee 1/6/10 4:22 AM
This seems to be working for me too! Very nice! Thanks a lot.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Ayalabe 1/20/10 1:10 AM
Same issue here, I am running Win XP Professional and have a 10MB internet connection.   I have tried all above suggestions and nothing works, it still loads slowly!
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages DrewR 2/3/10 10:00 AM
I have seen problems with loading large pages in Ubuntu 9.10 with the Beta version ( (Official Build 34537)) and proxy settings set to a direct connection. Large web pages hang Chrome up for several seconds (not just one tab, but the whole browser becomes unresponsive). It seems to me to be a problem with the browser engine, not the OS or the proxy settings. I have had no such problems with firefox. It is possible that it could be a bad extension for me though as I have a few installed.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages TJMcKlak 2/6/10 9:03 PM
This is very frustrating... I've spent hours trying to figure out what is keeping chromium from loading pages.  The best I can find is that it has something to do with the proxy settings.  However, I can't even open proxy settings -- when clicking on "change proxy settings" nothing happens.  Don't know if this is related but I get the following error when I run chromium in a terminal: (pkix_CacheCertChain_Add: PKIX_PL_HashTable_Add for CertChain skipped: entry existed  I sure hope a fix is found for this soon...

I'm running Kubuntu 9.10 (KDE 4.3.5), 64-bit
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages francogp 4/1/10 12:49 PM
i have the same problem in ubuntu amd64 9.10.. too Slow loading.
i see it in all actual version (stable, or not)
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Joopselen 4/13/10 2:11 AM
Ok I finally found out what the problem is.

Chrome has a max connections per server limit set to 6.
Internet Explorer has a max connection limit of 6, but still it's faster on some sites.
Firefox has a connection limit of 30 per server, UNLESS your behind a proxy, then it's 6.

This makes firefox load site much and much faster.

Test it with this stie:
It shows a lot of images. Firefox loads the page fast, chrome and IE very slow.

I have yet to find a way to increase the max connections of Chrome. All test says this browser is supposed to be the fastest, and yes when it comes to rendering, JavaScript, CSS e.g. it is. But all this stuff simple does not matter if the connection limit is set to 6, thus making total loading times longer on sites with a lot of recourses. And today sites simply do have a lot of recourses (multiple images, javascript, css).

Personally I think you should at least be able to edit the connection limit, or they should make it the same as Firefox does and use 30 default, unless using a proxy. Firefox has a way to increase/decrease it (about:config). Internet Explorer has a registry key to change it, chrome has none as far as I know.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Miguel Pérez 5/6/10 2:27 AM
I've found the Chrome AutoPager extension causes a big delay while the page is being loaded, appearing to hang for a few seconds and preventing additional images and styles to load and you to scroll the page or type text (these events get queued and eventually completed, but aren't shown immediately).
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages DrewR 5/6/10 5:16 AM
Actually I think for me it was one of the adblock extensions causing it to be so slow
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages SJaafar 5/7/10 1:48 AM
As a rule of thumb, the first step to check when Chrome runs slowly is to disable All extensions and check the speed then re-enable them one by one to find which extension causes the issue.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Gengh1s 5/19/10 7:52 AM
I Tried Fouriers suggestion, but "automatically detect settings " wasn't enabled on my system. So I re-enabled it, and it was still slow as Christmas. Went back, disabled it again and now I'm flyin' !! Ebay pages loading instantly as opposed to 3 and 4 minutes before.
Just for the record, I have no extensions installed and  Avira free AV.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Gengh1s 5/19/10 7:56 AM
Ok, that was a premature reply. It's slowed again. Seems this "fix" only lasts one link....
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages msblaze 7/30/10 6:41 PM
Try Fouriers suggestion (Gengh1s version): enable, restart, disable, restart; disable all extensions.. (does not help much.. but..)
then hit "restore defaults" in "options" menu and restart browser... I was surprised.. it worked for me!

Now you can play with enabling back extensions and checking what impact does it have on your browser speed. Hope it works for you too!
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Insanemoe 10/11/10 6:01 AM
I have the same problem, only with my computer, because I have 2 others in the same room. (1 mac and a laptop) But I only have problems with my PC running XP. pages load normally for 30 mins then.... it slows downs or cant load sh*t.

I did everything ; Antivirus, Spyware, Hijackthis, SpeedupMyPC...then Antivirus again, erase chrome cache/cookies, history, close both firewalls, close antivirus.

As I am writing this, I just uninstalled all Chrome add-ons (specially AD-BLOCK) and now it works fine, just hope its not for 30 mins this time.

thanks for the help anyways
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages nyrew 1/30/11 11:44 PM
Firefox is better. After this problem I will never use Chrome again.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages Ivy 2008 2/12/11 10:35 PM
Hi! I had the same problem. I downloaded the new version 3 days back and I saw the same problem. Even a new tab would take a while to open. I tried these 2 things: uncheck DNSpre-fetching  (Option>>under the hood). And also I had went back to using default theme for Chrome. The new Chrome allows you to customize your chrome window/tabs with a fancy picture. But all of them are big file (3 MB to 9 MB). Once I took off the theme it worked well.

Note to Google: I love Google but don't put up apps/features that slow down our browser. At least put up a "warning" that downloaded apps/themes might slow down Chrome. Thanks
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages sh4d0wfl4re 2/19/11 1:02 AM
I've been having the slow problem on my mac. My mac can play Starcraft 2 with no slowdown (if using low graphic settings), but now my safari's flash plugin broke and my work's current project requires either chrome or the current unstable firefox to test it (some new plugin google put in standard is necessary) so I thought maybe I should try Chrome instead of debugging my browser again (safari and I fight a lot).
It is ridiculously slow.
I can understand loading only six files at a time, but loading images can stop the entire loading process. I have tried changing the proxy settings and it sped up a little, with less failed pages.
I have also tried changing my 'theme' to a simpler one, with a slight speed up.
I'm lamenting that there is no option for either a 'default theme' or at least a menu setting for themes that I can find.
(the instructions in the theme store for finding a checkbox that could turn off part of the theme were wrong. So I know there are some settings somewhere I just can't find them)But the true problem remains Chrome is not very good at loading items with any efficiency,
so I implore Google to please find a fix.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages savillep 7/22/11 5:25 AM
I've had the problem of chrome very slow to load pages with the "waiting for..." issue for some time and it's been driving me crazy...  I have recently de-selected all the (5) privacy options in the Options page and presto!  am as happy as a pig in .... again!  What a relief...
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages francogp 7/22/11 5:34 AM
@savillep: It does not help my case
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages momlet 8/29/11 9:07 PM
I tried IE and Mozilla Firefox.  Neither one have trouble loading pages like Chrome.  I gave up on Chrome 13.0.782.215 m.  I use FIrefox because I do not like what IE does to my system and Firefox is GREAT!!!  No slow pages at all.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages johnj.perez 9/1/11 3:32 PM
not helpful i guess this is just a place for people to vent.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages leoASH 9/14/11 11:23 PM
i recently got problem wit my google chrome..but now it got back fast again...thanks to some of the tips i read it here..for me to solve my prob just tick all the privacy in under the hood in options..i think that different people maybe have different way to solve it..the conclusion is just play tick only on the privacy options i guess
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages alataya 10/23/11 5:02 PM
Exact same problem...On all sites. I'm typing this on IE8 I think, so..yeah. Using Win7 32bit Toshiba Laptop.
Tried everything you guys said, nothing working...
I just use Google Chrome Icognito now, it's loading fast like it was before.
Time tells what will happen, I think...
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages RDDunagan 12/17/11 7:52 AM
Chrome is so SLOW I'm leaving.  I can't scroll while ads load.  I'm done.
Re: Google Chrome very slow at loading pages ttyger 1/19/12 10:23 AM
Same problem. Over 2 years. 3 different computers. Works great on a new computer for days or weeks, then, boom, awful. Using Flash or Java (or some security-related support) seems to trigger it, but once it's there, it's permanent and affects every site. Struggles the most with data- and security-intensive sites. Might even be triggered by use of such. Tried everything. LAME. Got better last year with one of the Chrome updates, but not good enough. IE is still noticeably faster, esp on the data- and security-intensive sites. The scrolling circle on the tab scrolls VERY slowly for the first several seconds, then suddenly speeds up (the speed-up part was the improvement from an upgrade.

Too bad Google doesn't read these forums...
(unknown) 3/31/12 5:03 PM <This message has been deleted.>
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