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Google Chrome Stopped Working

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Google Chrome Stopped Working jstncase 9/24/09 8:45 PM
The day before yesterday, my chrome just stopped working... and by stopped working I mean it won't load anything at all.  It's like I have no internet access, but IE works just fine.  It doesn't crash, I don't get an error message, I just get a blank window staring back at me.  I've unistalled and reinstalled.. nothing.  I've also created a new user profile, and nothing... any suggestions would be great.  I really prefer Chrome to the alternative, and can't figure out what to do.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Working DanielTripeiro 9/25/09 2:59 AM
I have the same issue...I have updated it to the latest release 2 days ago, and I does not even open gmail...The strabge thing is that I have the same update in another laptop and evrything works fine...
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Working jstncase 9/25/09 7:25 AM
So what's up then?  Same thing here... Chrome works fine on my home pc but my work laptop, where I spend the VAST majority of my time won't load anything at all.  I'm really missing it, but it's hard to be loyal to a product that just refuses to even work...
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Working tutatran 9/25/09 9:44 AM
I like Chrome so much but recently it has been troublesome, i got the message say that "windown has encounter problem google has stop working" and just close it self i still want to use chrome be cause it is so fast and good for me. please if you have any tip just do share!
Thank you indeed!
Ps; i have update the latest verson.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Working retepseyoj 12/10/09 7:23 PM
Where can I find a suggestion of what to do if my Chrome just simply doesn't work.?
 I don't need to read any more about people whose chrome also doesn't work. I want to know what I have to do to fix my chrome so that it works.
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Working bruno.braga 12/10/09 10:50 PM
Is it happening for any pages you try to access? If not, it may have some relation to this report:
Re: Google Chrome Stopped Working cworth1 1/6/10 3:50 PM
I had a similar  problem. Chrome just stopped working.To fix it I had to un install / re install chrome the run "Malwarebytes Anti Malware"
This has fixed it (for now anyway). I am not sure if the re install helped in anyway, it could have just been the malware. Hope this helps and I', disgusted there is no help for Google on here.